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Diversity Training: The Value of Employees with Military Background
Diversity Training: The Value of Employees with Military Background
Who is from a military background
Who is from a military background
The United States Armed Forces
The United States Armed Forces
The United States Armed Forces
The United States Armed Forces
Activity One
Activity One
Activity One
Activity One
Activity One
Activity One
Activity One
Activity One
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
Activity Two:
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Diversity Training: The Value of Employees with Military Background

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1Diversity Training: The Value of 12long-term (maximum credit of $9,600 per
Employees with Military Background. Your veteran) and continue the existing credit
EAP name here. for all other veterans with a
2Objectives. Increase awareness of the service-connected disability (maximum
value of employees with military credit of $4,800). www.hireherosusa.com.
backgrounds Increase awareness of who is 13There is a Need to Focus on this
from a military background and what that Population of Employees. Workplace Issues:
experience brings to your work environment “More and more employees are hindered from
Decrease bias and stereotypes of employees doing their jobs productively by personal
with military backgrounds Increase problems, and industry is realizing that
awareness of how to assist you with it is not only humanitarian but
managing and retaining valued employees. cost-effective to take more responsibility
3Who is from a military background? than it has in the past for helping
Active Duty of all branches of the employees solve these problems” (Masi,
military Ex-military Reservist/National 1984, p.5). As a result, “today’s HR
Guard Retired Military Spouses and professionals are faced with more issues
children. than were faced 10 years ago” (Hale,
4Ask “have you or a loved one ever Evans, & Hodiak, 2008) when addressing
served in the military?”. Asking about employees’ issues. 13.
military service avoids confusion about 14Impact of Military Culture in the
the multiple legal and social meanings of Workplace. Regimen/Structured Experienced
the words veteran Anyone who has served in Diverse skills Deployment cycle Adjustment
the military may be impacted by their to civilian work setting Sometimes desire
military service including those who do to mask military affiliation. 14.
not fit the federal definition of veteran 15Activity One. What do you think of
Family members may also be impacted by when you hear the word solider?
military life or post-deployment issues. 16Activity Two: What do you think of
5What does it mean to be a veteran? when you hear the word veteran?
Different legal definitions of veterans 17Check Your Bias… What are your
used in various laws May vary by status thoughts about military service? What is
(Active Duty vs. Reserve Component) Length your immediate gut response when
of service (Requirement for minimum time interacting with someone who is active
on active duty) Period of service (combat military? Who do you know who is from a
vs. peacetime) Separation status military background? Are you from a
(Honorable vs. Dishonorable Discharge) Not military background?
everyone who has served in the military 18Check Your Bias… What are your
fits the legal definition of service thoughts about someone who is a military
member Consult your companies legal veteran? Are your thoughts about veterans
department & internal policies if you and active military the same or different?
have concerns about a specific service If different, why? What concerns you at
member's eligibility for benefits, work regarding employees with military
veteran’s preferences, or protections backgrounds?
under laws pertaining to veterans and 19Stereotypes. “Negative” PTSD Drug
service members. Addicted Homeless Violent Damaged Always
6Deployment Cycle & Reserve. Active gone on active duty. “Positive” Patriotic
Duty (Full time service member) Vs. Law abiding Honest Integrity Duty bound
Reserve Component (balance military duty Good Citizens Able to defend and protect.
& civilian employment) Reservists may Servant. Knowledgeable about weapons.
move rapidly between combat to civilian Strict. Ridged. Commanding. Takes and
jobs May miss work for training Deployment Gives Orders.
& training dates may change without 20How does Retention Fit into This? This
warning Difficulty of simultaneously is a workplace issue Often it is a
reintegrating with their coworkers discrimination issue which is usually
Reservist must be adaptable! present because of a lack of understanding
Pre-deployment. Post Deployment Managers play a vital role in making sure
(Reintegration). Deployment. Redeployment that employees feel safe, welcomed and
(Demobilization in Guard or Reserve). valued in the workplace. Managers are also
7The United States Armed Forces. An all skilled to recognize workplace issues and
Volunteer Force Active Duty Component (AD) address them when necessary. Sometimes
- Air Force, Army, Coast Guard*, Marine this may be done in an individual setting
Corp, and Navy Reserve Component (RC) - or group setting with employees. 20.
Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Coast 21How do I retain my employees with
Guard Reserve*, Marine Reserve, Navy military backgrounds? Support them in the
Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National workplace > Increased motivation >
Guard 2.1 million service members have Decreased absenteeism > Increase
served in Iraq and Afghanistan * Coast feeling of value Know your company policy
Guard is part of the Department of around hiring of veterans/individuals with
Homeland Security not the Department of military backgrounds/diversity. Be
Defense. 7. prepared. Know how to handle a situation
8The United States Armed Forces. Active around an employee being deployed and
Duty: 1.46M Service Members 66% aged 30 leaving work quickly. If accommodations
and younger 56% are married 1.86M family are being considered, always consult with
members 1.2M children Reserve Component: Human Resources for expertise on ADA or
846,000 service members 51% aged 30 and USERRSA concerns.
younger 49% are married 1.11M family 22How do I retain my employees with
members 730,000 children 28% aged 5 years military backgrounds? Share company
and younger Taken From Demographics 2009 policies with your employees/Make them
Profile of the Military Community aware of the law Be the role model by
http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/12038 valuing employees of all backgrounds,
Project%20Documents/MilitaryHOMEFRONT/QOL% including the military. It’s about more
0Resources/Reports/2009_Demographics_Repor than tolerance Recognize and address
.pdf. 8. issues as they arise Send a message and
9The United States Armed Forces. In set a precedence that workplace bullying
2004 Women Consisted of: 6% of Marines 15% or discrimination will not be accepted in
of Soldiers and Sailors 20% of Airmen 11% your department Provide information about
of the Coast Guard. 9. the EAP benefit and other similar benefits
10Why Hire a Vet? Accelerated Learning to employees and their family members.
Curve Vets have the proven ability to 23How do I retain my employees with
quickly learn new skills and concepts. military backgrounds? During Evaluative
They possess identifiable and transferable Feedback: Get to know your employees (all
skills proven to achieve success. employees) so that you are aware of their
Leadership Vets understand practical ways strengths/weaknesses when considering
to manage and achieve goals in even the position placements Be honest with your
most trying circumstances. They are employees during evaluations. Share
trained to lead by example as well as compassionately (with the person’s
through direction, delegation, motivation, situation in mind);Share what is going
and inspiration. Teamwork Vets understand well first then, express concerns may have
how genuine teamwork grows out of a Seek advice on how to share feedback if
responsibility to one’s colleagues and how you know that you do not share feedback in
diverse individuals or groups can best the most tactful way.
work together to achieve overarching 24Real Life Scenario A. An employee who
objectives. Diversity and Inclusion in works in a cubicle and has been on two
Action Vets have worked respectfully and tours in Iraq, is described as being
cooperatively alongside others regardless “jumpy” when approached by other employees
of their race, ethnicity, gender, in his workspace. He has also been slower
religion, or mental and physical to complete work and is less accurate than
capabilities. he was before active duty in the military.
11Why Hire a Vet? Efficient Performance When you, as his manager, asks him if he
Under Pressure Vets have the capacity to is comfortable in his workspace he reports
know how to accomplish tasks on time and to you that he feels as though people are
in spite of stress or adversity. They “sneaking up on me” and he is having
understand the importance of dedication difficulty focusing on his tasks. What do
and perseverance. Respect for Procedures you do? 24.
Vets have gained a unique perspective on 25Real Life Scenario B. An employee who
the value of accountability. They has been deployed twice in the last year
understand how policies and procedures and has been gone from work for more than
yield stability, safety, and productivity. 6 months returns to work and his first day
Technology and Globalization Vets are returning requests a vacation so he can
aware of international and technical spend time with his family. You know that
trends pertinent to business. They bring the other employees are anxious for this
the kind of global outlook and employee to return because they have been
technological savvy necessary for success. covering his assignments and overtime
Integrity Vets know what it means to do an while he was gone. What do you do? 25.
“honest day’s work.” This integrity 26Real Life Scenario C. When you
translates into qualities of sincerity and approach an employee who is behind on her
trustworthiness. work and appears to be less focused than
12Why Hire a Vet? Conscious of Health usual tells you that she is having trouble
and Safety Standards Vets are cognizant of concentrating at work because she is
the importance of health and safety worrying about her son who is deployed in
standards. This conscientiousness the military. According to the company
translates into the protection of self, policy this is first warning and does not
others, and property. Triumph over require written documentation. What do you
Adversity Vets are individuals who have do?
triumphed over adversity. They have the 27Scenario D. An employee comes to you
proven ability to overcome challenges and with a copy of an email from a co-worker
obstacles through strength and with a military background. The co-worker
determination. Tax Incentives There are has signed it “V/R” and has used some
specific tax credits available to language or jargon that the employee
employers that hire military veterans. The doesn’t understand. The employee complains
Returning Heroes Tax Credit for companies that “she always talks so strange, is so
that hire unemployed veterans gives a ridged, it makes me uncomfortable.” How do
maximum credit of $2,400 for every you respond?
short-term unemployed hire and $4,800 for 28Conclusion Slide. Personalize to your
every long-term unemployed hire. The company. Include how to contact you as the
Wounded Warriors Tax Credit will increase EAP. Services provided to managers.
the existing tax credit for companies that Trainings offered, etc. (whatever your EAP
hire veterans with service-connected brochure covers that you have sent to the
disabilities who have been unemployed company).
Diversity Training: The Value of Employees with Military Background.ppt
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Diversity Training: The Value of Employees with Military Background

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