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Презентации о компаниях для уроков английского языка

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Презентации о компаниях

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Branding Светик124130000:00 3 247 кБ
Rolex User105510000:00 2 470 кБ
Cars Toyota Lea Ann Hart-Chambers3512670000:00 733 кБ
Apple company WiZaRd111450000:00 7 658 кБ
Steve Jobs SamLab.ws114110000:00 429 кБ
Samsung Galaxy camera Comsel3124060000:00 1 772 кБ
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Презентации про компании

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Branding. History of branding. Brand creation & Brand advance. Branding tools: Creation of a product concept. Outdoor signs. Media space for magazines and newspapers. Branding tools: Creation of marketing communications. Brandbook is the integral, intracorporate edition focused on employees of the company. Every possible variations of the logo. Firm font of the company. Souvenir production of firm. - Branding.pptx


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As the saying goes: "Time is money". The Oyster soon boasted yet another outstanding feature. The relentless quest for chronometric precision rapidly led to success. After five years of research, Rolex created the blue Parachrom hairspring. The bezel of a watch can deteriorate when exposed to sunlight or scratches. A super alloy, 904L is extremely resistant and highly polishable. - Rolex.pptx

Cars Toyota

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Toyota. Began as a textile company in 1926. Where they are today. Place. Promotions Cont. Product cont. Price cont. Strengths. Opportunities. Financial Information. Revenue. Growth. Thoughts on the Future. Toyota executives have said that the volatility of gas prices. Hydrogen fuel cell. - Cars Toyota.PPT

Apple company

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Presentation of the Company Apple Inc. The company is Apple Inc. The founders of the company are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. iPad. iPod. The company’s profit is about $ 26 billion. - Apple company.ppt

Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’ Early Life. The Apple I went on sale in July 1976. Apple II. С момента выхода модельного ряда Apple II, было продано более 5 млн. Animation studio Pixar. Стив Джобс стал одним из основателей анимационной студии Pixar. Современные модели компьютеров «Apple». Вывод. Для достижения цели Джобс использовал всю свою «волю к власти». - Steve Jobs.ppt

Samsung Galaxy camera

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Samsung Galaxy Camera. Photographic Paradigm Shift. New Possibility for Smart Camera. Galaxy Camera Introduction. Galaxy Camera USPs. Share your happy moment with your family easily. Remotely control your camera from a smartphone. Shoot like a Professional. Control all expert mode to the perfect photo. Top flight camera and video features. Enjoy more with Various Free Photo Apps at. See together right away on a big clear screen. Outfitted with wondrously easy Photo Wizard. Shoot Like a Professional. Accessories. - Samsung Galaxy camera.ppt


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