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Competent (English) Language Usage Essentials

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1Competent (English) Language Usage 11are learning language in order to
Essentials. Dr. C. J. Dubash Executive communicate with other people. So,
Vice Rector Forman Christian College practice with other people and you will be
Lahore. more successful. Create your own
2The Language Skills. Receptive. conversation group. Try out new ways to
Productive. Oral. Listening. Speaking. communicate in that group. And, in class,
Written. Reading. Writing. remember your colleagues are your “team”
3Listening 45%. Speaking 30%. Reading members, not your opponents. 6. Get the
15%. Writing 10%. “big” picture! Sometimes learners look too
4The World is in English. Top 5 closely at all the details of language
newspapers of the world are in English. (words, pronunciation, grammar, usage).
One-third of the world’s newspapers are It’s OK to pay attention to those details,
published in English dominant countries. but it is also important to understand
80% electrically stored information is in general meanings (the “big” picture).
English. Between 80 – 85% films are in Maybe you don’t know the right words or
English. grammar, but you can say things anyway.
5Information Overload. There is an See movies in English. Read books and
exponential growth of information and magazines for pleasure.
knowledge. To target 50 billion people it 127. Don’t worry if you are confused
took: the radio 38 years the television 30 Learning English is a big task! Sometimes
years the Internet 4 years the Ipod 3 you will feel confused about all the
years the Facebook 2 years The number of things you have to learn in a foreign
internet connections has gone up from one language. Try not to worry about
thousand in 1984 to one million in 1992 to everything all at once. Don’t try to learn
one trillion in 2008. all the rules right now. Ask your mentor
6Information Overload. Facebook today questions about English. And try to learn
has over 500 billion active users. Over a little every day. 8. Trust your
one billion checked messages are being “hunches” Sometimes people think they
generated every day. There are 31 billion should analyze everything (grammar rules,
searches on Google every month. 4 Hex word definitions) in their new language.
bytes of new information will be generated The best learners do some analyzing, but
this year alone. A hex byte has 18 Zeros. they follow their best guesses, their
This is information contained in 60 intuitions about the new language. If they
Libraries of Congress. The largest library have an intuition that something sounds
in the world with 33 million books in 745 right, they will try it. So, the next time
miles of shelves. How does one absorb all you feel that something is right, say it,
this information and knowledge? Does one you’ll probably be right, and, if you
need to? aren’t someone will give you some
7Agree or Disagree? People learn feedback.
English best when they begin at an early 139. Make your mistakes work FOR you A
age. Translating and explaining in the mistake is not always “bad”. We all make
mother tongue is the only way to effective mistakes learning anything new. Successful
teaching/learning of English. Language learners don’t worry about mistakes, they
errors should be corrected at once to help learn from them. They take note of their
learners learn English. errors and try to correct them the next
8Principles for Guiding Construction of time. Some things you can do: Make a list
Meaning. Reading, writing, speaking, of your mistakes Select grammar points to
listening and thinking develop watch for Tape-record yourself and listen
simultaneously as learners grow into for errors 10. Set your own goals Other
literacy. Individuals learn to read and people have usually so far set goals
write by reading, writing and responding (assignments, homework, class work) for
to their reading. Prior knowledge and you. But you need to set your own goals,
background are major elements in one’s too. You can do that by doing the
ability to construct meaning. following: Set aside a certain number of
Comprehension is the process of hours a week for extra study Learn a
constructing meaning by relating ideas certain number of words a day/week Read a
from text to one’s prior knowledge and certain number of extra pages a day/week
background. Take charge of your own learning!
9Learning to Learn English H. Douglas 14The following are some of the thoughts
Brown, Ph.D., American Language Institute, of Pakistanis about the English language.
San Francisco State University, San Tick the ones you personally agree with.
Francisco, California. 1. Don’t be afraid Agree. Don’t Agree. 1. English can only be
Sometimes we are afraid to speak a foreign learned by those who knows its grammar ….
language because we think we are going to and since that is very technical the
make terrible mistakes and people will majority of the people fail to learn it.
laugh at us. Well, the best learners of 2. The simplest way to learn English is to
foreign languages try not to be afraid. read the dictionary everyday, and memorize
They make game of learning. They are not ten words.
anxious about making mistakes. And they 15Agree. Don’t Agree. 3. It is a fact
sometimes share their fears with friends. that whoever speaks English well can’t
You can do that too, and you will then write well, and whoever writes well can’t
feel better about yourself. 2. Dive in! speak well. 4. I avoid speaking in English
Try to speak out! Try to say things in because if I will make mistakes, people
English! The best way to learn English is will make fun of me.
to speak it yourself. Don’t worry about 16Agree. Don’t Agree. 5. The best way to
perfect pronunciation or grammar; other improve your pronunciation is to read
people usually will not criticize you. aloud. 6. It takes so long to translate
103. Believe in yourself You have lots what I want to say in my mind, that I give
of strengths. You have already learned up.
some English. You must believe that you 17Agree. Don’t Agree. 7. It is hard to
can do it! Compliment your fellow learners find the right words to express my
on their efforts. Then maybe they will thoughts. 8. You must have been to many
return the favor. 4. Develop motivation debates and other activities to really
Why are you learning English? Make a list speak with confidence.
of your reasons for studying English. 18Agree. Don’t Agree. 9. Someone told me
Those reasons can be your individual goals to watch English movies but they spoke so
for this course. If you have your own fast …. I couldn't understand anything so
reason for learning English, you will have I stopped. 10. English is an international
better success. language and we have to learn it whether
115. Cooperate with your colleagues You we like it or not.
Competent (English) Language Usage Essentials.ppt
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Competent (English) Language Usage Essentials

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