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Implementation Details Power configuration user interface
Implementation Details Power configuration user interface
Implementation Details Power configuration user interface
Implementation Details Power configuration user interface
Implementation Details User interface summary
Implementation Details User interface summary
Implementation Details Power configuration user interface
Implementation Details Power configuration user interface
Integrating PowerPlay With Windows Vista
Integrating PowerPlay With Windows Vista
© 2006 Microsoft Corporation
© 2006 Microsoft Corporation
Case Study: ATI Device Power Management In Windows Vista
Case Study: ATI Device Power Management In Windows Vista
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Case Study: ATI Device Power Management In Windows Vista

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1Case Study: ATI Device Power 16{191F65B5-D45C-4a4f-8AAE-1AB8BFD980E6},
Management In Windows Vista. Phil Mummah “ATI Graphics Engine PowerPlay Settings”,
Software Architect ATI. “Configures the GPU Power Management Mode”
2Agenda. Device power management Value=0, "Max Battery Mode",
Overview ATI PowerPlayTM technology "Minimum Power Setting",
Integrating with Windows Vista Power REG_DWORD, <0> Value=1,
Manager Windows Vista enhancements "Balanced Mode", "Medium
Implementation details Demo Summary Power Setting", REG_DWORD, <1>
Additional resources. Value=2, "Max Performance Mode",
3Power Management Overview. Device Run "Max Power Setting", REG_DWORD,
time idle detection Transition an inactive <2> Default =
device into a low power, non-working power %GUID_MAX_POWER_SAVINGS%, %AC%, 1 Default
state (e.g., D2) Wake and transition to D0 = %GUID_MAX_POWER_SAVINGS%, %DC%, 0
on I/O traffic, interrupt Device-specific Default = %GUID_TYPICAL_POWER_SAVINGS%,
tradeoff of performance for reduced power %AC%, 2 Default =
consumption In the context of the device’s %GUID_TYPICAL_POWER_SAVINGS%, %DC%, 0
On state (D0) Examples: scale device clock Default = %GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS%, %AC%,
rates and core voltages, clock gating, 2 Default = %GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS%,
vary transmit power or communication %DC%, 1. Power Setting Defined By GUID.
speed, etc. Device performance states Setting Friendly Name, Description.
Analogous to ACPI processor performance Discrete List of Values. Default Values
states Discrete combinations of power for Each Power Scheme Personality. Range
consumption and performance Application of Values can also be done, ie 0 – 100%.
performance tradeoff for reduced power 17Implementation Details Register for
Reduce unnecessary activity in battery notifications. Register within device or
mode. application initialization code
4Device Power Management Opportunities PoRegisterPowerSettingNotification()
and goals. Extend mobile PC battery life Register with custom power setting GUID
Customers want extended battery life and De-register when your device is stopped
are willing to pay for it Differentiate Kernel-mode registration function includes
your products Add significant value to context parameter Most drivers will pass
your device Drive down system power device extension in context Enables
consumption Reduce fan noise, system drivers to handle registration for
thermal output Equally applicable to multiple devices.
mobile and desktop systems. 18Implementation Details Example:
5Device Power Management Opportunities Register for notifications. Power Setting
and goals. Devices, services and GUID. De-register When Device is Stopped.
applications all help to reduce system KRSContext::RegisterPowerSettingCallback(
power consumption. Watts. 40. 35. 30. 25. IN PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, OUT HANDLE
20. 15. 10. 5. Max CPU Max LCD Max PowerSettingCallbackHandle ) { NTSTATUS
Animation. Min LCD. Min CPU Max LCD Max Status = STATUS_SUCCESS; Status =
Animation. Min LCD. Min Animation. Min PoRegisterPowerSettingCallback(
Animation. DeviceObject,
6Device Power Management ATI PowerPlay. (LPGUID)(&GUID_GRAPHICS_ENGINE_POWER_P
Reduces the power consumption of ATI AY_MODE),
Mobile RadeonTM graphics devices When the (PPOWER_SETTING_CALLBACK)&PowerSetting
device is idle When the system is running allback,
on battery Exposes API for OEM DeviceObject->DeviceObjectExtension,
enhancements Offers users the optimal &PowerSettingCallbackHandle ); return
balance of performance and power Status; }.
consumption ATI PowerPlayTM drives 19Implementation Details Example: Driver
continuing innovation and advancement in callback function. Power Setting GUID.
graphics power management Integrated with Change the Device Power Management
Windows Vista power management. Behavior. NTSTATUS PowerSettingCallback(
7Device Power Management ATI PowerPlay. IN CONST LPGUID SettingGuid, IN PULONG
PowerPlay capabilities GPU core voltage NewValue, IN ULONG ValueLength, IN PVOID
and frequency scaling Memory clock scaling Context ) { NTSTATUS Status =
Refresh rate reduction PCI Express dynamic STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER; // Check for
lane width switching Thermal throttling correct GUID, Data if (IsEqualGUID(
8Windows Vista Power Policy Benefits of AY_MODE), SettingGUID ) &&
integration. Offers users a seamless power (ValueLength == sizeof(DWORD)) &&
management experience Provide unified (NewValue != NULL) ) { // NOT SHOWN: Any
power management controls Allows the necessary locks // Change graphics engine
entire platform to respond to the user’s power mode } return Status; }.
