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API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison
API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison
API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison
API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison
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API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison

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1API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison. Task 610423) is stated as: "independent
Group Report Austin Freeman – Halliburton, third party that provides a test facility
Chair David Comeaux – GE, Roy Benefield – and administers a testing programme that
FMC, & John Yonker – CEC, members meets the class II SSV/USV
February 9, 2010 API SC6 Winter Meeting valve-validation testing requirements of
Houston, TX. Annex I of this International Standard and
2Background. Reference Documents: API API Spec 6AV1" NOTE: The requirements
6AV1 – Specification for Verification Test of this definition (independent, and third
of Wellhead Surface Safety Valves and party) both violate CEN guidelines on
Underwater Safety Valves for Offshore standards content.
Service (1st edition, Feb. 1996) API 6A - 7Differences between 6A and 6AV1. 6AV1
Specification for Wellhead and Christmas uses PR1 and PR2 to refer to the two
Tree Equipment (19th edition, July 2004) classes of service. API 6A and ISO 10423
ISO 10423 - Specification for Wellhead and use Class I and Class II. 6AV1 describes
Christmas Tree Equipment (4th edition, the class 1 or PR1 test only in once place
December 2009). (clause 4.2) where it says the PR1 test
3Background. API Spec 6A (19th edition) can be run with water or similar fluids.
included Annex I giving Performance Annex I describes the Class I test in
Verification Procedures for SSV and USVs; detail in clause I.3. The requirement to
6AV1 is a normative reference in 6A During do a test per Annex I is stated in
adopt-back, Regional Annex O added c) where it says to submit a
definition of test agency and requirements valve to a test agency but in Annex I.4.1
to test a valve at a test agency it says the manufacturer shall test the
( c)) ISO 10423 (4th edition) valve. The test agency requirements in
issued Dec. 2009 has both of the above two Clause 4.4 of 6AV1 are not present in
requirements and 6AV1 is a normative Annex I. However, in the definition of
reference in it. API Specs 6A and 6AV1 are "test agency" in 3.119,
both in 30CFR250.806. “All SSVs and USVs compliance to 6AV1 is required which puts
must meet the technical specifications of them back in. Therefore, if we want ISO
API Spec 6A and 6AV1” API 6AV1 is 10423 or 6A to stand alone and contain all
currently in the monogram program and has the requirements for 6AV1 testing, we
1 licensee. would have to put these in Annex I or some
4Taskgroup Charge. Investigate if all other annex.
the requirements of 6AV1 have been 8Differences between 6A and 6AV1. ISO
faithfully incorporated into ISO 10423 and 10423 Clause I.1.4 on scaling of one valve
what should be done with 6AV1 (withdraw, test results to other sizes and pressure
amend, leave alone). ratings only applies to Class I tests. The
5Major Findings. Annex I is normatively similar clause in 6AV1 (4.5.1) allows
referenced in clauses 4.1, 10.20.1, and scaling for PR2 (Class II) test results. of the current (19th) edition (see next slide) The use of the
and ISO 10423 (4th edition). "Valves application forms and documentation of the
operating as safety valves shall be of the test differs from 6AV1 to 10423. The flow
PR2 performance level and meet the diagram in 6AV1 Figure 1 is missing from
requirements of Annex I." Annex I. The minimum tank size of 5 bbl
"Safety valves shall meet the (0.8 m3) was changed to 1 m3 (6.25 bbl).
performance requirements specified in The measurements of viscosity and sand
Annex I and those shown in Table 82." content were changed from API standards to
"To verify a specific PR2 standard ISO standards (ISO 10414-1). API 6AV1
service valve for a SSV/USV design, the includes licensing criteria and
manufacturer shall satisfy the class I or requirements for the test agency. There is
class II test in accordance with Annex nothing in ISO 10423 about this.
I." 9
6Major Findings. The language in Annex 10Path Forward. Assuming we want to
I appears to point to the eventual remove 6AV1 from publication: Include all
withdrawal of 6AV1. "The verification 6AV1 content in ISO 10423 by amendment. We
testing requirements in this annex are not need to do an amendment anyway to fix the
represented as duplicating actual well Class II scaling issue. We would also fix
conditions. Verification tests that have the definition of test agency and remove
been completed in accordance with 6AV1 from the normative specification
verification testing requirements of API list. Reword the requirements for test
Spec 14D or API Spec 6AV1, during their agency to remove "independent third
validity, will satisfy the requirements of party" to fix the CEN issue. Notify
this annex.“ The monogram Annex N in 6A SWRI that 6AV1 is to be withdrawn. Notify
refers one to 6AV1 for the requirements MMS that 6AV1 is to be withdrawn. Withdraw
for the test agency. The definition of document.
"test agency" in Annex O (and in 11Questions?
API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison.ppt
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API 6AV1 and API 6A Comparison

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