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Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications
Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications
Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications
Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications
High Level Model
High Level Model
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Examples of organisations currently offering challenges or
Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications
Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications
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Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications Roadshow

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Delivering a National Qualifications 28English or Welsh and through the
System for Wales Qualifications Roadshow. challenges Develop an engaging framework
2Purpose of the qualifications for learners to develop world class
roadshows. Outline key changes to skills.
qualifications in Wales and provide 29What are the skills? Literacy Numeracy
feedback from latest consultations Listen Digital Literacy Critical Thinking and
to concerns/issues with implementation Problem Solving Planning and Organisation
Visit all local authorities (January – Creativity and Innovation Personal
March 14) Run 3 Welsh-medium specific Effectiveness.
events (based on the WM regions) We want 30High Level Model.
and need feedback. 31Core assessed through challenges.
3Outline of the roadshow. Introduction Identify and develop opportunities in the
and overview (15 minutes) GCSEs and A local/wider community and actively
levels – the way forward (followed by participate to support improvement.
discussion) (40 minutes) The Welsh Participate in work related activities for
Baccalaureate and Essential Skills reform employment & plan and run an
(followed by discussion) (40 minutes) enterprise activity. Work on a problem
Vocational qualifications, performance related to global issues such as
measurement and communications strategy sustainable food, recycling,
(followed by discussion) (25 minutes) citizenship/democracy. Learners develop
Close. and demonstrate knowledge and skills to
4Vision and Evidence Base. produce an artefact or research based
5Key Overarching Messages: Wales is ... project. Community Challenge. Enterprise
Delivering a national qualification system and Employability Challenge. Global
for Wales. Focusing on literacy and Citizenship Challenge. Individual Project.
numeracy. Independence and more rigorous 32Examples of organisations currently
quality assurance. Improved Welsh Bac offering challenges or competitions.
focusing on skills. Portable 33When will the challenges be developed?
qualifications, recognised and respected Working groups have been established to
throughout the UK and internationally. design and to advise on the delivery of
Moving towards a single suite of high the new challenges We will publish ‘off
quality GCSEs and A levels. the shelf’ challenges in the Summer
6Video: Views of Higher Education on Schools and colleges are also welcome to
Qualifications reform. propose challenges – subject to a quality
7Wider context. Learning Pathways assurance process by the Welsh Government.
review National curriculum developments. 34How will the new Welsh Bac be
814-19 Learning Pathways review. An assessed? Working groups established to
independent Task and Finish Group reported advise on assessment arrangements –
autumn 2013, following a review of local working closely with higher education
collaborative provision at Key Stage 4 colleagues At level 2, literacy and
Recommendation to reduce the minimum numeracy will be assessed through the new
number of courses required to form a local GCSEs in Maths and English/Welsh (evidence
curriculum offer was accepted by the Welsh of the wider skills will be within the
Government. challenges) At level 3, learners will be
914-19 Learning Pathways – key changes. expected to show progression in each of
New regulations start on 5 February 2014 the skills through the challenges We will
(with effect from September 2014) a publish guidance (clear learning outcomes,
reduction in the number of courses that grading structure, assessment arrangements
must be included in the local curriculum and best practice in the Summer 2014).
offer at KS4 from 30 to 25, and the 35Welsh Bac model. Advanced.
vocational requirement from five to three National/Foundation. GCSE English Language
removal of restrictions, in terms of the or Welsh (first) Language GCSE Maths
domains, currently applied in the (numeracy). GCSE English Language or Welsh
selection of vocational courses at KS4; (first) Language GCSE Maths (numeracy).
and removal of the requirement at KS4 and Three further GCSEs or equivalent (up to
post-16 to meet respective points scores two can be equivalents at KS4). Two A
when compiling the course offer (not levels or equivalent. Grading: Foundation
performance points). (level 1): Pass and Pass* National (level
10Curriculum changes in 2015. 2): A*- C Size = one GCSE. Grading: A* - E
Consultation closed in January 2014 on Learners who have already achieved the
strengthening and supporting the teaching relevant GCSEs should demonstrate
of literacy and numeracy in the Curriculum progression in literacy and numeracy
in Wales. A summary of responses received, through the Project and Challenges Size =
will be published shortly. New Programmes one A level.
of Study/Areas of Learning for Maths, 36Next steps. We expect curriculum time
English and Welsh (for all key stages and to equate to one GCSE for National and one
Foundation Phase) will be developed. A level for Advanced We and WJEC will work
Autumn term 2014 – publish final version with stakeholders to develop support/CPD
(following consultation) September 2015 – and resources etc. We will provide support
teaching starts. through the regional consortia New brand
11Next steps – Curriculum review. and identity being developed for the new
Professor Graham Donaldson to lead a wide Welsh Bac.
ranging review of the National Curriculum 37Questions and comments.
and assessment arrangements in Wales from 38Performance Measures.
Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4. Linking 39Measurement of Performance: Key Stage
directly to Wales’ new Qualifications 4. From 2013 Separate reporting of English
system. Complement the recent consultation Language/Welsh First Language and
on strengthening and supporting the Mathematics From 2016 Whole Year 11
teaching of literacy and numeracy in the cohorts used for reporting, not learners
Curriculum in Wales. Start March 2014 - aged 15 at the start of the year No
report to Welsh Government end of year. qualification worth more than 2 GCSEs.
http://wales.gov.uk/topics/educationandski 40Measurement of Performance: Key Stage
ls/schoolshome/curriculuminwales/curriculu 4. From 2017 Welsh Bac measures introduced
-for-wales/?lang=en. - to replace threshold measures Max 40%
12Next steps – Curriculum review. It contribution of non-GCSEs to
will also give consideration to: Schools threshold/Welsh Bac measures Maths
and Physical Activity Task and Finish requirement of the L2 inclusive measure
group Arts in Education review Review of and Welsh Bac measures will be the new
Curriculum Cymreig, History and the story numeracy based GCSE English/Welsh
of Wales Review of Computer science and requirement of these will be the new GCSEs
ICT Review of Welsh Second Language. in English Language and Welsh Language.
13Qualifications Wales. New independent Literature GCSEs will not count Essential
body, emphasis on quality assurance In Skills Wales and Wider Key Skills
time, awarding most qualification 14-16, qualifications will not attract
most AS and A levels, Welsh Baccalaureate performance points, and will not be
Providing information and advice to required for the revised Welsh Bac.
stakeholders and Welsh Government Aim to 41Measurement of Performance: further
simplify the system and strengthen work. Further review to consider: exact
confidence and understanding Consultation composition of the threshold (including
closed 20 December – now analysing Welsh Bac) and capped points measures What
responses Subject to legislation, relative emphasis and weighting we should
establish the organisation September 2015. place on threshold measures vs points
14GCSEs and A Levels - the way Forward. scores Specifically, should there be a
15GCSEs, AS and A levels. In Wales, we shift towards greater emphasis on points
are retaining the GCSE, AS and A level scores rather than threshold measures
brand names the current grading structures Findings to be announced this academic
modular GCSEs (where appropriate) the AS year This is not a review of banding
as part of the full A level. methodology.
16GCSEs, AS and A levels. We are 42Measurement of Performance: further
developing a suite of new and revised work. It will take into account Issues
GCSEs, AS and A levels which will: meet from the Minister’s conference speech
the needs of learners and employers at Early entry issues The wish to encourage
least as robust as those available use of the Welsh Bac, balanced against the
elsewhere be recognised and understood. need to ensure quality of delivery Whether
17GCSEs. To be taught from September any qualifications should be
2015 New GCSEs in English Language Welsh required/excluded/weighted – e.g. to
Language Mathematics - Numeracy encourage take up of both Maths GCSEs the
Mathematics Revised GCSEs in English impact on curriculum, especially in the
Literature Welsh Literature (revisions Welsh medium sector.
kept to a minimum in both). 43Measurement of Performance at KS4:
18GCSEs. The new language GCSEs will further work. Extracts from speech “The
focus on the skills that learners will level 2 inclusive…can create a fixation on
need in their everyday lives develop the the C grade and a disproportionate focus
functional aspects of reading, writing and on learners in the middle of the ability
oracy build on and progress from the LNF spectrum We need measures that provide
and align with the revised curriculum be motivation across the ability range,
linear not include ‘coursework’ other than encourage aspiration to the highest
for oracy report separately on grades, and recognise the achievements of
achievements in reading, writing and learners working at level 1 Early entry
oracy. has led to learners having to settle for C
19GCSEs. The new Mathematics - Numeracy grades when they could have achieved
GCSE will focus on the skills that more”.
