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Welcome to our open lesson
Welcome to our open lesson
St. Paul Cathedral
St. Paul Cathedral
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
Baiterek tower
Baiterek tower
Nur- Astana
Nur- Astana
International airport of Astana
International airport of Astana
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Describing places

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Сл Текст Эф Сл Текст Эф
1Welcome to our open lesson.0 15Working with book. Exercise : 2 Read the dialogue.9
2Warm up. Find the odd word in the group. a)book,0 3.true(T) false(F). T F Jennifer went to Great Britain
crowded, beautiful. b)ancient, castle, a carpet. with Tom __ _f_ Jennifer went to Scotland first __ _f_
c)country, museum, sofa. d)fridge, city, region. Jennifer liked the Like District more that Scotland __
3Checking up the homework. Exercise :4 _f_ d) The weather was warm and sunny every day _t_ __
4The 13th of April The theme of today’s lesson:1 e) Jennifer went from Bristol to London by bus __ _f_
Step2 Describing places. f) Jennifer is really happy to be in London. _t__ __.
50 16V Find the antonyms Interesting dangerous Expensive9
6St. Paul Cathedral is situated in the centre of the0 cheap Safe bad Good boring Old noisy Beautiful ugly
city of Melbourne. Quite stupid Clever young.
7Trafalgar Square the largest square in London, is0 17Match the places and their sightseeings. Big Ben6
often considered the heart of London. Kokshetau Baiterek Paris Eifel Tower Almaty Korkyt- Ata
8Tower Bridge was build(1886-1894) It has become an0 monument Karmakshy Medeu London Burabai Astana.
iconic symbol of London. 18I’ll give you the text about “Astana” and “London”.0
9Buckingham Palace , one of several palaces owned by0 Read the text and answer the question and describe
the British Royal family is one of major tourists them. a)1.What can you say about the population of
attraction in London. London. 2.Find the places to relax. b)1.What can you
10Akorda is located on the left bank of the river1 say about the population of Astana. 2. Find the places
Ishim in Astana. to relax.
11“The 105m high Baiterek tower has become the sity’s0 19Complete the diagram. London. Astana.0
symbol. 20Game “Who is the best”. What’s London like? What’s0
12“Nur- Astana” mosque is the largest mosque of0 Astana like? What are the popular buildings of Astana
Kazakhstan . do you know? What kind of famous places of London do
13International airport of Astana located 14km0 you know? What is the name of its river of London and
outside of the capital Astana. Astana? How many population of London? How many
14. New words. interesting[intr?sti?] - ?ызы?0 population of Astana?
Describe-[dis''kraib] суреттеу Fantastic –[f?n't?stik] 21Venn’s diagram. Astana Both London.0
та??ажайып Expensive –[ik‘spensiv] ?ымбат beautiful- 22. Giving homework. Write the topic about:0
[bjutiful] ?демі Trafalgar Square- Трафальгар ала?ы “Interesting places” .
Buckingham Palace- Букингем сарайы. Tower Bridge-Тауер 23The end. That’s all for today. You were active.0
к?пірі. The Thames- Темза ?зені. Thank you for your work. Good bye children!
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