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From 2000 to 2008
From 2000 to 2008
Global financial crisis
Global financial crisis
Recent development
Recent development
Domestic brands
Domestic brands
New projects
New projects
Key companies
Key companies
Heavy industry
Heavy industry
The economic and political significance
The economic and political significance
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2Plan. History and Post-Soviet 13New projects. Marussia is Russia's
adjustment 2000 to 2008 Global financial first modern sports car.
crisis Recent development Domestic brands 14In recent years, Russian automotive
New projects Key companies Heavy vehicles industry companies have launched several
Economic and political significance. new projects, some of which are highly
3History. ambitious. Marussia brand, produced by
4The Soviet Union possessed a large Marussia Motors, became the first modern
automotive industry. In late 1987, the sports car and the first supercar produced
industry produced 2 million cars, in Russia. The Marussia B1 was launched on
satisfying 45% of the domestic demand. 16 December 2008 in the New Manezh Hall in
However, the quality of production was not Moscow. On 10 September 2010 the first
very high, and after the dissolution of Marussia Motors show room opened in
the Soviet Union the industry faced a Moscow. Marussia Motors is led by Nikolay
crisis due to competitive foreign imports. Fomenko, a notable Russian showman,
Japanese brands overtook the lower-end singer, actor and racer.
Ladas. By 1993, total output was down 14% 15Key companies. The GAZelle van,
compared to 1990 levels. produced by GAZ, is popular on the light
5From 2000 to 2008. commercial vehicle market.
6By 2005 the Russian car market was 16The largest company of Russia's
booming. In 2005, 1,446,525 new cars were automotive industry is Avtovaz, located in
sold, including 832,200 Russian models and the city of Tolyatti. It currently employs
614,325 foreign ones. Foreign companies more than 130,000 people, and its Lada
started to massively invest in production models dominate the Russian car market.
in Russia: the number of foreign cars Avtovaz models account for about 50% of
produced in Russia surged from 157,179 in Russia's total car production. Russia's
2005 to 456,500 in 2007. The value of the second largest car manufacturer is
Russian market grew at a brisk pace: 14% Avtotor, located in Kaliningrad Oblast. In
in 2005, 36% in 2006 and 67% in 2009, Avtotor produced 60,000 cars and
2007—making it the world's fastest growing accounted for 10% of Russian car
automotive market by 2008. Some regions production. Avtoframos, the third largest
provide extensive support for large car manufacturer, produced 49,500 cars in
investors (over $100 million.) These 2009. Avtoframos is a joint venture
include Saint Petersburg/Leningrad Oblast between France's Renault and the Moscow
(Toyota, GM, Nissan) and Kaluga Oblast city administration, but is majority owned
(VW). Kaluga has been especially by Renault. The figure is expected to rise
successful in attracting foreign to 74% by 2012. The fourth and fifth
companies, as has been Kaliningrad Oblast. largest carmakers in Russia are Volkswagen
7Global financial crisis. President and Ford, respectively. In total, the five
Vladimir Putin meeting withAvtoVAZ largest companies of the industry account
employees in the company's factory in for 80% of all cars made in Russia. In the
Tolyatti. light commercial vehicle sector, the
8Production of passenger cars dropped GAZelle van, manufactured by GAZ has been
from 1,470,000 units in 2008 to just very popular, occupying a market share of
597,000 units in 2009. Lorry production 49% in 2009 and selling 42,400 units. The
fell from 256,000 to 91,000 in the same Avtoperevozchik magazine declared GAZelle
period. In late 2008, the Russian as the most successful vehicle of 2009 in
government introduced protectionist the Russian automotive market.
measures, worth $5 billion, to improve the 17Heavy industry. KaMAZ military truck
situation in the industry. This included mounted withPantsir-S1 air defense system.
$2 billion of bailouts for troubled KaMAZ is the largest truck maker in
companies and $3 billion of credits for Russia.
buyers of Russian cars. Prime minister 18In the heavy vehicle sector, the
Vladimir Putin described the move as vital largest company is the truck maker KaMAZ.
in order to save jobs. The tariffs for It is also one of the largest companies in
imported foreign cars and trucks were the whole Russian automotive industry. In
increased to a minimum of 50% and go up to 2010, KaMAZ sold a total of 32,293 trucks,
100%. 28,254 in Russia and 4,039 in foreign
9Recent development. Volga Siber, countries. Russia's largest tractor maker,
licensed copy of Chrysler Sebring and one of the largest machine building
introduced in 2007 and manufactured by GAZ companies in the world, is Concern Tractor
until 2010. Plants, located in Cheboksary. The company
10By the end of 2010, automotive employs around 45,000 people.
production had returned to pre-crisis 19The economic and political
levels. Nine out of the ten most sold significance. The main administration
models in Russia in 2010 were domestically building ofAvtovaz in Togliatti.
produced, with Avtovaz's Lada models 20Russia's automotive industry is a
topping the list. In the first 7 months of significant economic sector. It directly
2010, sales of Lada cars increased by 60%. employs 600,000 people and supports around
In 2010, Russia was the world's 15th 2–3 million people in related industries.
largest producer of cars. The Russian It is politically a very important part of
automotive industry currently (as of 2010) the country's economy. Former Prime
accounts for about 7% of worldwide car Minister and current President Vladimir
production. Putin has taken a personal interest in the
11Domestic brands. The Lada Priora, made automotive industry. In a symbolic gesture
by AvtoVAZ, was the most sold car in of support, Putin made a highly publicized
Russia in 2009. road trip on the new Amur Highway in
12The four most popular cars in Russia August 2010, driving 2,165 kilometers in a
in 2009 were all AvtoVAZ models. The Lada Kalina Sport. Putin described the car
economy car Lada Priora topped the list as "excellent, even beyond my
with 84,779 sold units. Lada Samara was expectations", and praised it as
second with 77,679 units sold in Russia, "comfortable" and "almost
and the classic Lada 2105/2107 was third noise-free.” The event was intended to
with sales of 57,499. The higher-end Lada show support for AvtoVAZ, which was
Kalina was the fourth most sold car in recovering from the serious economic
Russia in 2009, selling 52,499 units that crisis.
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