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Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
Science Clouds
The Quest Begins
The Quest Begins
The Workspace Service
The Workspace Service
The Workspace Service
The Workspace Service
The Workspace Service
The Workspace Service
The Workspace Pilot
The Workspace Pilot
Context Broker
Context Broker
Alice HEP Experiment at CERN
Alice HEP Experiment at CERN
Cloud Computing Ecosystem
Cloud Computing Ecosystem
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Cloud Computing with Nimbus

содержание презентации «Cloud Computing with Nimbus.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Cloud Computing with Nimbus. FNAL, 20client. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
January 2009 Kate Keahey http//workspace.globus.org. WSRF. EC2.
(keahey@mcs.anl.gov) University of Chicago 21MPI. One-click Virtual Clusters.
Argonne National Laboratory. Reciprocal exchange of information:
2Science Clouds. Cloud Computing. networking and security. Parameterizable
Elastic computing, Pay-as-you-go, Capital appliance Tightly-coupled clusters. IP1.
expense operational expense. 10/20/08 The HK1. IP3. HK3. IP2. HK2. 10/20/08 The
Nimbus Toolkit: Nimbus Toolkit:
http//workspace.globus.org. http//workspace.globus.org.
3Everything-as-a-Service. SaaS. PaaS. 22Context Broker. Context Broker. IP3.
IaaS. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: HK3. IP1. HK1. IP1. HK1. IP1. IP2. HK1.
http//workspace.globus.org. HK2. IP1. HK1. IP1. HK1. IP1. IP1. IP1.
4The Quest Begins. Code complexity IP1. IP1. HK1. IP2. HK2. IP2. HK2. IP1.
Resource control. 10/20/08 The Nimbus IP1. IP1. IP2. IP1. HK2. IP3. HK3. IP3.
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. HK3. IP1. IP1. IP1. IP3. IP1. HK3.
5“Workspaces”. Dynamically provisioned 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
environments Environment control Resource http//workspace.globus.org.
control Hardware implementations vs 23Goals for Context Broker. Can work
virtualization. 10/20/08 The Nimbus with every appliance Appliance schema, can
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. be implemented in terms of many
6A Brief History of Nimbus. STAR configuration systems Can work with every
production runs on EC2. Xen released. EC2 cloud provider Simple and minimal
goes online. Nimbus Cloud comes online. conditions on generic context delivery Can
2003. 2006. 2009. Research on work across multiple cloud providers, in a
agreement-based services. First Workspace distributed environment. 10/20/08 The
Service release. Support for EC2 Nimbus Toolkit:
interfaces. EC2 gateway available. http//workspace.globus.org.
10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: 24Status for Context Broker. Release
http//workspace.globus.org. history: In alpha testing since August ‘07
7Nimbus Overview. Goal: open source, First released summer July ‘08 (v 1.3.3)
extensible, IaaS implementation and tools Latest update January ‘09 (v 2.2) Used to
Specifically targeting scientific contextualize 100s of nodes for EC2 STAR
community A platform for experimentation runs Contextualized images on workspace
with features for scientific needs Set up marketplace Working with rPath to make
private clouds (privacy, expense contextualizatin easier for the user.
considerations) Tools IaaS layer 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
(Workspace Service) Orchestration layer http//workspace.globus.org.
(Context Broker, gateway) 25End of Nimbus Tour. storage service.
http://workspace.globus.org/. 10/20/08 The workspace resource manager. workspace
Nimbus Toolkit: control. workspace service. workspace
http//workspace.globus.org. pilot. context broker. IaaS gateway. EC2.
8The Workspace Service. VWS Service. potentially other providers. context
10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: client. cloud client. workspace client.
http//workspace.globus.org. Pool node. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool http//workspace.globus.org. WSRF. EC2.
node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. 26Science Clouds. Make it easy for
Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool scientific projects to experiment with
node. cloud computing Can cloud computing be
9The Workspace Service. Trusted used for science? Evolve software in
Computing Base (TCB). The workspace response to the needs of scientific
service publishes information on each projects Start with EC2-like functionality
workspace as standard WSRF Resource and evolve to serve scientific projects:
Properties. Users can query those virtual clusters, diverse resource leases
properties to find out information about Federating clouds: moving between cloud
their workspace (e.g. what IP the resources in academic and commercial
workspace was bound to). Users can space. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
interact directly with their workspaces http//workspace.globus.org.
