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Conditional sentences Условные предложения

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Conditional sentences Условные 12I'll tell Mum! i) I would write to her. j)
предложения. I would have done my best. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
2Бы. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Типы 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
условных предложений. Тип. If he wins the 13Существуют предложения смешанного
prize, he will be happy. will + Verb. типа: одна часть относится ко II типу, а
Present Ind/Cont. Придаточное предложение. другая- к III типу условия If I had taken
Главное предложение. Перевод на русский the medicine yesterday, I would be well
язык. I. Реальное условие. Относится к now.
будущему времени. 141. (tell) ex23 2. (have) 3. (see)
3Бы. Тип. II. Маловероятное условие. He..you the story if you asked I If
Относится к настоящему или будущему I.....enough money I would buy that
времени. If he won the prize, he would be computer ga If I.....him I'll give him the
happy. Past Ind/Cont. would + Verb. mess; If he..the car he wouldn't have left
Перевод на русский язык. it here. He'd have sol Unless you stop
4Тип. would have + V3. Бы. The Past I....the police He..the house if he had
Perfect. III. Нереальное условие. had enough mo If he...his friends he would
Относится к прошедшему времени. Выражает have never been caught If her parents had
сожаление. If he had left earlier, we understood her she...home We...unless we
would have arrived on time. Придаточное have to If you..me no questions I'll tell
предложение. Главное предложение. Перевод you no lies Tell them I've gone to London
на русский язык. if they.to know where I am Don't shoot
5СОЮЗЫ: if - если; in case - в unless I...."shoot He'll never finish
случае;provided - при условии, если; his homework if he..watching TV If
unless - если не. You won't pass the exam, I......rich I'd buy a fast car 4.(steal)
unless you work hard. В условных 5. (call) 6. (buy) 7 (not tell) 8. (not
предложениях второго типа глагол to be leave) 9.(not go) 10 (ask) 11.(want) 12.
всегда имеет форму were в британском (say) 13. (not stop).
варианте; в современном американском 15Present. I wish/ wished. Making a wish
возможен was If I were a millionaire, I Выражение пожелания и сожаления Для этой
would buy you a palace. ЗАПОМНИТЕ цели используется конструкция с глаголом
ВЫРАЖЕНИЕ: If I were you/in your WISH. -I were/ was beautiful. Как бы мне
position/in your shoes ... На вашем бы хотелось быть красивой! -We knew Sue’s
месте ... address.Как жаль что мы не знаем адреса
6Ex. 17. Complete the sentences. Model: Сью. - it wasn’t raining. Жаль что идет
Work hard at school - go to college. If I дождь. -You didn’t work so much. Я бы не
work hard at school, I will go to college. хотела, чтобы вы так много работали.
Learn a lot at grade school - go to high 16Past. I wish/ wished. -I had bought my
school. I Go to high school learn a lot camera. Жаль что я не взял с собой
more. Work hard - pass my exams. Get good фотоаппарат -The hotel had been better.
marks in my exam- get a place at college. Жаль только что гостиница была такой
Go to college- sturdy hard. Study very плохой.
hard- do well at college. Pass my college 17Future. I wish/ wished. Complaint,
exams- get a good job. Get a good job- annoyance, request ( жалобы, раздражение,
earn a lot of money. Save some of my просьбы). -Someone would answer that
money- be able to enjoy life. telephone. - the music would stop - you
7If or when. Time/ «когда». I’ll phone would give her my message. -They could
you if I return. Condition/ ‘если’. I’ll come to see us tomorrow. Как жаль, что они
phone you when I return. не смогут зайти к нам завтра. Да снимите
8Ex. 18. Fill in if or when. 1. I'm же кто-нибудь трубку Когда же прекратится
going to watch TV ... I've finished my эта музыка Не могли бы вы передать ей мое
homework. 2. My mother lets me watch TV сообщение.
