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Biz Kid$ Teacher Professional Development Workshop
Biz Kid$ Teacher Professional Development Workshop
How about the schools
How about the schools
Finance Course in Schools
Finance Course in Schools
Biz Kid$ to the Rescue…
Biz Kid$ to the Rescue…
Using Biz Kid$ Series Video
Using Biz Kid$ Series Video
Biz Kid$ Website Resources
Biz Kid$ Website Resources
Biz Kid$ Screening
Biz Kid$ Screening
Get to Know the Biz Kids
Get to Know the Biz Kids
Interview Business People
Interview Business People
Example Community Biz Contest
Example Community Biz Contest
Community Example Biz Kid$ Entrepreneur Contest
Community Example Biz Kid$ Entrepreneur Contest
Biz Kid$ Educational Options
Biz Kid$ Educational Options
Example: Biz Kid$ After School Project
Example: Biz Kid$ After School Project
Example: Biz Kid$ After School Project
Example: Biz Kid$ After School Project
Biz Kid$ Educational Options
Biz Kid$ Educational Options
Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop
Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop
Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop
Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop
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Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop

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1Biz Kid$ Teacher Professional 22Shadowing in Small Groups.
Development Workshop. 23Get to Know the Biz Kids. Watch the
2Biz Kid$ Session Presenters. [Enter entrepreneur profile clips at bizkids.com
Name] is a [Title] for [Enter Complete Get to Know the Biz Kids Handout
Organization]. [She/He] have been involved Help students identify issues in starting
in [enter relevant activity] for [enter #] and running a successful business.
of years. [Enter Name] is a [Title] for 24Interview Business People. Invite
[Enter Organization]. [She/He] have been guest speakers from the community Complete
involved in [enter relevant activity] for Get to Know the Makers of the Dough
[enter #] of years. [Enter Name] is a Handout Help students learn how to conduct
[Title] for [Enter Organization]. [She/He] an information interview.
have been involved in [enter related 25“Learning About Careers” Day. Invite
activity] for [enter #] of years.. guest speakers from the community for a
3Session Goals. Explore the need for “Learn About Careers” Day. Complete Get to
financial education Discover how Biz Kid$ Know the Makers of the Dough Handout Help
teaches kids about managing money and students learn how to conduct an
business Identify Biz Kid$ classroom information interview.
resources Learn how to involve community 26Business Field Trip. Help students
partners in the classroom through Biz learn how to conduct an information
Kid$. interview Provide tours in an actual
4Why financial education? Aren’t business environment.
today's kids pretty sophisticated? The 27Job Shadows. Small groups of students
schools must teach about money …don’t shadow a business person by visiting them
they? Families teach kids about managing and following them through part or all of
money…don’t they…? a work day.
5What Do Kids Think?: Ages 13-18. 80 % 28Biz Kid$ Business Development Module.
think "it's important to me to have a Watch Biz Kid$ Business Planning Episodes
lot of money in my life" 73% believe & Use Curriculum Packages Lemonade
they'll be earning "plenty of Stand Business Activities Create Your Own
money" when they're out on their own Business Activities Launch a Biz Kid$
86% believe they will be on their own by Contest.
25 years of age They project their average 29Biz Kid$ Dollar-A-Glass. Have students
salary at: $145,500 based on their career play “Dollar-A-Glass” game to learn
interests Source: Charles Schwab & entrepreneurial business concepts at
Co., Inc., Optimistic Teens May Need www.bizkids.com Have a class competition
Financial Reality Check, Schwab Survey with high score chart Watch the Biz Kid$
Shows, March 27, 2007. lemonade stand episodes and use related
6What Do Kids Think?: Ages 13-18. 62% curriculum packages. After playing the
of believe they can deal with the adult game, have student groups complete a
financial world after high school 63% say business plan for a lemonade stand
they are knowledgeable about money business. Assess what students are
management, including budgeting, saving learning about business planning and
and investing On finances < 50% feel strategy. Extension activity: Have
knowledgeable about: how to budget money students share what they have learned with
(41%), how to pay bills (34%), how credit the class or do a presentation by having
card interest and fees work (26%), or each group make a business pitch to
whether a check cashing service is good to “investors” (classmates).
use (24%), how income taxes work (14%) 30Biz Kid$ Create Your Own Business.
