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Empires of India
Empires of India
Persian Empire (500 BC)
Persian Empire (500 BC)
The Maurya Dynasty
The Maurya Dynasty
A Stoopah in the Mauryan Capital of Pataliputra
A Stoopah in the Mauryan Capital of Pataliputra
The Bactrian Greeks
The Bactrian Greeks
The Kushans
The Kushans
The Gupta Empire
The Gupta Empire
The Tamils
The Tamils
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Empires of India

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1Empires of India. 11The Bactrian Greeks. Composed of
2Early Empires. By 512 BC, The Persians descendants of Alexander the Great’s
had pushed their empire east to the Indus invading army, the Bactrian Greeks pushed
River Valley The Aryans still contolled deep into the former Mauryan Empire Their
the majority of northeast India, but it leader, King Demetrius, encouraged a
was split into many states The strongest blending of eastern and western cultures
of these states was Magadha. The Bactrians brought Greek influence into
3Persian Empire (500 BC). sculpture, medicine, astronomy, astrology,
4The Magadha State. The Magadha state and currency in India. Bactrian Currency
allied itself with many surrounding states Blended Greek and Indian Influences.
to fend off Persian expansion Magadha 12The Kushans. The Bactrians were
would eventually push its mini-empire into eventually assimilated into Indian
the Ganges region The Magadha state would culture, but another group soon took their
not last, declining in power by 334 BC. place The Kushans first conquered northern
5The Maurya Dynasty. With the Magadha India before moving north to modern day
state in decline, Chandragupta Maurya Pakistan The Kushans ruled India for 200
seized power from the last ruler of years, encouraging art, medical studies,
Magadha Chandragupta would expand the and construction.
remnants of Magadha to the Bay of Bengal 13Kanishka. Kanishka led the Kushans
and the Hindu Kush Mountains The Maurya during their conquest of India and
Empire was the largest yet seen in India. Pakistan Like Asoka, Kanishka converted to
Chandragupta Maurya. Buddhism, employing 500 monks to regulate
6The Maurya Dynasty. Chandragupta Buddhist teachings in his empire
established his court at Pataliputra, on Kanishka’s monks’ meetings resulted in the
the Ganges River Fearful to leave the creation of Mahayana Buddhism His opening
palace at Pataliputra, Chandragupta and of trade to China led to the expansion of
his successors split the empire into many Mahayana Buddhism into East Asia.
provinces, each to be overseen by local 14The Gupta Empire. While the Western
governors The governers would regulate tax Roman Empire was collapsing in Europe,
collection, justice, transportation, and India experienced a golden age of peace
defence in their respective province. and prosperity under the Gupta Empire
7Asoka. Asoka was the best known Between 320 and 535 AD, the Gupta Empire
Mauryan emperor, ruling from 269 to 232 BC would reunite the warring factions in
Under his rule, the empire would reach its Central India, south of the former Kushan
greatest size During the conquest of Empire.
Southern India, a massacre of more than 15The Gupta Empire. The founder of the
100,000 people occured Feeling great Gupta Empire, Chandra Gupta I, promoted
remorse for the deaths, Asoka renounced the study of arts and sciences, and
violence and converted to Buddhism. brought about a period of peace where
8Asoka. As a Buddhist, Asoka began violent crime was extremely rare The Gupta
preaching the virtues of good work, Empire maintained its Buddhist influences,
nonviolence, and religious tolerance but the Buddhist religion in India became
Stoopahs were built for monks throughout assimilated into Hinduism during empire’s
the empire and roads repaired, so that reign The empire soon became weak with the
pilgramages could be made to religious Hun invasion of Central Asia, and India
shrines Asoka spread Buddhism to Southeast was driven into a thousand years of rule
Asia and modern day Sri Lanka by by small, independent kingdoms.
dispatching missionaries throughout the 16The Tamils. While the empires of India
region. rose and fell in the North, the South of
9A Stoopah in the Mauryan Capital of India could never be conquered The Tamils,
Pataliputra. the rulers in the south maintained their
10The Age of Invasions. After Asoka’s distinct culture, absorbing the diverse
death, civil war erupted in the Mauryan traditions of Hinduism The Tamils
Empire Many groups pushed into the former maintained a strong trade relationship
Mauryan Empire from the north, but most with the Roman Empire before its downfall
were assimilated into Indian culture The After its collapse, the Tamils began
Bactrian Greeks and the Kushans were the trading heavily with China. Modern Day
only invaders to influence Indian culture Tamiland.
and society.
Empires of India.ppt
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Empires of India

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