learners will need in their everyday lives 44Measurement of Performance at KS4:
assess candidates’ ability to solve further work - cont. Extracts from speech…
‘real-life’ problems include problems of “We should reward schools and colleges for
increasing complexity at the higher levels helping every learner to achieve the very
The new Mathematics GCSE will include best grades they can, for instance through
different mathematical content also more emphasis on capped points scores I
include questions set in purely will look at how we can make sure that, as
mathematical contexts. well as the new GCSEs testing literacy and
20GCSEs. Both Mathematics GCSEs will numeracy, most learners also take the
build on and progress from the LNF align second maths GCSE and at least one science
with the revised curriculum be linear have GCSE”.
three tiers have a calculator and a 45Measurement of Performance: Post 16. A
non-calculator paper have an additional project is looking at developing
assessment opportunity in November. consistent measures across sectors Also
21Delivering the new Maths GCSEs. We looking at learner destination data, to
expect most learners to take both Maths help inform policy and learner choice
GCSEs Additional curriculum time will not Measures likely to reflect: completion of
be required to deliver the two new Maths courses attainment of qualifications
GCSEs (although we accept there will be an destination learner Voice It will take
additional assessment burden). into account Review of Qualifications
22AS and A levels. In Wales (as in recommendations, e.g. attainment of Welsh
England) new AS and A levels to be taught Bac as a measure, aspiration to higher
from September 2015 in Art and Design, grades.
Biology, Business Studies Chemistry, 46Vocational Qualifications.
Computing, Economics English Language, 47Vocational Qualifications. Adopt
English Literature English Language and European categories Initial or Continuing
Literature History Physics, Psychology, Vocational Education and Training
Sociology Welsh Change to Welsh Second (IVETs/CVETs) – now complete Only IVETs
Language also possible. available pre-16 from 2014 Stronger
23AS and A levels. In Wales AS and A gatekeeping Relevance, value, purpose,
levels to be kept as coupled progression DfES/Awarding Organisation
qualifications No January assessments Liaison Group set up Pilot Sector
after January 2014 Re-sits limited to one Qualifications Advisory Panels being
per module Reduce the weighting of the AS established to check relevance Panels will
(from the current 50%) Share the same consider the need for new generic IVETs
content, if appropriate, as those in Welsh Bac model gives equal status.
England (and possibly Northern Ireland) 48Next steps.
Assess and recognise practical skills. 49Communications Campaign 2013. National
24Next Steps. Period. Activity. January conference with independent champions held
2014 – June 2014. Specification Dec 2013 Launched campaign to inform all
development. Autumn 2014. New Higher Education institutions (HEIs) in
specifications in centres. Autumn 2014 Wales, and those HEI institutions in
onwards. CPD programme to support staff. England with significant amount of Welsh
Spring 2015. New bilingual resources learners, about changes in Wales Launched
available. September 2015. Teaching of new campaign to inform Wales’ anchor companies
qualifications. and small businesses about changes to the
25Questions and comments. qualifications landscape over the next 18
26Welsh Baccalaureate and Essential months Launched new brand identity and
Skills. website for Qualifications Wales with
27What are the key changes for Welsh timeline for change.
Bac? Retain strengths of current model but 50Communication - Next steps.
address weaknesses A new emphasis on Qualifications Roadshows throughout Wales
skills development: literacy, numeracy and Workforce development plan – CPD,
other skills for work and higher education resources etc for practitioners, to
An assessment model that is purposeful, support delivery Campaign to communicate
clear, integrated with learning, through the new qualifications landscape to
the use of ‘challenges’ More rigorous, parents/carers/learners pack Continue to
with more robust quality assurance. highlight the support of independent
28What are the key changes for Welsh champions Further information
Bac? Grading of the challenges and an www.qualificationswales.org.
overall grade We will encourage universal 51
adoption by schools and colleges from 52Questions and comments.
September 2015 ESW not required as 53Delivering a National Qualifications
components from 2015 – the skills will be System for Wales Qualifications Roadshow.
assessed through GCSEs in Numeracy,
Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications Roadshow.ppt
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Delivering a National Qualifications System for Wales Qualifications Roadshow

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