the same way the would with a physical 27Science Cloud Resources. University of
machine. VWS Service. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Chicago (Nimbus): first cloud, online
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. Pool since March 4th 2008 16 nodes of UC
node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. TeraPort cluster, public IPs University of
Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool Florida Online since 05/08 16-32 nodes,
node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. access via VPN Other Science Clouds
Pool node. Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
10Workspace Service Interfaces and (08/08), Purdue (09/08) Installations in
Clients. Web Services based Web Service progress: IU, Grid5K, others Using EC2 for
Resource Framework (WSRF) GT-based Elastic overflow Minimal governance model
Computing Cloud (EC2) Supported: http://workspace.globus.org/clouds.
ec2-describe-images, ec2-run-instances, 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
ec2-describe-instances, http//workspace.globus.org.
ec2-terminate-instances, 28Cloud Use. ~100 DNs Utilization:
ec2-reboot-instances, ec2-add-keypair, Overall: 16% Peak pw: 86% (week of 7/14)
ec2-delete-keypair Unsupported: Requests rejected: None untill 7/14 Lots
availability zones, security groups, afterwards ;-). Data scaled to the number
elastic IP assignment, REST Used alongside of days. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
WSRF interfaces E.g., the University of http//workspace.globus.org.
Chicago cloud allows you to connect via 29Who Runs on Nimbus? Project diversity:
the cloud client or via the EC2 client. Science, CS, education, build&test…
10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
http//workspace.globus.org. http//workspace.globus.org.
11Security. GSI authentication and 30Hadoop over ManyClouds. U of Florida.
authorization PKI credential required U of Chicago. CS research: investigate
Works with Grid proxies VOMS, Shibboleth latency-sensitive apps, e.g. Hadoop Need
(via GridShib), custom PDPs Secure access access to distributed resources, and high
to VMs EC2 key generation or accessed from level of privilege to run a ViNE router
.ssh Validating images and image data Virtual workspace: ViNE router +
Collaboration with Vienna University of application VMs Paper: “CloudBLAST:
Technology. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: Combining MapReduce and Virtualization on
http//workspace.globus.org. Distributed Resources for Bioinformatics
12Networking. Network configuration Applications” by Andr?a Matsunaga,
External: public IPs or private IPs (via Maur?cio Tsugawa and Jos? Fortes. eScience
VPN) Internal: private network via a local 2008. ViNE router. ViNE router. 10/20/08
cluster network Each VM can specify The Nimbus Toolkit:
multiple NICs mixing private and public http//workspace.globus.org.
networks (WSRF only) E.g., cluster worker 31Alice HEP Experiment at CERN. CHEP
nodes on a private network, headnode on paper in preparation. 10/20/08 The Nimbus
both public and private network. 10/20/08 Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org.
The Nimbus Toolkit: 32STAR. STAR: a high-energy physics
http//workspace.globus.org. experiment Need resources with the right
13The Back Story. Workspace back-end: configuration Complex environments:
Trusted Computing Base (TCB). Workspace correct versions of operating systems,
WSRF front-end that allows clients to libraries, tools, etc all have to be
deploy and manage virtual workspaces. installed. Consistent environments:
Resource manager for a pool of physical require validation A virtual OSG STAR
nodes Deploys and manages Workspaces on cluster OSG cluster OSG CE (headnode),
the nodes. Each node must have a VMM gridmapfiles, host certificates, NSF, PBS
(Xen)? installed, as well as the workspace STAR worker nodes: SL4 + STAR conf
control program that manages individual Requirements One-click virtual cluster
nodes. VWS Service. 10/20/08 The Nimbus deployment Migration: Science Clouds ->
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. Pool EC2. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. http//workspace.globus.org.
Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool 33STAR (cntd). From proof-of-concept to
node. Pool node. Pool node. Pool node. production runs ~2 years ago:
Pool node. proof-of-concept Last September: EC2 runs
14Workspace Components. workspace of up to 100 nodes (production scale,
resource manager. workspace service. non-critical codes) Testing for critical
workspace control. workspace pilot. production deployment Performance Within
workspace client. 10/20/08 The Nimbus 10% of expected performance for
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. WSRF. applications Work by Jerome Lauret, Doug
EC2. Olson, Leve Hajdu, Lidia Didenko. 10/20/08
15Workspace Control. VM image The Nimbus Toolkit:
propagation Image management and http//workspace.globus.org.
