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CPD for Secondary English staff Scots Language

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1CPD for Secondary English staff Scots 18slang within it. Rhyming slang: Are you
Language. Scots Language Centre Scottish corned beef? 27/10/2015. 18.
Language Dictionaries Curriculum for 19Scots & Other Languages Scots and
Excellence ‘The languages of Scotland will Germanic Languages. Scots, German, Dutch,
include the languages which children and English and the Scandinavian languages are
young people bring to the classroom’. all related. They belong to the Germanic
27/10/2015. 1. family of languages. We can see this when
2Curriculum for Excellence. Literacy we compare words like kirk (Scots), kirke
and English Experiences and Outcomes (Norwegian), kerk (Dutch), kirche
‘Scotland has a rich diversity of (German), church (English). 27/10/2015.
languages, including Scots…’. 27/10/2015. 19.
2. 20Scots & French. Many of our Scots
3Curriculum for Excellence. I develop words come from French, especially words
and extend my literacy skills when I have connected with food. ashet (assiette)
opportunities to: engage with and create a gigot (gigot – a leg of lamb) dinna fash
wide range of texts develop my yersel (f?cher) a golf caddie (cadet).
understanding of what is special, vibrant 27/10/2015. 20.
and valuable about my own and other 21Scots & the Vikings. reek, big
cultures and languages explore the (build), gate (road), till (to) birk,
richness and diversity of language and how breeks (k/ch) brig, rig (-g, -dge).
it can affect me. 27/10/2015. 3. 27/10/2015. 21.
4What is Scots? Scots is the 22Scots & the Low Countries. craig
traditional Germanic language of Lowland (neck) loun (boy) redd up (tidy up) scone
Scotland and the Northern Isles. It is gowf (golf). 27/10/2015. 22.
also used in parts of Ulster. 27/10/2015. 23Scots and Latin. Most of the Latin
4. loans come from law and education,
5Where did it come from? Scots is although classical literature was also
descended from Northumbrian Old English, very influential. Sederunt, sine die,
brought to the south of what is now homulgate dominie, dux. 27/10/2015. 23.
Scotland from around the seventh century 24Scots and Gaelic. Early period
by the Angles, one of the borrowings: corrie, ben, strath cateran,
Germanic-speaking peoples who began to ingle, tocher Later borrowings: claymore,
arrive in the British Isles in the fifth fillebeg, sgian dhu. 27/10/2015. 24.
century. English is also descended from 25Scots as National language. Kings and
the language of these peoples. So they are Queens spoke Scots. In 1603 King James VI
sister languages. 27/10/2015. 5. of Scots became King James I of England as
6`. By the 11th century, Gaelic, well. He went to London and all the things
descended from the Celtic language brought he wrote in Scots were printed in English.
over from the north of Ireland by the 27/10/2015. 25.
original Scots, had become the dominant 26Scots parliament. In 1707 The Union of
language in most of the emerging kingdom. Parliaments joined Scotland and England
At this point, there was a great influx of and the Scottish Parliament stopped
people from the North of England whose meeting. It didn’t meet again until
language had been heavily influenced by Holyrood opened in 1999. Gradually, over
the Vikings. 27/10/2015. 6. all these years from 1707 onwards, people
7Enriched with French, Latin, Gaelic began to think that speaking English was
and Flemish loanwords, this was to become better than speaking Scots. Even the Bible
the Scots language. As time went by, Scots was written in English instead of Scots.
and English went their separate ways. The 27/10/2015. 26.
north of England looked to the south as 27Kirk & Bible. The Geneva Bible was
its model and Scotland developed its own translated from Latin into English and not
rich literary culture. 27/10/2015. 7. into Scots. Scottish people wanted to
8Scots as a national language. In the learn English to read the Bible. Now God,
14th century, Scottish Kings and Queens the King and the Parliament all spoke in
spoke Scots as well as other European English. Folk decided it must be
languages. By the early 16th century, important! 27/10/2015. 27.
Scots, as it was now called, was well on 28Official Status. Curriculum for
the way to becoming an all-purpose Excellence While respecting different
national language, just as English was perspectives on Scots, we are primarily
developing south of the border. concerned with the practicalities of
27/10/2015. 8. raising its profile in classrooms. We hope
9What happened to it? After the that by capturing the interest of pupils
Scottish Reformation (1560), the Union of in the linguistic diversity of Scotland,
the Crowns (1603) and the Union of the they will eventually be able to make
Parliaments (1707), southern English informed judgments for themselves.
gradually became the language of most 27/10/2015. 28.
formal speech and writing and Scots came 29Curriculum for Excellence. Perhaps
to be regarded as a 'group of dialects' most importantly our children should be
rather than a 'language'. It continued, helped to understand the notion of
however, to be the everyday medium of linguistic diversity, that we have a wide
communication for the vast majority of range of languages, that all have their
Lowland Scots but it lost prestige. legitimate place in our lives and that
27/10/2015. 9. none is 'inferior' but each is suitable
10There was a revival with the poetry of for its own purposes and audiences .