what a 401(k) plan is (13%) Source: Decide on a business idea Create a Biz
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Optimistic Kid$ Business Plan Make Your Own Resume
Teens May Need Financial Reality Check, Biz Cards Brainstorm a Marketing Poster
Schwab Survey Shows, March 27, 2007. “Market Me” Handout to Evaluate
7What Do Kids Know?: Ages 17-18. 32% Advertising Create an Advertisement Skit
use credit cards & 53% use debit cards or Video Make a Biz Brochure.
but 52% did not know that paying off a 31Launch a Biz Kid$ contest. Categories
credit card more slowly will result in Youth who already have a business Youth
higher finance charges 83% did not know who are planning a business Youth who have
that stocks are likely to yield higher conducted a community service project
returns than savings bonds, savings Youth who are planning a community
accounts and checking accounts over the service/social entrepreneur project
next 18 years (even though there has never Business poster contest for real or
been an 18-year period where this wasn’t planned businesses Best business pitch to
true) 60% did not know that they could a group of judges or mentors Community
lose their health insurance if their Partnerships: Provide prizes and judges
parents become unemployed 52.3% did not Mentors and guest speakers to assist
know they could check their credit report students Promotion & media coverage.
for free once a year at 32Example Community Biz Contest. Offer a
www.annualcreditreport.com/. Source: similar event at your school. WSIU Public
Statistics above are based on the results TV in Carbondale, IL partnered with SIU
of the Jump$tart Coalition® for Personal Credit Union and University Mall in
Financial Literacy Survey (April, 2008.) Carbondale Activities & Contest: Kids
6,856 high school 12th graders in 40 developed: a business plan an
states participated in the survey. organizational chart a name and logo a
8What Do K-12 Teachers Say? 80% think plan for financing Results: SIU Credit
it is important to teach financial Union has received other requests to hold
literacy in U.S. classrooms. ~50% say they similar competitions in other market
do teach some form of “Financial Literacy” areas. This highly successful event
to their students Challenges include: lack introduced the series to hundreds of kids
of time, lack of state curriculum, and more than 30 kids, ages 9-15,
requirements and lack of demand to teach participated in the contest. Source:
it. ~33% think their state has standards Illinois Credit Union System Indepth
related to financial literacy, but nearly Newsletter, Third Quarter, 2008.
75% believe their state should have 33Community Example Biz Kid$
academic standards for this subject. Entrepreneur Contest.
Source: Networks Financial Institute at 34Biz Kid$ Materials Available.
Indiana State University, National K-12 Available at www.bizkids.com and
Financial Literacy Qualitative & wxxi.org/tv/bizkids/ Episode Descriptions
Quantitative Research, March/April, 2007, Let’s Go Brochure: Quick Tips & Ideas
http://www.networksfinancialinstitute.org/ for Kid Businesses Business Development
iteCollectionDocuments/NationalK12Financia Module Career Exploration Module Biz Term
LiteracyStudy.pdf (Based on 650 K-12 Bingo Curriculum by Episode with
teachers interviewed nationally). Activities PowerPoint Training
9What Do K-12 Teachers Say? According Presentation with Sample Script
to teachers, financial literacy skills are Downloadable files needed for activities
lacking among their students and believe Outreach Kits: Teacher Professional
they need to be exposed to the basic Development Kit and Booth Kit.
financial skills they will need to 35How to get Biz Kid$ into class time.
function in society. Topics teachers Look for thematic ties to what you already
mentioned included: Balancing checkbooks teach Include finance, business,
Managing credit Making intelligent economics, math, English language arts,
economic decisions Staying out of debt service learning and other subjects
Source: Networks Financial Institute at Include “real world” authentic projects
Indiana State University, National K-12 that use business and money management
Financial Literacy Qualitative & skills.
Quantitative Research, March/April, 2007, 36Theme: Career Exploration. Activities:
http://www.networksfinancialinstitute.org/ Career Module Use short profiles from Biz
iteCollectionDocuments/NationalK12Financia Kid$ to learn about the kinds of questions
LiteracyStudy.pdf (Based on 650 K-12 to ask. Guest Speakers Job shadow groups
teachers interviewed nationally). and Business Field Trips Mentors to assist
10How about the schools? Source: with business planning “Learn About
Economic, Personal Finance & Careers” Fair or business guest speakers
Entrepreneurship. Education in Our series Research careers using the library,
Nation's Schools in 2007, Internet & through interviews.
http://www.councilforeconed.org/about/surv 37Theme: English Language Arts.
