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Background of Compulsory Licensing in North America

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1Background of Compulsory Licensing in 7unfairly prejudiced by the lack of a
North America. M. ANDREA RYAN IMMEDIATE license or a variety of other acts Very
PAST PRESIDENT, AIPLA ASSISTANT GENERAL few compulsory licenses have been granted
COUNSEL, PATENTS WYETH/U.S.A. since 1996. “Abuse of Rights in Canada”.
2What is a Compulsory License? 81910 - reasonable compensation for
“Compulsory licensing takes place when a U.S. Government use of patented inventions
government allows a third party to produce 1917 - US Government war effort to create
a patented product or use a patented a patent pool for essential aircraft
process without the consent of the patent patents. USA.
owner.” WHO and WTO Joint Report Term does 91948 - US enacted 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1498
not appear in TRIPS Agreement TRIPS - no license is needed by the U.S.
Article 31- “….use without authorization Government or contractors In protecting
of the right holder”. competition in mergers, licensing may be
3Mexico - compulsory licenses can be required. USA.
granted Canada- limited use of compulsory 10Whenever an invention described in and
licenses USA- no compulsory licenses. covered by a patent of the U.S. is used or
North American Perspective. manufactured by or for the U.S. without
4Mexico. Compulsory Licenses can be license of the owner thereof…, the owner’s
granted: If granted patentee gets an remedy shall be by action against the
additional 1 year to exploit after notice U.S…. for the recovery of his reasonable
of license is given no working for three and entire compensation for such use and
years non-working is unjustified by manufacture. 28 U.S.C. 1498.
patentee applicant is technically capable 11Sometime cited 496 F.2d 535 (U.S. Ct.
of making Will not be granted if patentee Cl. 1974) Meprobamate (tranquilizer)
was importing the patented product or a Compulsory license was not a litigated
product obtained from a patented process issue Patent was found invalid.
(ie import from USA). Carter-Wallace v. U.S.
5Significant statutory changes in 12The US Government does not get a
October,1996 Liberal grant of compulsory license They use the patented invention
licenses for pharmaceuticals was removed without a license They pay compensation in
from law. Canada. the form of lost profits or reasonable
6Three years from grant application for royalty. Compensation not Compulsory
license may be made to Commissioner if License.
there has been “abuse” of the exclusive 13Source Material. Treating the Legal
rights If satisfied that abuse of rights Side Effects of CIPRO: A Reevaluation of
has been established, compulsory license Compensation Rules For Government Taking
can be granted by Commissioner. What of Patent Rights, Daniel R.Cahoy, 40
Remains in Canada ? Am.Bus.L.J.(Forthcoming 2002) has a detail
7Demand in Canada for patented product discussion of the US system of
is not being adequately met on reasonable compensation.
terms Trade or industry in Canada is
Background of Compulsory Licensing in North America.ppt
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Background of Compulsory Licensing in North America

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