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Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement
Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement
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Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement (Project DELTA): survey findings

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1Developing English Language and 15development: model the use of English;
Literacy through Teacher Achievement differentiate reading instruction; and
(Project DELTA): survey findings. Ester de teach reading comprehension strategies
Jong, Ed.D. (PI) Maria Coady, Ph.D. Curriculum and classroom: organize a
(Co-PI) Candace Harper, Ph.D. (Co-PI) ready-to-learn classroom environment
University of Florida. Assessment: provide accommodations. In
2Overview. Project DELTA is a five-year what instructional areas related to ELLs
US DOE grant-funded research study. The do teacher education program graduates
study broadly seeks to (a) understand the feel most prepared?
relationship between teacher preparation 16In what instructional areas related to
pathways and achievement of English ELLs do teacher education program
language learners (ELLS); and (b) use graduates feel least prepared? Overall,
information to inform teacher preparation lowest preparedness means were in the
programs / professional development. sociocultural domain overall Particularly
3The Florida Context: Demographics. items related to teacher knowledge of and
Florida has the third largest population use of ELLs’ home language Language and
of speakers of languages other than Literacy: Teachers also related their
English in the U.S. (24% of 5-17 year olds preparation in oral language particularly
are ELL) In Florida about 8.7% of K-12 low.
students are identified as ESOL/ELL 17Sociocultural: making my students feel
(2006-2007) Districts report about 239 valued in my classroom; using grouping to
languages, though Spanish dominates (~77%) make them feel comfortable; help them
(2000-01) Geographical differences among interact with other students Content area:
groups between north and south Florida. providing wait time; pairing or grouping
4Background. The majority of ELLs are students from the same language
taught by un- or under-prepared teachers background; supporting comprehensive oral
(G?ndara, Rumberger, Maxwell-Jolly, & language by writing key words on the board
Callahan, 2003) Few states have guidelines Language and literacy: modeling the use of
for general education teacher preparation English; differentiating reading
to work with ELLs (changing in response to instruction; decoding skills and
No Child Left Behind reforms) Florida is vocabulary strategies. In what
an exception with a mandate since 2002. instructional areas related to ELLs do
5The Florida Context: Legal teacher education program graduates feel
Requirements. 1990 Florida Consent Decree most effective?
- Professional development requirements 18Curriculum: organize my curriculum so
for practicing teachers Five areas: that my students feel ready to learn;
Applied Linguistics Cross-Cultural locate materials at different reading
Communication Language Assessment Methods levels to supplement textbooks; teaching
Curriculum and Material Development Number to grade level standards to modify my
of hours required varies according to instruction through demonstrations and
assignment: Elementary teachers: 300 hours visuals Assessment: provide
(equivalent of five (5) 3-credit accommodations; adjusting instruction
university courses) Secondary content based on assessment results; assessing my
teachers: 60 hours (equivalent of one (1) students based on intended meaning. In
3-credit university course). what instructional areas related to ELLs
6The Florida Context: Teacher do teacher education program graduates
Preparation Programs. In 2001, new mandate feel most effective?
that all candidates in a teacher 19Sociocultural: using L1 as resource in
preparation program must graduate with an teaching; learning about students’ L1s;
ESOL endorsement Guiding documents: 25 helping my students with circumstances
ESOL Performance Standards & (later affecting their lives outside the
added) 11 ESOL Competencies Florida classroom Content: addressing grammatical
Department of Education allows options demands; setting language objectives;
Full endorsement - all five courses addressing vocabulary demand of content
Endorsement through Infusion Minimum of area Language and Literacy: teaching
two ESOL courses. pronunciation; teaching key aspects of
7The Florida Context: Teacher English grammar; teaching pragmatics. In
Preparation Programs. Main “Infused what instructional areas related to ELLs
Program” requirements Demonstrate where do teacher education program graduates
and how ESOL Performance Standards are feel least effective?
addressed in an approved teacher 20Curriculum / Organization: locating
preparation program in a matrix (syllabus) bilingual materials; simplifying or
Qualified ESOL faculty for ESOL courses 45 adapting materials; selecting activities
hours Professional Development for faculty to build background knowledge Assessment:
teaching “infused” courses. simplifying or adapting assessments;
8Our Context. Two-course ESOL Infused assessing students’ achievement by
elementary teacher preparation program matching with familiar classroom learning
Course I TSL 3526: Foundations of Language tasks; actively monitoring comprehension
and Culture in the Elementary Classroom during instruction. In what instructional
Course II TSL 5142: Curriculum, Methods areas related to ELLs do teacher education
and Assessment Infusion across the program program graduates feel least effective?
