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Disability Law Overview
Disability Law Overview
Who is Protected
Who is Protected
Qualified Individual
Qualified Individual
Right to Access All Programs
Right to Access All Programs
Right to Confidentiality
Right to Confidentiality
Three Strategies in Designing Accommodations
Three Strategies in Designing Accommodations
Academic Freedom
Academic Freedom
Technology and Universal Design
Technology and Universal Design
Technology: OCR May 26th 2011 Dear Colleague Letter
Technology: OCR May 26th 2011 Dear Colleague Letter
OCR On Determining Whether Emerging Technology Is Accessible (FAQ Cont
OCR On Determining Whether Emerging Technology Is Accessible (FAQ Cont
Accessible Word Documents
Accessible Word Documents
Text Considerations
Text Considerations
Making Images ln Word Accessible
Making Images ln Word Accessible
Example: Michigan State University
Example: Michigan State University
Accessible PowerPoints: Features to Avoid
Accessible PowerPoints: Features to Avoid
Example: University of Washington Access IT and Doit
Example: University of Washington Access IT and Doit
Accessible PDF’s
Accessible PDF’s
Example: Cal State
Example: Cal State
Converting a Word Document to a Web Page
Converting a Word Document to a Web Page
Example: WebAim
Example: WebAim
Textbooks: DAISY Format
Textbooks: DAISY Format
Quality Control Checklist
Quality Control Checklist
YouTube Captioning Information
YouTube Captioning Information
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Web Site Accessibility
Web Site Accessibility
Audio Description Service
Audio Description Service
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
Website/Multimedia Accessibility
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Compliance for Technology, Electronic Documents and Webpages

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Compliance for Technology, Electronic 36Avoid (Cont.). Automatic Timing PowerPoint
Documents and Webpages. Southern Utah allows you to preset the interval that run
University March 28, 2013 Melissa L. Frost by themselves but it is best to let the
State of Utah, Division of Risk user choose the pace. Hyperlinks and
Management. 1. Buttons Embedded hyperlinks do not work
2Caveat. These materials are provided with screen reading software. 36.
for informational purposes only and are 37Accessible PowerPoints. Organize
not to be construed as legal advice. You Content in a logical manner Use simple
should seek independent counsel to resolve language to avoid ambiguity and needless
the individualized legal issues that you complexity Avoid excessive brevity Use
are responsible to address. 2. legible type (Verdana or Sans Serif)
3Presentation Outline. Legal Contrast between background and foreground
Requirements Accessibility: What Faculty Leave ample white space If too dense may
and Staff Need to Know Universal Design take more concentration than most people
Accessibility: Staff and Faculty Role possess. 37.
Campus Accessibility Training Campus 38Accessible PowerPoints. Slide Show
Delivery Systems How to Create Accessible timings automatically program from slide
Documents Word PDF’s PowerPoints to slide. There are advantages in allowing
Captioning and visual Descriptions Website a person to manually control slide
accessibility. 3. advancement. Note: An application called
4Disability Law Overview. Section 504 LecShare Pro provides an alternate way to
and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 record “null” online PowerPoint slide
and The Americans with Disabilities Act of shows. Trial and other versions can be
1990 as Amended are civil rights statutes down loaded from www.lecshare.com. 38.
are designed to prevent discrimination 39Captioning a Narrated Slide Show.
against students based on their Problem: No simple way to provide
disability. 4. captioning for users with hearing
5Who is Protected. An individual with a impairments within a narrated PowerPoint
“disability” is any person who: has a show Solution: Add the narration in the
physical or mental impairment that notes area of an unwarranted version and
substantially limits one or more major publish the file to Word, selecting the
life activities has a record of such option to include notes and slides. 39.
impairment or Raytheon Co. v. Hernandez, 40Example: University of Washington
U.S. Supreme Court (2003) is regarded as Access IT and Doit.
having such an impairment. 5. http://www.washington.edu/accessit/article
6Qualified Individual. Meets the ?28 http://www.washington.edu/doit. 40.