current power policy Devices automatically 20Implementation Details Example:
respond to changing system conditions Deregister for notifications. NTSTATUS
Active power scheme/personality AC/DC UnRegisterPowerSettingCallback( IN HANDLE
power source changes. PowerSettingCallbackHandle ) { NTSTATUS
9Windows Vista Power Policy Status = STATUS_SUCCESS; Status =
Enhancements. Extensible power setting PoUnRegisterPowerSettingCallback(
store Devices or applications can define &PowerSettingCallbackHandle ); return
and install custom power settings Windows Status; }.
power manager stores setting data, 21Implementation Details Power
friendly names, values, etc. All power configuration user interface. Default
settings appear in Windows Power Options power settings. Note: Power settings may
Including custom third-party power be system-specific.
settings No need to provide additional 22Implementation Details Power
configuration UI Robust command-line tool configuration user interface. UI extended
for system administrator Makes testing, with custom power settings.
debugging easier. 23Implementation Details User interface
10Windows Vista Power Policy User summary. Windows automatically adds custom
experience improvements. Simplified power power settings to Power Options Advanced
plans Three default power plans Power Settings UI Multiple settings can be
Saver, Automatic, High Performance contained in a new subgroup Each setting
Indicates the overall power management has an AC and DC value Settings can be
policy to the system Each plans has a discrete or range of values.
personality setting Users can easily 24Implementation Details Power
change the active power plans One-click configuration user interface. UI extended
from the desktop with the battery meter. with additional property sheet.
11Windows Vista Power Policy Steps to 25Implementation Details User interface
driver integration. Define custom power summary. Property sheets may be added for
policy settings Install custom power more advanced UI May have a superset of
settings Prepare the device driver to functionality E.g., battery degrade
Register for power events of interest behaviors Property sheets can leverage
Respond appropriately to these events Power Policy APIs ATI exposes PowerPlay
Optionally, provide additional power functionality OEM does not need to write
management UI. special UI to add features.
12Implementation Details Defining a 26Integrating PowerPlay With Windows
power setting. A custom power setting Vista. Phil Mummah SW Architect ATI.
definition contains A GUID uniquely 27Call To Action. Implement device power
identifying the setting Friendly name, management technologies in your hardware
description strings One or more setting designs Take advantage of Windows Vista
values Range, e.g., 0 – 100% Value: 10 power management integration opportunities
minutes Discrete values E.g., {Enabled, Review Integrating with Windows Vista
Disabled}; {High, Medium, Low}. Power Policy white paper
13Implementation Details Defining a http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=512
power setting. Critical step: Define 6.
appropriate defaults Each power scheme 28Additional Resources. ATI
personality’s defaults Users might not Technologies, Inc. http://www.ati.com ATI
change the power policy for your power PowerPlayTM white paper
setting System power source (AC/DC) Each http://www.ati.com/products/pdf/powerplayw
device can define multiple power settings 2.pdf Windows Hardware and Driver Central
Power settings can be placed in subgroups. http://www.microsoft.com/whdc Power
14Implementation Details Example: Management, ACPI on WHDC
Defining a power setting. GUID http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/pnppw
{191F65B5-D45C-4a4f-8AAE-1AB8BFD980E6} /powermgmt/ default.mspx Integrating with
Friendly Name “ATI Graphics Engine Windows Vista Power Policy white paper
PowerPlay” Description “Configures the GPU http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=512
Power Management Mode” Values (discrete) 6.
ATI Max Performance Mode ATI Balanced Mode 29© 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All
ATI Max Battery Mode Subgroup New subgroup rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows,
created for all ATI PowerPlay settings. Windows Vista and other product names are
15Implementation Details Installing a or may be registered trademarks and/or
power setting. Add the setting and its trademarks in the U.S. and/or other
definition to the power policy store Two countries. The information herein is for
methods supported INF-based installation informational purposes only and represents
Ideal for device drivers New INF the current view of Microsoft Corporation
directives for describing power setting, as of the date of this presentation.
subgroup, possible values Multiple Because Microsoft must respond to changing
settings can be described in the same INF market conditions, it should not be
file API-based installation Win32 APIs in interpreted to be a commitment on the part
Power Profiles Library (powrprof.dll). of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot
16Implementation Details Example: guarantee the accuracy of any information
Installing a power setting. [DeviceName] provided after the date of this
AddPowerSetting=AtiPowerPolicy presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO
"ATI Graphics Main Power PRESENTATION.
Settings", "Set all graphics 30
power settings " Setting =
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Case Study: ATI Device Power Management In Windows Vista

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