reconstruction Creating blank partitions, 34Scalability Testing. Motivation Test
sharing partitions VM control Starting, scalability of various Globus components
stopping, pausing, etc. Integrating a VM Test on a different platforms Workspaces
into the network Assigning MAC addresses Globus 101 + others Requirements very
and IP addresses DHCP delivery tool short-term but flexible access to diverse
Building up a trusted (non-spoofable) platforms Work by various members of the
networking layer Contextualization Globus community (Tom Howe and John
information management Talks to the Bresnahan) Resulted in provisioning a
workspace service via ssh Standalone private cloud for Globus Typically very
component Some functionality overlap with short-lived communities of one. 10/20/08
libvirt Implementations in Xen and KVM The Nimbus Toolkit:
(queued up for release). 10/20/08 The http//workspace.globus.org.
Nimbus Toolkit: 35Montage Workflows. Evaluating a cloud
http//workspace.globus.org. from user’s perspective Paper:
16The Workspace Resource Manager. Basic “Exploration of the Applicability of Cloud
slot fitting Implements “immediate leases” Computing to Large-Scale Scientific
Extensible vehicle to experiment with Workflows”, C. Hoffa, T. Freeman, G.
different leases Open source resource Mehta, E. Deelman, K. Keahey, SWBES08:
manager for multiple different VMMs Challenging Issues in Workflow
Datacenter technology equivalent Can be Applications. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
replaced by OpenNebula or other datacenter http//workspace.globus.org.
technologies Deployment University of 36Cloud Computing Ecosystem. Appliance
Chicago, University of Florida, Purdue, Providers marketplaces commercial
Masaryk University and all the other providers communities. Deployment
Science Cloud sites. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Orchestrator orchestrate the deployment of
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. environments across possibly many cloud
17The Workspace Pilot. Challenge: how providers. VMM/datacenter/IaaS. User
can I provide a virtualization solution Environments. 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
without disrupting the current operation http//workspace.globus.org.
of my cluster? Flying Low: the Workspace 37Open Source IaaS Implementations.
Pilot Integrates with popular LRMs (such OpenNebula Open source datacenter
as PBS, SGE) Implements “best effort” implementation University of Madrid, I.
leases Glidein approach: submits a “pilot” Llorente & team, 03/2008 Eucalyptus
program that claims a resource slot Open source implementation of EC2 UCSB, R.
Includes administrator tools Deployment Wolski & team, 06/2008 Cloud-enabled
Testing @ U of Victoria (Atlas), Ian Gable Nimrod-G Open source implementation of EC2
and collaborators Adapting for the use of Monash University, MeSsAGE Lab, 01/2009
the Atlas experiment @ CERN, Omer Khalid. Industry efforts openQRM, Enomalism.
10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
http//workspace.globus.org. http//workspace.globus.org.
18Cloud Closure. storage service. 38Friends and Family. Committers: Kate
workspace resource manager. workspace Keahey & Tim Freeman (ANL/UC), Ian
control. workspace service. workspace Gable (UVIC) A lot of help from the
pilot. cloud client. workspace client. community, see:
10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit: http://workspace.globus.org/people.html
http//workspace.globus.org. WSRF. EC2. Collaborations: Cumulus: S3 implementation
19IaaS Gateway. Goals Access to (Globus team) EBS implementation with IU
different IaaS infrastructures Account Appliance management: rPath and Bcfg2
management Facilitate movement between project Virtual network overlays:
academic and commercial clouds and University of Florida Security: Vienna
creation of meta-clouds Combine University of Technology. 10/20/08 The
higher-level tools and IaaS Released as Nimbus Toolkit:
service, not as code First online in June http//workspace.globus.org.
2007, currently in a rewrite Used to move 39To the Future and Beyond. Increasing
e.g., HEP STAR experiments between Science Importance of Appliance Providers Cloud
Clouds and EC2. 10/20/08 The Nimbus computing tools Increased interest in
Toolkit: http//workspace.globus.org. cloud interoperability Standards: “rough
20The IaaS Gateway. storage service. consensus & working code” Image
workspace resource manager. workspace formats, contextualization capabilities,
control. workspace service. workspace cloud interfaces, etc. Cloud markets.
pilot. IaaS gateway. EC2. potentially 10/20/08 The Nimbus Toolkit:
other providers. cloud client. workspace http//workspace.globus.org.
Cloud Computing with Nimbus.ppt
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Cloud Computing with Nimbus

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