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Christmas Day
Christmas Day.

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«Christmas рождество» - Оборудование: What do people decorate the Christmas tree with? When did the Christmas tree gain popularity in England? Presents. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree With faithful leaves unchanging. Christmas. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, With faithful leaves unchanging. Предварительно разучиваются рождественские песни, стихи, заранее готовятся подарки.

«Thanksgiving day» - Black Friday and Festive Spirit. Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie!... Tradition of Gifting. Thanksgiving Day Songs . Day. Everybody enjoys having rest and merry time. The Christmas festivities starts with the Thanksgiving Day. Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. The First Thanksgiving Feast. Hello, Mr.

«Thanksgiving day» - Tribute to Native Indians. Time for celebrating Traditional Harvest. Everybody enjoys having rest and merry time. Farewell, O fragrant pumpkin pie! The Christmas festivities starts with the Thanksgiving Day. Turkey, how are you? Dyspeptic pork, adieu! The First Thanksgiving Feast. You can’t imagine a conventional Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey.

«St. Valentines day» - 8. What fruit or vegetable is often called a love-apple? Valentines Day? 1. Who was St. Любовь зла – полюбишь и козла. Actors Bee keepers Orphans Vinegar makers. a) In 1796 b) In 496 AD c) In 1400. Valentine? In what other organ did love reside? How did Valentine's Day start? What did Valentine do about it?

«Victory day» - Victory Day (9 May). Whole British Commonwealth – 12 million. Our Victory is 65 years old, But how the past is close to us. This is a a holiday with tears in the eyes. Population North Korea – 23 million. Learn the lessons of history. Our obeisance and best wishes to the live! They were not politicians, they were not thinking about anything except protecting their homes.

«Holidays» - Mother’s Day in England. Introduction. Activities. Women’s Day in Russia. Russian and English Holidays. What do you do on New Year’s day? Your project. In Russia, New Year’s Day is the most popular holiday. New Year’s Day is a family event in Russia. What are the similarities between holidays in Russia and England?


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