y2007/NCEESurvey2007.pdf from the Council Activities: Vocabulary: Biz Terms &
for Economic Education. Biz Terms Bingo Communications:
11Finance Course in Schools. Source: Marketing/Presenting Yourself and Your
JumpStart Coalition for Personal Finance Business Create business plans, business
& Citi Education: cards, poster/ad, resume, business pitch
http://www.jumpstart.org/state_legislation Present a business plan Letter writing to
index.cfm. set-up job shadowing, guest speakers and
12What About Parents? Only 5% of adults mentors.
learned about the money management in 38Themes: Finance & Life Skills.
elementary or high school. Less than half Financial Literacy, Personal Finance, Life
of people (48%) learned about money Skills, Family & Consumer Sciences
management from their parents, while 41% Episodes and activities related to:
were self-taught or learned the hard way. saving, investing, donating, spending,
Source: Visa, Visa Back-To-School Survey budgeting, credit, credit reports,
Finds That Only 5% of Kids Learn Vital identity protection, paychecks, &
Life Skill of Money Management in Class, smart consumer information Guest speakers
August 2007, from credit unions, credit bureaus,
http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com/englis chambers of commerce, etc. Have students
/presscenter/releases/081307.php. track expenses, set savings goals,
13What About Parents? 52% of teens are encourage opening a saving account or 529.
eager to learn more about money 39Theme: Mathematics. Activities: Money
management, but only 14% have taken a Math: Episode 202 deals exclusively with
class on the topic - 35% would like to Money Math Calculating %: interest rates,
learn from their parents. Only 19% of rates of growth: Do the math by hand and
parents discuss back to school budgeting use financial calculators online.
and only 22% make a list of back-to-school Budgeting and tracking expenses: personal
items to purchase. 80% of parents see or business Adding up totals and making
themselves as positive money role models change Savings goals over time Generate
for their kids, yet only a small financial word problems.
percentage are taking advantage of 40Themes: Business &
day-to-day learning opportunities to arm Entrepreneurship: Activities &
their teens with practical money skills. Episodes Dealing with: Business plans
Only 48% of parents have discussed the Goals & Planning Goods & Services
importance of needs versus wants and more Credit, budgeting, tracking expenses
than one-third (36%) have not discussed Sales, persuasion & marketing Cash
back to school finances at all with their flow Personnel Management &
teens. Source: Capital One, Capital One's Communications Risk Online Business Ethics
Annual Back to School Survey Finds More Plan or create a classroom or school
Teens Eager To Learn About Money, Yet business Have teams create a business
Parents Continue to Overlook Simple planning presentation Sponsor a business
Opportunities to Talk Dollars and Cents, contest Sponsor a business fair to
July 2007, showcase businesses and business plans in
http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml? the school.
=70667&p=irol-newsArticle_print&ID 41Theme: Economics. Specifics: Global
1026172&highlight. economy and interconnections Needs vs.
14Biz Kid$ to the Rescue… Biz Kid$ is a Wants Supply & Demand Financial
fun, fast-paced public TV series where Institutions & Markets Economic Cycles
kids teach kids about money and business. Green Economy Use the series to introduce
Each show features young entrepreneurs and and provide examples of these difficult
social entrepreneurs succeeding in concepts.
business (handbag designer, podcast host, 42Theme: Economics. Activities: Create a
dog groomer, etc.). Teaches with comedy day-to-day mini-economy in the classroom
& spoofs on movies &TV shows. Key Use Biz Kid$ to introduce the economic
Ideas: using credit wisely, saving, concepts Students have jobs, and track
budgeting, investing, donating, and how to “income” and “expenses” for classroom
run a business. based activities.
15Using Biz Kid$ Series Video. The 39 43Classroom Mini-Economy Examples.
episodes have 4-year record (taping or Scholastic:
DV-R) & educational use rights The Biz http://content.scholastic.com/browse/unitp
Kid$ website has a zip code finder search an.jsp?id=139 Example Classroom
to find when Biz Kid$ is airing on your Implementation:
public TV station Episode video clips are http://hill.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingha
available on the web. www.bizkids.com /myweb3/mini-ecomony.htm Council on
Video clips include financial concepts and Economics Education: Sample lesson:
young entrepreneur profiles. http://www.ncee.net/resources/lessons/clas
16Biz Kid$ Website Resources. room_minieconomy.pdf Or purchase:
www.bizkids.com Episode Curriculum, Games http://store.ncee.net/classroom-mini-econo
& Family Activities Video Clips & y.html.
