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Dress Code in the Operating Room

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1Dress Code in the Operating Room. 7worn as an outer garment in the OR.
Vanderbilt Anesthesia. Jackets must be laundered daily. VUMC
2Dress Code. Surgical attire is worn to jackets available at front desk for use.
promote cleanliness, surgical 8The Sorta Big Ones. Personalized
consciousness and professionalism within warm-up and insulated jackets must be
the surgical environment. This policy covered by OR provided warm-up jacket.
outlines the required attire and practices Derelict male nurse not included.
used at Vanderbilt to achieve optimal 9The Sorta Big Ones. Earrings must be
health and safety for patients and staff. covered Cloth hats Must be covered with a
3Enforcement! What Has Changed? disposable hair cover Must be laundered
4Some Reminders. Wash or disinfect daily.
hands when gloves are removed or when 10The Sorta Big Ones. Cover Garments Lab
hands are soiled (dispenser behind coat Personalized warm-up jacket (shown
anesthesia cart). All head and facial hair here in male nurse version) Insulated
must be completely covered. Body odor or jacket Must be worn over scrubs when out
strong fragrances are verboten. of the OR (Cafeteria, etc.).
5Some Reminders. No artificial 11The Sorta Big Ones. Open toed shoes
fingernails or nails longer than ? inch are not allowed. Vented shoes should be
from the fingertip. Wear fluid-resistant covered with fluid-resistant covers when
shoe covers when splashes or spills may splashes or spills may occur.
occur. Change scrub clothes when visibly 12When Leaving the OR. Remove disposable
soiled. head cover, shoe covers, and mask Wear a
6The BIG Ones. No scrub attire worn to cover garment as described over scrubs
or from work. No home laundering of Cover garment must be removed or covered
scrubs. before entering the OR. No cover garment
7The Sorta Big Ones. Jackets—only is required for patient transports.
warm-up jackets provided by the OR may be
Dress Code in the Operating Room.ppt
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Dress Code in the Operating Room

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