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Wordiness and Repetition
Wordiness and Repetition
Vague and Imprecise Language
Vague and Imprecise Language
Overuse of “I”
Overuse of “I”
Flowery Language
Flowery Language
Weak Verbs
Weak Verbs
Passive Voice
Passive Voice
Expletive Constructions
Expletive Constructions
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Academic Writing: The Common College Essay

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1Academic Writing: The Common College 22it, my team would lose the regional
Essay. Kimberly Kern English Language championship."
Fellow, IHCI Kimberly.kern@ihcihn.com 23Expletive Constructions.
Information from: Allen Grove- 24Use interesting verbs! "My
collegeapps.about.com, essayhell.com. parents made a simple rule that got me
2Welcome back! I hope you all gave the interested in the trumpet: no television
essay topics some thought! Who is prepared or computer time until I had practiced for
with a draft? Hopefully you have a strong half an hour. This rule often angered me,
story… now let’s talk about structure, but when I look back I know my parents
style, tone, and mechanics! knew best. Today I'll always pick up my
3The Writing Process. Brainstorm –which trumpet before the television
prompt? Which story? First draft Revise remote."
–structure/ did I answer the question?/ 25Tone. Tone is the writer’s attitude
content Second draft Revise - style/ tone toward the subject (audience) The tone can
Edit- mechanics, spelling, etc. be sad, excited, humorous, mysterious
Third/Final draft. Diction -the words we choose to express
4Remember…. Even if your essay is ourselves- formal or slang? It is strange
beautifully written with perfect grammar that the professor had not assigned any
and mechanics…if you don’t have a unique papers for three weeks. It's strange that
story to tell, it won’t be interesting to the professor hadn't assigned any papers
read. Don’t start the editing process for three weeks."
until you have a good story. 26Tone. Point of view- this essay should
5Structure and Content. Introduction, be first person!! Syntax- the way we put
body, and conclusion Anecdote, story, words together in a sentence (rules!) I
experience Descriptive language like cheese pizza. subject, verb,
Self-analysis!!! Every paragraph has its adjective, object Level of formality- your
own topic! Did I answer the prompt? Is essay should walk the line between formal
this essay unique to me? and informal. Remember your audience, but
6Style. The style of a narrative essay be yourself.
is different from other essays. It is your 27Revision Checklist. Does the essay
perspective. We should be able to hear have a clear and concise main idea? Is
your voice speak through the words Walk this idea made clear to the reader early
the line between formal and informal in the essay (usually in the
writing. introduction)? Does the introduction
7Wordiness and Repetition. create interest in the topic and make your
8Cut the filler! "Theater did not audience want to read on? Is there a clear
come naturally to me, and I felt plan and sense of organization to the
remarkably self-conscious and nervous the essay? Does each paragraph develop
first few times I set foot on stage in the logically from the previous one? Is each
eighth grade. My best friend had talked me paragraph clearly related to the main idea
into auditioning for Shakespeare's Romeo of the essay? Is there enough information
and Juliet." in the essay to support the main idea?
9Vague and Imprecise Language. 28Revision Checklist. Is the main point
10Be Specific! "Not only do I find of each paragraph clear? Is each point
basketball fun, but the sport has helped adequately and clearly defined and
me develop my leadership and communication supported with specific details? Are there
skills, as well as my ability to work with clear transitions from one paragraph to
a team. As a result, my love of basketball the next? Have key words and ideas been
will make me a better business given proper emphasis in the sentences and
major." paragraphs? Are the sentences clear and
11Cliches. direct? Can they be understood on the
12Don’t use them. They’re boring. first reading? Are the sentences varied in
"Throughout high school, I have tried length and structure? Are the words in the
to emulate my brother. He takes his essay clear and precise? Does the essay
responsibilities seriously, yet he is maintain a consistent tone? Does the essay
generous when dealing with the have an effective conclusion--one that
shortcomings of others. This combination emphasizes the main idea and provides a
of reliability and graciousness makes sense of completeness?
others turn to him for leadership. My own 29Mechanics. Proofread your essay! More
successes in high school are due largely than once! Stick with the same verb tense
to my brother's example." in a paragraph! Self analysis should be in
13Overuse of “I”. present tense! Use English spell check!
14Also use my and me! "Soccer has Use a blank line between each paragraph.
been a part of my life for longer than I No need for indentation.
can remember. Literally. My parents have 30Editing Checklist. Is each sentence
photos of me crawling around as a baby clear and complete? Can any short, choppy
pushing a ball with my head. My later sentences be improved by combining them?
childhood was all about soccer -- the Can any long, awkward sentences be
community league at age four, and improved by breaking them down into
participation in regional tournaments by shorter units and recombining them?
ten." 31Editing Checklist. Can any wordy
15Digression. sentences be made more concise? Can any
16Stay on topic! Less is more! Although run-on sentences be more effectively
it wasn't academically challenging, I coordinated or subordinated? Does each
learned a lot from my job at Burger King verb agree with its subject? Are all verb
because I was forced to negotiate some forms correct and consistent?
difficult personalities." 32Editing Checklist. Do pronouns refer
17Flowery Language. clearly to the appropriate nouns? Do all
18Be Clear, not Melodramatic. "The modifying words and phrases refer clearly
game was close. I won't receive credit for to the words they are intended to modify?
our win, but I did pass the ball to my Is each word in the essay appropriate and
teammate who scored the winning goal. He effective? Is each word spelled correctly?
received the praise for kicking the ball Is the punctuation correct? Don’t use
into the narrow space between the goalie's dashes if you don’t know how!
hands and the upper corner of the goal 33Last tip! Read your essay out loud!
post, but the victory was really about a Sometimes your ears can find mistakes that
team, not an individual." your eyes miss. It should be easy to read
19Weak Verbs. without stopping to go back and re-read!
20Use strong verbs. "More than You want the admissions officers to enjoy
anyone else, my brother deserves credit the experience of reading your essay!
for my achievements in high school. I can 34Now… Use this time to re-read your
trace my successes in academics and music draft and make any changes. Content first!
back to my brother's subtle Read it to a friend… or Exchange essays
influence." with a friend You may send me your essays
21Passive Voice. to read, but I would like a third draft!
22Active voice is more interesting. Not a first draft.
"As the opposing team approached the Kimberly.kern@ihcihn.com
goal, a striker kicked the ball towards Kern.kimika@gmail.com.
the upper right corner. If I didn't block
Academic Writing: The Common College Essay.pptx
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Academic Writing: The Common College Essay

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