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The First Thanksgiving Feast
The First Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner
Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie
Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie
Thanksgiving Day Songs 
Thanksgiving Day Songs 
Thanksgiving Day Songs 
Thanksgiving Day Songs 
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
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Thanksgiving day

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1Thanksgiving. Day.3 10to buy various food and presents for the families and4
2Thanksgiving United States. American citizens are2 friends. They call the day after thanksgiving 'Black
fond of Thanksgiving Day and always mark it with ardor Friday'. It can be explained by the fact that the
and gladness. Everybody knows that November fourth accountants put down the gain using black ink. The
Thursday is a day for the people to express thanks to owners of different stores are very glad to watch their
the God, the period of entertainment and great generous return rising with every hour. Everybody feels
banquets. The whole nation recollects the pilgrims. happiness on these days and tries to make happy their
Namely the newcomers marked the end of gathering crops relatives and friends. People invite each other to the
with a festival to express gratefulness. The adults and cafes, give each other presents, adorn their houses.
children are aware that 1621 is the year of the 'First 111
Thanksgiving Day Feast' to be organized to reveal 12Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanksgiving is a7
thanks to Almighty God. Later when the country obtained holiday which each family ought to mark. On this day
sovereignty Congress announced one day in autumn for people demonstrate their gratitude for every happy
people all over the country to celebrate thanksgiving. moment of the previous time. It is universally
3The First Thanksgiving Feast.2 recognized that people are to eat turkey during the
4Tribute to Native Indians. A lot of people were2 Thanksgiving dinner, but some of us are not fond of
sure that Thanksgiving Day was long ago established to this dish or wish to have another thing. You can’t
recollect pilgrims who saved Indians giving them some imagine a conventional Thanksgiving dinner without a
meat and vegetables. But now everybody knows that it is turkey. Have a look of the bill of fare containing my
a holiday to express gratitude towards Lord Almighty propositions of dishes when you choose the generally
for his benedictions. And the Indians enjoy universal accepted Thanksgiving dinner: Principal Dish: Turkey
esteem as they showed the newcomers how to prepare Garnish: Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy, Cranberry
meals under new conditions. The newcomers would surely Sauce, Corn, Homemade Cornbread Flavoring Bread:
have died if the native people hadn't have assisted Crescent Small Loaves Sweet course: Pumpkin Pie, Pecan
them in that difficult situation. Pie.
51 131
61 14Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie!... Farewell, O4
7Time for celebrating Traditional Harvest. People2 fragrant pumpkin pie! Dyspeptic pork, adieu! Though to
are always looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day as the college halls I hie. On field of battle though I
the relatives and friends have a good opportunity to die, my latest sob, my latest sigh shall wafted be to
gather round the table with lavish entertainment on it. you! And thou, O doughnut rare and rich and fried
There are Carved turkeys, Pumpkin Pie, Corns, Cranberry divinely brown! Thy form shall fill a noble niche in
Sauce on the dinner tables. Everybody enjoys having memory's chamber whilst I pitch my tent beside the
rest and merry time. river which rolls on through Kingston town. And my
81 Love—my little Nell, the apple of my eye to thee how
91 can I say farewell? I love thee more than I can tell; I
10Tradition of Gifting. Black Friday and Festive4 love thee more than anything—but—pie!
Spirit. People are always happy to receive presents and 15Thanksgiving Day Songs . Hello, Mr. Turkey Hello,5
to give them to the relatives and acquaintances. Mr. Turkey how are you? Hello, Mr. Turkey, how are you?
Thanksgiving Day is the best opportunity to express With a gobble, gobble, gobble, And a wobble, wobble,
your gratitude and esteem to all your beloved dearest wobble. Hello, Mr. Turkey, how are you? Mr. Turkey I
and nearest, to the people you live under one roof or have a turkey, big and fat. (Make a fist with one
work together. You can choose a great number of various hand-thumb Out for turkey's head) He spreads his tail
surprises, only consider thoroughly the preferences of and walks like that. (Attach "tail" by
the person you want to give present to and buy spreading Out fingers of other hand and join together)
thanksgiving flowers, or jewelry, or baked cookie His daily corn he would not miss. (Poke with thumb at
hampers, or chocolate gift baskets, or candy-wreaths, floor) And when he talks, it sounds like this: Gobble
or wine and so on. The Christmas festivities starts Gobble Gobble.
with the Thanksgiving Day. People go shopping in order 161
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