Young Entrepreneur Profiles 44Theme: Service Learning. Activities:
“Dollar-A-Glass” Online Entrepreneur Game Use social entrepreneur interviews to
Submit Your Biz Kid$ Story Idea Zip Code inform kids of what they can do to give
Search: Look up when the series airs back. Create project-based learning where
locally Biz Kid$ Blog & “The Vault” kids raise money to give to a cause Invite
E-Newsletter Financial Tips. social entrepreneurs to be guest speakers
17Biz Kid$ Screening. Concept to describe their work of running a
introduction through host skits, comedy business to “give back” and provide needed
sketches & profiles Entrepreneur & community services.
social entrepreneur interviews in all 45Biz Kid$ Themes. 21st Century Skills:
episodes Watch an episode and use the Financial Literacy Economic Education Real
related curriculum lesson in a 2-day world experience Project-based learning
format Less time: Watch some clips and use Communication skills.
activities from the episode curriculum 46Biz Kid$ Educational Options. Grade
package. level or classroom curriculum After
18Biz Kid$ 5 Core Episodes. 5 episodes School: Watch an episode. Use curriculum
focus on key concepts in financial activities & games. Have kids plan
education Curriculum packages available in & run businesses Great opportunity for
English and Spanish at: www.bizkids.com using business mentors. Biz Kid$ teams
Each package includes: -Biz Terms launch their construction companies to
-Equipment and Materials Needed -Day One: plan & finance an engineering job.
Student Activity -Day Two: Student 47Example: Biz Kid$ After School
Activity -Discussion Questions -Handouts Project. Biz Kid$ is a great after school
-Family Activity Sheet. outreach Example: Biz Kid$ Executive
19Focus of 5 Core Episodes. Episode 104: Producer, Jamie Hammond & WA Credit
What Can You Do With Money? Focus: Union League members volunteered at WA
Understanding spending, saving, investing, Boys & Girls Clubs Volunteers led 10
and donating Episode 106: Taking Charge of days of screenings, discussions and
Your Financial Future Focus: Set financial hands-on activities for 5 core episodes.
goals and learn about opportunity cost 6-12 year olds participated in the pilot.
Episode 110: How to Achieve Your Financial Result: Biz Kid$ is now used weekly during
Goals Focus: Achieve financial goals by homework/tutoring program called the Power
tracking and controlling spending, and Hour in eight Boys & Girls clubs in
investing from a young age Episode 116: three counties in Washington State.
Budgeting Basics Focus: Budget to gain 48Biz Kid$ Educational Options. School
control of spending and expenses Episode sponsored activities: Planning &
123: Understanding Income and Expenses showcasing youth businesses “Learn About
Focus: Tracking income and expenses to Careers” Day Youth Business Pitches To
follow cash flow. Panel of Judges (Business Idol Contest)
20Outreach Kits. Biz Kid$ Teacher Business Contests Engage families: Biz
Professional Development Kit: Provides Kid$ movie night or Biz Kid$ Bash with
training and activity suggestions community partners to run activities and
Activities are described in next slides. have information for families. Families
Biz Kid$ Booth Kit: Provide display and screening Biz Kid$ followed by a Q&A
activity ideas for an event Available at: with community business partners.
www.bizkids.com and at 49Biz Kid$ Action Plan. Use Biz Kid$ in
wxxi.org/tv/bizkids. Your Classroom or Grade Level Pick
21Biz Kid$ Vocabulary. Play Biz Term episodes that fit themes you teach Offer a
Bingo Use Biz Terms by episode Bingo Training Session: For Other Teachers,
boards and definition cards are supplied Parents, After School Staff Youth
by episode Use the Biz Terms to create Biz Development Leader Training Training for
Kid$ crosswords & word searches. Kids (Clubs, After School, etc.) Plan
22Biz Kid$ Career Module. Watch Biz Kid$ & Host a School Family Event Host a
Career Exploration Episodes & Use Biz Kid$ Booth at a School Event Host a
Curriculum Packages Watch Entrepreneur Biz Kid$ Screening Launch a Biz Kid$
Profile Video Clips & Use “Get to Know Contest Have Classes Interview Business
the Biz Kids” Handout Researching Careers People.
Activity Get to Know the Makers of the 50
Dough Guest Speakers Class Field Trip to a 51
Business “Learn About Careers” Day Job
Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop.ppt
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Biz Kid Teacher Professional Development Workshop

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