Eligibility Requirements for a Program 41Accessible PDF’s. From within the
Service or Activity With or Without application where the document has been
Reasonable Modifications such as: Barrier created Through Adobe Acrobat or a similar
removal Auxiliary Aids Program program designed for this and related
Modifications. 6. tasks By scanning a hard copy and saving
7Students With Disabilities. 5.1 % ADD the image as a PDF file Creating a PDF
4.1 % Chronic Illness 3.7 % Psychiatric from an Electronic Document Adobe Acrobat
Condition 2.1 % Other Disability 1.7 % (Help) Microsoft offers a free add-in for
Vision Impairment 1.6 % Hearing Impairment Office 2007 that enables you to create
1.0 % Mobility Impairment National College accessible pdf’s. Once installed, it adds
Health Assessment American College Health the PDF file type in the Save As dialog
Association Fall 2009. 7. box. 41.
8Right To Be In Higher Education. 42Accessible PDF’s. Another add-in for
Students with disabilities must meet the Word is the PDF Accessibility Wizard
same entrance criteria as other students Technologies which will check the PDF for
Once admitted, they have they have the accessibility and step-by-step, through
same rights as other students Students are the process to make the necessary correct
responsible for determining their own Word document. The Adobe Web site has a
level of success or failure. 8. wide range of information on Acrobat and
9Right to Access All Programs. Once accessibility at
admitted, students with disabilities have www.adobe.com/accessibility/index.html.
the right to access all programs, academic This site also information on how to
and non-academic, that are available to create accessible Flash content. 42.
other students in the most integrated 43Scanning a Hard-Copy Document to a
setting A professor cannot refuse to work PDF. Problem: Scanning a document creates
with a disabled student because the a picture file document, not a text
instructor is concerned that the student document that a screen reader will be
will not be successful in education or unable to read. Solution: The scanning
employment. 9. software should also provide the ability
10Covered Services. Programs and to run optical character recognition (OCR)
Activities Course Materials / Websites on the file so it will include both the
Testing Physical Access to Facilities picture of the document and the software's
Emergency Preparedness Food Services bell "guess" at the text it
Housing / Parking Community Events / represented. Some scanner software will
Entertainment (plays, concerts, athletics) even send the document directly to a word
Voting. 10. processor so that it can be distributed in
11Right to Confidentiality. Information that format. 43.
about a student’s disability is 44Example: Cal State.
confidential The Student decides how much http://www.calstate.edu/accessibility/tuto
information to share You May Issue a ials/pdf.shtml. 44.
request for accommodation without giving a 45Converting a Word Document to a Web
student’s name Faculty Must avoid Page. Both Word 2003 and 2007 let you save
inadvertent disclosure ADA allows a a Word document as a Web page using three
separate cause of action for breach of options: Single File Web Page Web Page Web
confidentiality. 11. Page, Filtered Dreamweaver includes a
12Legal Requirements – Right to feature for cleaning up Word HTML code. If
Reasonable Accommodations. Institutions your Word document includes headings and
must make reasonable accommodations to the All Text tags, and is correctly uploaded
known physical or mental limitations of a to the system and identified as HTML,
qualified individual with a disability, accessibility features should be saved.
UNLESS doing results in: An undue www.virtual508.com Accessible Wizard walks
financial or administrative hardship, or you step by step through Web accessibility
The person poses a direct threat to self features to any Office document. 45.
or others Faculty need to be prepared to 46Example: WebAim.
make adaptations (reasonable http://webaim.org/search/?q=convert+a+word
accommodations) to instructional practices document+to+a+webpage&x=62&y=10.
changes in the delivery of some course 46.
materials and assessment of knowledge. 12. 47UCONN E-Tools.
