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Fashion Show Background Vocabulary

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1Fashion Show Background Vocabulary. 15publications and individual retailers.
Chapter 2. 16Mannequin Modeling. Modeling in a
2Apparel Mart. Wholesale centers store window or on a display platform by
located in major cities throughout the live models who strike similar poses to
United States leasing space to the stationary display props for which
manufacturers. they have been named.
3Bridge. Less expensive alternative to 17Market Calendar. Published dates of
designer fashions. trade shows known as market weeks.
4Consumer Show. Show presented to the 18Market Week. Time designated for
consumer. producers of a specific category of
5Contemporary. Fashion forward apparel merchandise to open sales on the season’s
category at a price-point between bridge new styles.
and budget. 19Missy. Conservative looks available at
6Cooperative Fashion Show. Retailer and better, moderate, or budget price points.
manufacturer show in which both parties 20Press Show. Fashion show held
share expenses. specifically for the press to preview the
7Designer. Creator of original apparel fashions before public viewing.
designs and the ready-to-wear apparel 21Production Show. Most dramatic or
category with the highest price-points. theatrical production type, may also be
8Fashion Trend Show. Show produced to called a dramatized or spectacular show.
introduce consumers to latest trends in 22Ready-to-Wear. Mass-produced fashion.
silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and themes 23Special Interest Show. Show presented
of new seasonal merchandise. to consumers that have special affinity
9Fashion Week. Designated time when with each other or a unique vocation.
many designer collections are brought 24Specialty Market Show. Shows geared to
together and shown as a series of fashion a specific, narrowly defined group of
shows. consumers.
10Formal Runway Show. Conventional 25Tea-Room Modeling. Informal fashion
presentation of fashion similar to a show presented in a restaurant where
parade, featuring a series of models who models walk from table to table displaying
walk or dance on a runway in a sequential garments.
manner. 26Trade. Any activity aimed at
11Haute Couture. French high fashion distribution of fashion and related
industry featuring clothing produced from products within the industry.
a client’s made-to-order measurements. 27Trade Association. Groups of
12Informal Fashion Show. Casual individuals and businesses acting as a
presentation of garments and accessories. professional, nonprofit collective in
13In-Store Training Fashion Show. meeting common interests.
Fashion show presented to train store 28Trade Fair. International trade shows.
personnel coinciding with fashion trend 29Trade Show. Group of manufacturers
shows. presenting their lines to retailers and
14Junior. Styles appropriate to the press one to four times each year.
younger figure. 30Trunk Show. Informal fashion show that
15Magazine Tie-In Show. Cooperative features garments from one manufacturer or
fashion shows between major fashion designer at a retail store.
Fashion Show Background Vocabulary.ppt
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Fashion Show Background Vocabulary

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