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Before its time
Before its time
Before its time
Before its time
Before its time
Before its time
Ballet M
Ballet M
Ballet M
Ballet M
After its time
After its time
After its time
After its time
Картинки из презентации «COM 320 History of the Moving Image» к уроку английского языка на тему «Тексты на английском»

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COM 320 History of the Moving Image

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1COM 320 History of the Moving Image. 7no way to keep so many pianolas
Intro to the Moving Image. synchronized, so early performances
2What do we mean by the “moving image”? combined the four parts into a single set
Recreating/recording natural motion of pianola rolls and augmented the two
People, animals, machines. human-played pianos with 6 or more
3What do we mean by the “moving image”? additional instruments. See a performance
Recreating/recording natural motion online: http://vimeo.com/16741656.
People, animals, machines Creating motion 8More… Ballet M?canique the concert
Animation (cel, photo, stop-motion) Camera piece was originally written to accompany
motion. the Dadaist film of the same name. Antheil
4What do we mean by the “moving image”? himself was not a Dadaist, though he had
Recreating/recording natural motion many friends and supporters in that
People, animals, machines Creating motion community. Unfortunately, the score ended
Animation (cel, photo, stop-motion) Camera up being between 20 and 30 minutes long
motion Juxtapositions Editing. while the film was only 16 minutes long.
5Look for all these types in: Ballet The film premiered in 1924, while
M?canique (1924) La Jet?e (1963). Antheil's Ballet M?canique became a
6Before its time. . . Ballet M?canique concert piece, premiered by Antheil
(1924) D: Fernand Leger—Dadaist, Cubist D: himself in Paris in 1926.
Dudley Murphy—American journalist, film 9After its time. . . La Jet?e D: Chris
director (e.g., The Emperor Jones with Marker (nee Christian Bouche-Villeneuve;
Paul Robeson, 1933). 1921-2012)—French New Waver known for his
7Ballet M?canique, the Concert Piece experiments with the manipulation of time
(music) by George Antheil. The original A “photo poem” with voiceover narration
orchestration called for 16 player pianos Only one “moving image” shot—look for it
(or pianolas) in four parts, 2 regular Source material for Terry Gilliam’s 12
pianos, 3 xylophones, at least 7 electric Monkeys.
bells, 3 propellers, siren, 4 bass drums, 10end.
and 1 tam-tam. As it turned out, there was
COM 320 History of the Moving Image.ppt
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COM 320 History of the Moving Image

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