13Three Strategies in Designing http://www.udi.uconn.edu/index.php?q=conte
Accommodations. Adjust Pedagogy Modify t/e-toolbox (grant funded) Faculty Use:
Equipment and Environment Utilize Development Delivery MS word highlight
Technology. 13. with comments are helpful Adobe Acrobat
14Examples of Reasonable Accommodation. comments are excellent. Can put comments
Making Facilities Accessible Acquiring or by students and by professor. Written and
Modifying equipment/devices Restructuring audio notes possible. Insert by using the
a Task Substituting Tasks Changing Audio commenting feature by to the audio
Schedules Modifying work/training site feature. Assessment Grading rubric. Helps
Providing readers, writers, interpreters them to determine weight for attendance or
Test Accommodations Providing transition assignments etc. examines the purpose. 47.
planning and support. 14. 48E-Tools Instructional Supports and
15Academic Freedom. Full Freedom to Materials For Course Content. Inspiration
Conduct Research and Publish Freedom to Jing MS Word - AutoSummary MS Word -
Teach Subject in the Classroom Freedom to Comment MS Word - Highlight MS Word -
Speak or Write as Individual Citizens in Outline Podcasts PowerPoint - Audio
the Community (not university Narrations PowerPoint - Notes PowerPoint -
representatives) There is NO Academic Pictures PowerPoint - Presentation Mode
Freedom to Discriminate against any YouTube. Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 - Comment
Student including those with Disabilities. Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 - Extracting PDFs
15. Audacity Apple Keynote - Audio Apple
16OCR on Academic Freedom. Academic Keynote - Notes Apple Keynote -
freedom is generally considered to mean Presentation Mode BioAlive Camtasia Feeds
the right of faculty to speak freely on Flash Fotobabble Google Docs. 48.
political and ideological issues without 49Textbooks: DAISY Format. Solution:
fear of reprisal. Faculty interpret this DAISY—Digital Accessible Information
to mean teaching in the manner and style System—is a standard for digital talking
of their choosing. (using a particular books. Offers superior navigation and
methodology or give a certain type of document control Note: Congress recently
examination). No Court Ruling or OCR mandated that publishers of K-12 textbooks
Decision yet, but NOT defensable. It is must make them available in an electronic
clear that the Effective Communication format and specified that the National
standard requires a website available to Instructional Materials Accessibility
students to be available for all students. Standard (NIMAS) format be used. NIMAS is
Websites developed by a professors are not a stripped-down version of DAISY. 49.
immune from accessibility standards! 16. 50Quality Control Checklist. Check the
17OCR’S “Effectively Communicate” script for: Timing captions coincides with
Standard. Three basic components (1) the associated audio Continuity Accuracy
timeliness of delivery (2) the accuracy of Pronunciation Flow Spelling Sound effects
the translation, and (3) provision in a (applause, other additional audio). 50.
manner and medium appropriate to the 51YouTube Captioning Information. An
significance of the message and the archived online workshop from the Target
abilities of the individual with the Center is available at:
disability. (OCR 09-97-2002.RES) For http://connectpro36216355.na5.acrobat.com/
example, if a website is available 24 67375890/?launcher=false&fcsContent=tr
hours a day, seven days a week for other e&pbMode=normal. 51.
users, the information must be available 52Website/Multimedia Accessibility.
that way for the visually impaired Responsibility: To fully test documents
student. In the recent DOJ document, for accessibility, they need to be
Accessibility of State and Local accessed and reviewed for logical order
Government Websites to People with and descriptions. Example: Use free screen
Disabilities, DOJ does not discuss the reading software to review documents.
effectively communicate standard. 17. http://www.nvda-project.org/. 52. 52.
18Technology and Universal Design. 53Web Site Accessibility. Images and
Simply Good Teaching Techniques 1. animations. Use the ALT attribute to
Equitable/Accessible Use 2. Flexibility In describe the function of each visual.
Use (choice of teaching methods) 3. Simple Images have embedded text explanations.
and Intuitive (straight forward and Image maps. Use client-side MAP (image map
predictable manner) 4. Perceptive processor) and text for hotspots (active
Information (can be communicated regions in images containing links or
effectively) 5. Tolerance for Error 6. Low other types of interactivity). Multimedia.