(ProTeach). 21Yes. There is a statistically
9Project Delta Rationale. Despite significant difference on all but six (6)
several years of ESOL-Infused program items on the survey (n=49) p=<.01. Is
graduates we do not know whether Infusion there a significant difference in teacher
effectively prepares mainstream teachers education program graduates’ ratings of
to work with ELLs Studying Teacher their preparedness and effectiveness?
Education: The Report of the AERA Panel on 22The top three experiences were
Research and Education (Cawthorne & directly related to ESOL: ESOL classroom
Cochran Smith, 2005). observations, direct teaching of ESOL
10Theoretical Model of Survey. Teacher students, and tutoring ESOL students. What
Preparation, Background, Experiences. experiences as part of their teacher
Teacher Efficacy. ELL Student Achievement. preparation program did graduates consider
11Project Delta Research. Education most effective in helping them work with
Warehouse Database Teacher Variables ELLs?
Student Variables Survey of Elementary 23Yes. Overall, we found that teachers
Teacher Preparation Program Graduates who spoke a Language Other Than English
currently teaching in Florida Case Studies (LOTE) felt both more efficacious and
(n=12) of Elementary Teacher Preparation prepared to work with ELLs. Forthcoming
Program Graduates across north Florida. are data from six case study teachers ,
12Project Delta Activities and three of whom speak a language other than
Accomplishments. Survey Development fall – English with some fluency. Are there
spring 2007-8 Distributed late spring to significant differences in responses based
all graduates contacted (n=1,200; 70% in on teacher background characteristics?
Florida) September 2008 – 85 viable 24Interpretation and Discussion.
respondents. Teachers feel most prepared and
13Survey Design. Five sections of the efficacious in creating a welcoming and
survey with 10-12 items each section: affirming (valued) atmosphere in the
Social and cultural dimensions of teaching classroom Teachers feel most prepared and
ESOL students Content area teaching for efficacious using graphic organizers
ESOL students Language and literacy Teachers feel less prepared in addressing
development for ESOL students Curriculum specific linguistic issues, such as
and Classroom organization Assessment grammar Teachers feel least prepared and
Issues in teaching ESOL students. efficacious in areas related to using
14Survey-Preliminary Findings. In what students’ first language as a resource for
instructional areas related to ELLs do learning (bilingual materials, home
teacher education program graduates feel resource) Implications for the development
most and least prepared? In what of bilingualism and learning theory
instructional areas related to ELLs do (connecting background to new learning).
teacher education program graduates feel 25Implications for Teacher Preparation
most and least effective? Is there a and Future Research. The ProTeach program
significant difference in teacher places emphasis on cultural diversity and
education program graduates’ ratings of fostering learning in diverse settings
their effectiveness and preparedness? What However, linguistic knowldege and issues
experiences as part of their teacher of the use of L1 as a resource for
preparation program did teacher education learning and communicating with families
program graduates consider most effective has not been sufficiently fostered
in helping them work with ELLs? Are there (according to these preliminary findings)
significant differences in responses based This information can connect with ProTeach
on teacher background characteristics? and teacher prep programs in FL and
15Sociocultural domain: grouping nationally.
strategies to facilitate student 26Contacts. Ester de Jong (PI)
interaction Content area: provide edejong@coe.ufl.edu Maria Coady (co-PI)
sufficient wait time, use of graphic mcoady@coe.ufl.edu Candace Harper (co-PI)
organizers, grouping Language and literacy charper@coe.ufl.edu.
Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement (Project DELTA): survey findings.ppt
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Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement (Project DELTA): survey findings

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