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Презентации о России для уроков английского языка

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Презентации о России

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Презентации про Россию

содержание презентаций, которые знакомят с Россией


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Welcome to Russia. At present the president is-Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich. The chastooshka is a folklore element. In Russia 35 national parks and 84 reserves are located. Russia is located in Northern hemisphere, in the north of continent Eurasia. The Hermitage in Sankt-Peterburge. «The tsar a bell»in Moscow. The sculpture "the native land calls mother“ in Volgograd. Monument a «Millenium Russia» in Novgorod. Kremlin in Moscow. Cruiser an «Aurora»in Sankt-Peterburg. - Russia.ppt

My country Russia

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Russia. It is the biggest country in the world. The capital of Russia - Moscow. Summer temperatures in Russia from +1 to +40, and in winter from -1 to -50 degrees. It flows into the Caspian Sea. This flag has three wide stripes on it. The red colour has always meant love and bravery. - My country Russia.pptx

Russian revolution

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The Russian revolution. Broom factory. Putilov machine works. Protests. Potemkin Mutiny. Nicholas II opening the Duma. Czar Nicholas II. Russian Artillery Shelling Galacia. Russian war dead. Russian imperial officers. February bread riot. Petrograd. Petrograd demonstration. Main parties. Alexander Guchkov. Kerensky as prime minister. Katerina Breshkovskaia. Lenin. Women’s volunteer detachment. Election poster. American John Reed. V. I. Lenin. Leon Trotsky. Collapse of industry. “Red Guards”. Reds and Whites. Red Terror. White recruitment Poster. Foreign intervention. Northwest Europe. - Russian revolution.ppt

About Russia

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Let’s Learn About Russia. Map of Russia. The capital of Russia is Moscow. The money used is the ruble. Let’s visit some important cities in Russia. www.galenfrysinger.com. Irkutsk, in Siberia. www.russia.com/photos/. www.pbase.com/hiker_photograph/image/48246979. Russia is famous for… (Click on each name for more information.). What Russians Like to Eat. Go to these websites for some Russian recipes: Learn More About Russia. Books to Read. Sarah DeCapua. A Ticket to Russia. Carolrhoda Books, Inc. 1997. Russia: A Portrait of the Country Through Its Festivals and Traditions. Celebrating Birthdays in Russia. - About Russia.ppt

Город Москва

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The capital of Russia is Moscow. It is more than 850 years old. The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow. There are a lot of beautiful churches, cathedrals, bell towers and temples in Moscow. Blagoveshshenskiy Cathedral. Uspenskiy cathedral. Pokrovskiy cathedral. The Church of Ascension. There are many modern buildings, streets and bridges. Kutuzovskiy prospect. - Москва.ppt

Урок Московский Кремль

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ТЕМА УРОКА: Прогулка по кремлю. The Kremlin was ordered to be built by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1156. Weighing 200 tons, it is 20 feet high and about 22 feet in diameter. It is 17 feet long and has a caliber of 35 inches. This gun was never fired. Московский Кремль – гордость русской культурЫ. Моги?ла Неизве?стного Солда?та — памятник в Москве, в Александровском саду, у стен Кремля. Now the center of Moscow is located on Red Square. - Урок Московский Кремль.ppsx

Russian games

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Sports and games popular in Russia. It is played ball basketball. Basketball appeared in the Russia in 1901. Many children are playing football. England is the home of football. - Russian games.ppt

Moscow sights

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A Famous Sight of Moscow. St Basil’s Cathedral. The founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Read the sentence. Game. - Moscow sights.ppt


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