Physical Effort (allow greater attention Provide captioning and transcripts of
to learning) 7. Size and Space (with audio, and descriptions of video.
safety measures) 8. Community of learners Eliminating Flash. Hypertext links. Use
(interaction and group work) 9. Welcoming text that makes sense when read out of
and Inclusive (consider room set up). 18. context. For example, avoid “click here.”.
19Tips for Faculty. Instructors should 53. 53.
speak clearly, to verbally label 54Web Site Accessibility (cont.). Page
digressions and examples, and to use organization. Use headings, lists and
transitions to signal topic changes and consistent structure. Be sure they are
relationships Leave important projected or descriptive. Use CSS (cascading style
chalkboard text, diagrams, and charts in sheets) for layout and style when
view long enough for the note taker to possible. Graphs and charts. Summarize or
copy them or to provide handouts Write use the longdesc (long description)
numbers and difficult or foreign names and attribute. Scripts, applets and plug-ins.
vocabulary on the board or provide a Provide alternative content in case active
classroom handout with a numbered list features are inaccessible or unsupported.
(for easier reference) of these items. 19. 54. 54.
20Technology: OCR May 26th 2011 Dear 55Web Site Accessibility (cont.).
Colleague Letter. As the use of emerging Frames. Use NOFRAMES (displaying text
technologies in the classroom increases, intended for frames in Web documents for
schools at all levels must ensure equal those using browsers that cannot read
access to the educational benefits and frames) and meaningful titles. Tables.
opportunities afforded by the technology Make line-by-line reading sensible.
and equal treatment in the use of the Summarize. Check your work. Validate. Use
technology for all students, including tools, checklists and guidelines at
students with disabilities. 20. http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG Quick tips also
21OCR On Determining Whether Emerging are at:
Technology Is Accessible (FAQ Cont.). http://www.w3.org/WAI/References/QuickTips
Consider accessibility up front Plan how 55. 55.
the technology will be used Create 56Free Accessibility Checking Software.
accessibility requirements Ask: What JAN S.N.A.P. Tool – Free Evaluation with
educational opportunities and benefits the red, yellow, green rating.
school provides through the use of the http://askjan.org/media/downloads/SNAPTool
technology? How will the technology xls. 56. 56.
provide these opportunities and benefits? 57STEP #. RESULT. STEP DESCRIPTION.
Can it be modified or does the technology SELF-ASSESSMENT STEPS FOR CORRECTION. 1.
exist in a format that is timely, equally . . 2. . . 3. . . 4. . . 5. . .
effective, and equally accessible to 6. . . 7. . . 57. 57. Does the site
individuals with disabilities? 21. allow navigation with screen reading
22OCR’S Four Key Principles To Determine software? Does the site provide text
Accessibility. 1. The exchange of alternatives for all non-text content?
information is fundamental to education, Does the site provide accessible
therefore all students must have equal multimedia (audio/visual (A/V) or
access. 2. Every program and activity in alternatives) that allow users to
the institution is covered by ADA/504. 3. understand the content? Does the site use
If information is provided via computer, other means of conveying information
it must be effectively available to all besides color? Does the site allow users
students. 4. Priorities to be taken into to lower the volume or completely turn off
account include timeliness, flexibility, any background audio content? Does the
independence for the user, and integration site allow navigation by a user who does
(not only in one place on a campus). 22. not use a mouse? Does the site provide
23Information and Communication users with enough time to read,
Technology (ICT) Standards and Guidelines understand, and interact with online
Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking content?
(December 8, 2011). 588. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. STEP#.
http://www.access-board.gov/sec508/refresh STEP #. RESULT. STEP DESCRIPTION.
draft-rule.htm E201 Application E201.1 SELF-ASSESSMENT STEPS FOR CORRECTION. 8.