... my homework before tea-time. 3. Please 18Ex. 27. Translate the sentences from
give me the book soon - only ... you have Russian into English. 1. Я бы хотела,
read I course. 4. ... we have plenty of чтобы ты не курил. 2. Как жаль, что я не
snow we sometimes go skiing. 5. ... we говорю по-французски. 3. 1 хотел иметь
have some snow tomorrow we'll go skiing. машину. 4. Как бы я хотела, чтобы мы не
6. I don't know ... I'll see him next. On учились по субботам. 5. Как жал я ссорился
Thursday perhaps. 7. Please come to party (quarrel with) с сестрой, когда мы были
... you can. 8. ... you don't stop детьми. 6. Теперь она жалеет, поступила в
shouting, I'll tell mother! 9. We can go университет. 7. Как бы я хотела, чтобы мои
to the disco tome ... you like. 10. Do you родители отправили меня в аи скую школу,
remember ... the concert starts? когда мне было 7 лет. 8. Когда же этот
9Ex. 19. Make sentences using the дождь прекратится! 9. Как жаль что
suggestions. Model: More money - buy a телевизор не работает! 10. Как бы я хотела
bicycle. If I had more money, I would buy побывать в Париже! 11. Я теперь жалею, что
a bicycle. 1.Bicycle - not have to walk to купила это платье. Оно мне не идет (not
the station. 2. Not have to walk to the suit me). 12. Теперь ты хотел бы быть
station - leave home later. 3. Leave home переводчиком, а не инженером? - Да, жаль,
later in the mornings - have more time for что я не изучал иностранный язык. 13. Как
breakfast. 4. More time for breakfast - жаль, мои школьные годы не было
think about a new invention. 5. Think hard компьютера.
- get good ideas. 6. Get good ideas - 19IF JANET HAD HER WISH ... I wish I
invent useful things. 7. Invent useful lived in Tahiti. ? Do you wish you could
things - soon get rich. have tomorrow off? * Barbara wishes her
1020. Imagine the situation. What job were more interesting. ? Don't you
could/might happen if ... Be quick - catch wish it didn't rain so much? Tom wishes he
the bus! If we were quick, we might catch didn't live so far from work.
the bus! Work hard! - Pass exams! Talk to 20It doesn't have a dining room---------
Jenny. - Invite me to tie party! Borrow there aren't any windows in the kitchen
20$ - buy those CDs. Phone his friends in ---------------- she has to pay a lot of
Germany. - Get help with German homework. rent, (плата за кв.) . ------------------
Help your sister. - She would help you! A noisy student lives in the next
1121. Thomas Edison died, when he was apartment. ..----------------- She can
83, in 1931. Before his death he looked hear his music through the wall janet
back at ; life. What could have been can't afford a better apartment-- life is
different if..? Model: Live in Europe - so complicated! --------------. Ex. 28.
not have the same opportunities as in the Rewrite the sentences following the model:
USA. If I had lived in Europe I wouldn't Model: Janet lives in the city. She wishes
have had the same opportunities as in the she didn't live in the city.
USA. Go to high school - work hard. Work 21The grocery shop closed down. We lost
hard - pass my exams. Go to college - not all our money. It was a mistake to leave
have time to invent things. Become a Manchester. 29. Rewrite these sentences
teacher - never become an inventor. Not using I WISH + PAST PERFECT. I decided to
become an inventor - not invent all those work in London. / wish I hadn 't decided
useful things. Become a teacher - not have to work in London. We went to live with my
to work so hard. Not have to work so hard parents in Surrey. I decided to stop
- perhaps be happier. Move to Europe - be working as a bus driver. We put our money
more successful. Die when I was young - into a grocery shop. We borrowed $13,000
never invent the electric light bulb. to start the business. We didn't realize
12h. Ex. 22. Match the beginning of the that a supermarket was opening nearby.
sentences with the right ending. IF 1. you 2230. Mr and mrs reynolds are worried
hit me 2. I knew her address 3. he had about their children. Write what they want
waited 4. she helps me with my homework 5. them to , using I WISH + WOULD. Del: john
you knew her better 6. they had asked me never comes home before twelve o'clock. /
to help 7.we walk this way 8. the sun had Wish john would come home before twelve о
shone more often 9. the boys brought their 'clock. Sheila isn't very polite to her
CDs 10. we had played harder. a) I'll help grandparents. Peter doesn't wash very
her with hers. b) we wouldn't have lost often. Susan isn't working very hard for
the match. c) you would like her. d) we'll her exams. John doesn't help with the
soon be home. e) we would have had a nicer housework, I’d like Peter to give up
holiday. f) we would have taken him with smoking.
us. g) the girls would bring theirs. h)
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Conditional sentences Условные предложения

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