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Belfast - Белфаст. Столица Северной Ирландии.

Фото 27 из презентации «Соединённое королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии» к урокам английского языка на тему «Великобритания»

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«Great Britain and Northern Ireland» - Patrick). Big Ben, the big clock tower, is the symbol of London. Wales. Scottish Royal banner. There is a great collection of paintings. David’s Day. Taxis in London are old-fashioned black cars. Big Ben. Westminster Cathedral. The bascules will open to let ships pass through. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

«UK - United Kingdom» - What is the London home of the Queen. What pen-name did an American writer use to sign the humorous stories. What is the symbol of England. Where is the United Kingdom situated. Who was the first man on the moon. Name the famous English and American holidays. Соединенное королевство. Lord Chancellor.

«Соединённое королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии» - Thistle. Shamrock. London. Queen Elisabeth II. The Union Jack. Queen Victoria. Scotland. Great Britain. Northern Ireland. England. Belfast. Wales. Red rose. Cardiff. The Royal Family. The United Kingdom of Great Britain. Edinburgh. Queen Anne. Queen Elisabeth I. Leek.

«History of Great Britain» - They protected the king's food. Burn him like a blazing star. Hip hip hoorah hoorah! Hip hip hoorah! A faggot of sticks to burn him. A penny loaf to feed the Pope. A pint of beer to rinse it down. Their lodgings are to be found next to the Wakefield Tower. Beefeaters. Traditional rhymes. History of Great Britain.

«Британский парламент» - New letter. My name is Karina. British Parliament. My name is Dennis. Акты об объединении. Who controls the British Parliament. Британский парламент. Mrs. Ririchio. Thank you very much for your help. Парламент Соединённого Королевства Великобритании.

«British school» - В Британской культуре. Школьный день. В Британии. Перевод. Что вы знаете о британских школах. Оценки. Children call the male teachers Mr. What do you know about British schools. The five minutes between lessons. In most English schools forms start only at the secondary school. School sends a report to parents.

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