Scope. ICT that is procured, developed, . . 9. . . 10. . . 11. . . 12. .
maintained, or used by agencies shall . 13. . . 14. . . 15. . . 58. 58.
conform to these requirements. 23. Does the site avoid content that flashes
24Consider Multiple Accessibility or blinks too quickly? Does the site allow
Issues. Vision impaired or low vision – the default human language of each page to
Describe images, pictures, tables in text be programmatically determined? Does the
or in audio for the student, Hearing site present content in an organized
Impaired or Deaf Students – Captions or manner that avoids unexplained changes in
transcripts Mobility Impairments – Time context? Does the site help users avoid
response can be difficult, browsers must and correct mistakes? Does the site allow
support keyboard alternatives for mouse users to skip repetitive content? Does the
commands, and formats that cannot be site provide fully accessible PDFs,
‘tabbed’ thru can be difficult or PowerPoint documents, and online forms?
impossible, and Cognitive Impaired – Text Does the site display the company’s equal
to audio, distracting visual, silence employment opportunity (EEO) policy
audio, language used is unnecessarily statement? Does the site explain to people
complex, there is a lack of graphics or with disabilities how they can get help
there is lack of clear and consistent using it and where to get reasonable
organization of materials. 24. accommodation if they cannot apply online?
25Closed Functionality. 402.2 Speech 59Accessibility Checking Software. Bobby
Enabled. 402.3 Volume Control. 402.4 from Watchfire. $299. Bobby spiders
Characters. 403 Biometrics. 405 Flashing. through a website and tests on a
407.2 Contrast. 407.3 Tactilely page-by-page basis to see if it meets
Discernible. 407.3.1 Identification. . several accessibility requirements,
407.4 Key Repeat. 407.5 Numeric Keys. including readability by screen readers,
407.6 Timed Response. 407.7 Status the provision of text equivalents for all
Indicators. 407.8 Color. 407.9 Operation. images, animated elements, audio and video
407.10 Privacy. 407.11 Receipts, Tickets, displays. Bobby can see local web pages,
and Transactional Outputs. 25. as well as web pages behind your firewall.
26What Do Faculty Need to Know About It performs over 90 accessibility checks.
Teaching with Technology? Their own InFocus from SSB Technologies. $1795.
current IT skills A Plan for remediation InFocus™ InFocus Desktop was the first
if/where necessary Relationship between commercial Web accessibility software and
technology and knowledge representation remains the market leader, with over 115
Functions and structures of learning accessibility tests encompassing all major
delivery/management systems and Web 2.0 accessibility standards and a high level
tools Accessible Features in Learning of automation available, InFocus The LIFT
Delivery Systems How to create accessible Machine from UsableNet $999. LIFT Machine
documents How to facilitate effective is a server-based application that
accessible Communication. 26. automatically scans internal and external
27Campus Delivery Systems. 27. websites for over 140 quality,
28Campus Delivery Systems by Type of accessibility, and usability issues. It
Technology. 28. then generates a variety of web-based
29Accessible Word Documents. Style reports for both executives and individual
Sheets provide the ability to: Create a content creators. 59. 59.
consistent appearance throughout the 60Accessibility Checking Software
document Provide clear navigation for the (cont.). Ramp Ascend from Deque $1499..
reader of a document Maintain the document Ramp Ascend includes full capabilities for
structure and appearance wherever and adding SMIL captioning to multi-media,
whenever is displayed, including when it ensures web animations are safe, and
is exported to a different document formal provides comprehensive table remediation
Automatically create a table of contents to even the most complex, n-dimensional
for the document that includes numbers, tables. Includes plug-ins for Macromedia
hyperlinks, or both Provide better Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, and
accessibility. 29. Mercury Interactive TestDirector 8. The
30Text Formats. Rich text format (.rtf), product without repair functions is Ramp
however, rtf retains most of the document Grade, $269, and without spidering, Ramp
features created in Word. It will probably Personal Edition, $69. Deque also an
be readable by word processors and Enterprise product. WebKing from Parasoft
interfaces effectively with assistive (Contact info@parasoft.com for prices.)
technology Plain text (.txt) format strips WebKing allows users to record critical
out all graphics and formatting, keeping user click paths by following them in a
just the unadulterated text—no extra space browser, then it automatically configures
between lines or paragraphs and no and executes functional/regression tests
formatting to identify headings often used that verify paths and page contents while
by Web developers. 30. ignoring insignificant differences.