Robert Fergusson and Robert Burns. Sir 27/10/2015. 29.
Walter Scott wrote such pieces as 30Dialect variation. Scots language
Wandering Willie’s Tale and in the early consists of different dialects. The main
20th century, poets like Hugh MacDiarmid dialects are Shetland and Orkney Northern
actively sought to promote Scots. From the North East Tayside Central: East Central,
late 20th century onwards, there has been West Central, Borders South West Ulster.
a flood-tide of talented new writers. 27/10/2015. 30.
Literature in Scots now has international 31North East (Doric). Far’s yer
recognition. 27/10/2015. 10. dolphins noo? Portnockie in a March gale.
11The European Charter for Regional or I’d been telt aboot the dolphins in the
Minority Languages is intended to ensure, North Sea. Fine sicht, aabodie said,
as far as is reasonably possible, that sweemin an divin an birlin tapsalteerie
regional or minority languages are used in jist yairds affa the coast. Sae I’m oot
education and in the media. The UK there, peerin throu a muckle haar, Happit
Government signed the Charter in 2000 and tae the gunnels in ganzie an bunnet, ma
ratified it in 2001 in respect of Welsh, neb growin reid raa. Fingirs buncht intae
Scots and Gaelic in Scotland and mittens thon size. Nocht a puckle keek o a
Ulster-Scots and Irish in Northern dolphin, bit ma een still mesmerised Bi
Ireland. Manx Gaelic and Cornish were the watters, tossin an flingin thir fite
subsequently incorporated. 27/10/2015. 11. cuddies as far an heich as ma Spring hairt
12What is Scots? Like any language, wis speirin fir warmth. Liz Niven.
Scots has its own vocabulary, its own 27/10/2015. 31.
grammar and its own idiomatic phrases. (It 32Shetlandic. Sometimes I tink whin da
also shares many words with English). Loard med da aert, an He got it aa pitten
27/10/2015. 12. tagidder, fan He still hed a nev-foo a
13Clap ma dug. 27/10/2015. 13. clippins left ower, trimmed aff o dis
14The Scottish – English Continuum. place or da tidder, An He hedna da hert ta
Scottish speakers use a mixture of Scots baal dem awa, For dey lookit dat boannie
and English, with some using mostly Scots an rare, Sae He fashioned da Isles fae da
and others mostly English. The language ends o da aert, An med aa-body fin at hame
exists as part of a continuum with dere. Dey lichted fae aa wye, some jost
Scottish Standard English. When linguists for a start, While some bed ta dell riggs
talk about Scottish language they are an saa coarn, An wi siccs gret gadderie a
including everything on this continuum. fok fae aa ower, An entirely new language
27/10/2015. 14. wis baorn. A language o wirds aften hard
15Scots Vocabulary. Sometimes we use tae translate, An we manna belittle or bo,
Scots words without realising it. messages For every country is prood o da wye at hit
- errands pinkie – little finger pieces - spaeks, An we sood be prood a wirs to.
sandwiches swither – vacillate. Rhoda Bulter. 27/10/2015. 32.
27/10/2015. 15. 33Galloway. A Christmas Poem A caald
16Scots Vocabulary. Other words are very winter's nicht Starn heich in the lift A
obviously Scots. ken – know ay – yes lugs lass wi a bairnie Ahint a snaa drift Come
– ears heid – head stooshie –fuss. in through the byre Step ower the straw
27/10/2015. 16. Draw ben tae the fire Afore the day daw.
17Scots Grammar: some examples. The use The bairnies will sleep By the peat's
of the definite article and possessive puttrin flame Oor waarmin place, lassie,
pronoun ('I have the flu and I'm away to This nicht is your hame. Come mornin the
my bed' rather than 'I have flu and I am snaa Showed nae fitprints at aa Tho the
going to bed') are typically Scots. Other lass wi the bairnie Had stolen awaa. An we
features are the use of 'yous' as a second mynded anither A lang while afore Wi a
person plural pronoun, the extra bairn in her airms An the beasts roun the
demonstrative yon (or thon) and plurals door. Josephine Neill. 27/10/2015. 33.
such as een. Yet these are often regarded 34Glaswegian. The Dropout Scrimpt
as 'bad grammar' rather than examples of nscript furryi urryi grateful no wan bit.
legitimate Scots. 27/10/2015. 17. speylt useless yi urr twisted izza
18Slang. Some people confuse Scots with coarkscrew cawz rowz inan empty hoose yir
slang. Slang changes all the time. What’s faithir nivirid yoor chance pick n
trendy one day can become old fashioned choozyir joab a steady pey well jis take a
the next. Slang is usually very cool. lookit yirsell naithur work nur wahnt aw
Scots has been around for centuries and aye yir clivir damn clivir but yi huvny a
has a huge amount of literature written in clue whut yir dayn. Tom Leonard.
it. It has got formal styles and its own 27/10/2015. 34.
CPD for Secondary English staff Scots Language.ppt
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CPD for Secondary English staff Scots Language

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