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Bloggership: The Role of the Law Professor Blogger

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1Bloggership: The Role of the Law 8Error detection E.g. Eric Muller &
Professor Blogger. A. Michael Froomkin Greg Robinson on Malkin's In Defense of
University of Miami School of Law April Internment.
28, 2006. 9What Blogs Are Not So Good For. This
2Framing. I do three types of blogging event is not being conducted on a blog
Activist: ICANNWatch.org (1999) Traditional Treatises (but see wikis)
“Personal”: Discourse.net (2003) Teacher: Heriot disagrees ?? Details Footnotes do
several classroom blogs at umlaw.net have value Footnotes may even be the key
(2004) They each taught me something. to lawyers’ claim to belonging in
3But First, A Warning. “The plural of universities instead of trade schools.
anecdote is ‘Blog’” -- Alex Harrowell, 10Is Something Missing? Things that work
http://fistfulofeuros.net/archives/002493. Activist? ? Recent development awareness
hp. (cases, crises) ? Hot newsy topical
4This Medium is Not a Message. ‘Blog’ discussion ? But filtering of academic
is about easy packaging of existing tools writing is still uneven, What’s new in the
Part of an ecology of tools Listservers law reviews? What should I read? SRRN is
are not dead Very dependant on underlying only very lightly filtered And, there’s
layers Vulnerable to comment & Larry Solum But Larry reads too much So
trackback spam Is It Even a Medium? Are none of this is exactly the filtering I
blogs more like magazines ? Or, to use, TV want…
metaphor, a form like a sitcom or the 11What I Plan to Do About It: JOTWELL.
local news. “The Journal of What We Like (Lots)”.
5The Case for Blogs as Special. Tools 12Jotwell.com. Short (2-4pp) reviews of
do shape content ‘Power corrupts – and academic work Explaining why it’s worth
PowerPoint corrupts absolutely’ Blogs are reading Appreciations of new
popular – and that matters: ‘Quantity has contributions, maybe situating them in a
a quality all its own’ Technoquirks Orin’s literature An intermediary between readers
“RCO” – reverse chronological order Links and the torrent of SSRN / BePress &
Comments Trackbacks Google rankings, TLB journals Maybe the occasional
Ecosystem, Technorati The long tail, the re-appreciation of a classic Bloggy: Room
‘A’ List, ‘B’ list, etc. Not so new, but for comments and discussion Not bloggy:
never so evident (cf. Caron) – is this will not publish too often Organizational
what we value now? How different is the issue: general interest or some topical
hierarchy (as evidenced by this event) division?
from the one that we had before? 13What It Is Not. Not the legal version
6Is There a Blog ‘Voice’? Blogging vs. of the Journal of Economic Literature Not
law review articles Blog discipline review articles of a topic Not about what
Informal No editors Links instead of is in other blogs Not even their scholarly
footnotes Continual feedback (hits, links contributions …at least in version 1.0.
vs. placement) Not ‘undisciplined’ but 14Why Write for Jotwell? You read the
very different from the law journals, article You loved the article You want to
books, treatises world I write differently draw attention to the article Law reviews
in each type of blog (and again in law don’t publish “book reviews” of articles
review articles). Our profession over-values “critique” and
7What Are Blogs Good For (I). Activism under-celebrates what deserves praise By
Making Visible (“Bully pulpit”) Mau-mauing calling attention to interesting new
the MSM Specialist ICANNWatch Organizing scholarship, you can help promote
Campaign tools Bearing Witness “Public interesting discussions, in the best
Intellectual” Out-of-sub-discipline traditions of the academy.
scholarship Torture memos. 15Thank you. froomkin@law.tm
8What Are Blogs Good For (II). http://www.discourse.net
Awareness Bashman, Solum In-field Lots of http://www.icannwatch.org … and, soon,
tech blogs, IP blogs Where are the adlaw http://www.jotwell.com.
blogs? Out of field Mirror of Justice
Bloggership: The Role of the Law Professor Blogger.ppt
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Bloggership: The Role of the Law Professor Blogger

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