31Text Considerations. Typeface: A WebKing’s static analysis identifies
simple, crisp font requires less visual client-side code that does not comply with
processing to understand, which means Sans Section 508 accessibility rules, and pages
Serif fonts such as Verdana are the best with broken links, XML problems, and
choice. Font Size: Headings should be more spelling errors. WebXM from Watchfire
prominent than body copy, and higher-level (Contact sales@watchfire.com for prices.)
are typically larger than lower-level Watchfire provides software and services
ones. Avoid font smaller than 10 Color: to identify, measure and prioritize
Color alone should not be used to convey accessibility, and compliance risks that
Information, as some colors cannot be exist on corporate web properties. 60. 60.
distinguished by people who are color 61Audio Description Service. An audio
blind. 31. description service provides a
32Text Considerations (Cont.). Line pre-recorded description of key visual
Spacing: People who have problems visually elements in a program that a visually
processing information benefit from more impaired viewer would ordinarily miss. The
blank space. Using line and a half spacing equipment used to receive audio
may enable these people to decode description services includes: TV with
information better. Line Length: Some Second Audio Program, or TV and VCR with
readers with learning disabilities have SAP (Second Audio Program), or
trouble tracking long lines as do many Multi-channel Television Sound (MTS) that
people without disabilities. Insert Table allows for 3 channels, 2 for stereo sound,
of Contents: Remove Table of Contents Save and 1 for SAP. 61.
Selection to Table of Contents Gallery. 62Website/Multimedia Accessibility.
32. Evaluate the Website. Responsibility:
33Making Images ln Word Accessible. Automatic checking is not a substitute for
Problem: Including an image in your course manually testing a Website for
content cannot be seen by someone using a accessibility. Example: Use tools to test
screen reader unless you add an with multiple versions of browsers.
alternative description. Solution: Add the http://askjan.org/bulletins/SNAPTool.htm.
alt tag with text to make sure it's 62. 62.
accessible as follows: Right-click on the 63Check Your Department Website.
image. Select the format future option, http://webanywhere.cs.washington.edu/wa.ph
Click the Alt Text tab Type in your http://www.suu.edu/ss/registrar/reg-sched
description and click the Close button. le.html. 63.
Now a screen reader will see that label 64References. Job Accommodation Network
when the pointer is over the descriptive Making Online Teaching Accessible
label. 33. Inclusive Course Design for Students with
34Example: Michigan State University. Disabilities. Norman Coombs, Jossey Bass
http://webaccess.msu.edu/tutorials/accessi 2010. Managing Technology In Higher
le-word-documents.html. 34. Education Strategies for Transforming
35Accessible PowerPoints: Features to Teaching and Learning. A.W. (Tony Bates
Avoid. Text Boxes Are often lost when and Albert Sangra) Jossey Bass, 2007.
exported Animations Are also lost when Effective Online Teaching Foundations and
exported Can confuse users with learning Strategies for Student Succes, Tina
disabilities Can cause screen readers to Stavredes, Jossey Bass, 2011. 64.
crash Slide transitions Wipes, fades, and 65Questions and Answers. Melissa L.
other slide transitions cause similar Frost, J.D. Phone: 801.538.3589 Fax:
problems. 35. 801.538.9597 Email: mlfrost@utah.gov. 65.
36Accessible PowerPoint Features to
Compliance for Technology, Electronic Documents and Webpages.ppt
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Compliance for Technology, Electronic Documents and Webpages

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