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1FINANCIAL INCLUSION IN INDIA. AND 7services and timely and adequate credit
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural where needed by vulnerable groups such as
Development (NABARD). 1. Presentation by weaker sections and low income groups at
Shri U.C. Sarangi, Chairman, NABARD & an affordable cost.”. 7.
Shri S.K.Mitra, Executive Director, 8Financial Inclusion eventually to
NABARD. include the following services. Savings/
2History of strategies for Inclusive Thrift Loans/ Credit Remittance / Transfer
Growth/ Livelihood improvement/ Financial of Funds Micro Insurance Services (Life
Inclusion in India. 2. Phase I (1960 – and Non- Life) Mutual Funds/ Annuity
1980) Social control of Banks – (1960) Products Pension Products. 8.
Nationalisation of Banks – (1969) Setting 9Creation of Funds with NABARD in 2007
up of Regional Rural Banks – (1975) - 08. Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) – Rs
Priority sector lending stipulation by RBI 5000 million Financial Inclusion
- (1972) Lead Bank scheme – (1969). Technology Fund (FITF) – Rs 5000 million
3History of strategies for Inclusive Govt. of India : RBI : NABARD (40:40:20).
Growth/ Livelihood improvement/ Financial 9.
Inclusion in India. Phase II (1980 – 2005) 10Objectives of FIF. The objectives of
Integrated Rural Development programme/ the FIF shall be to support “developmental
SGSY promoted by Govt. Of India and promotional activities” with a view to
Microfinance programme– SHG – Bank linkage securing greater financial inclusion,
facilitated by NABARD Phase III (2005 particularly among weaker sections, low
onwards) Development of MFIs Financial income groups and in backward regions /
Inclusion in a “MISSION” mode. 3. hitherto unbanked areas. 10.
4Formal Bank Network In India. 4. 11Objectives of FITF. The objectives of
Government of India. Reserve Bank of the FITF shall be to enhance investment in
India. NABARD. Public Sector Banks (28). Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Private Banks (24). 13,104 NBFCs aimed at promoting financial inclusion,
registered with RBI. 1853 Urban stimulate the transfer of research and
Co-operative banks with 7217 branches. technology in financial inclusion,
Foreign Banks Urban – 43, Semi Urban – 2, increase the technological absorption
Metro – 227. (Total 272). RRBs (96) LABs capacity of financial service providers /
(4). Credit Cooperatives. Rural Semi-urban users and encourage an environment of
Urban Metro Total. 18,197 11,736 10,247 innovation and cooperation among
9,726 49,906. 11,444 / 5 2,481 / 14 522 / stakeholders. 11.
11 59 / 0 14,506 / 30. 987 2,077 2,102 12Technology Solutions being tried in
1,901 7,067. SCB – 31 DCCB – 367 PACS – India. Smart card, hand held terminal,
108779 SCARDB – 20 PCARDB - 727. central CPU Low cost ATMs Mobile Phone
5NSSO – 2003 Findings of Survey. 51% Banking SMS Banking Public Call Office
lack access to Financial Services from (PCO) Connectivity. 12.
formal system Exclusion predominant 13Way Forward. Targets fixed for each
amongst: -- Poor and weaker sections -- Branch of Commercial Bank/Regional Rural
Resource poor regions. 5. Bank to : Open 250 accounts every year
6Largest Financial Inclusion programme Issue 100 Farmers’ Credit Card Issue 100
in the World. SHG - Photo. 58 million poor General Credit Card Distribute 100 micro
households provided access to banks insurance policies. 13.
through 3.48 million SHGs. Savings of SHGs 14Way Forward (contd/-). Micro Finance
with banks $ 703 million. Bank loans Sector (Development and Regulation) Bill,
availed by SHGs $ 2473 million NABARD 2007 under consideration. Setting up of
Refinance support $1412 million NABARD Rural Credit Information Bureau. Ensuring
Promotional support $5.5 million. SHG- effectiveness of Business Facilitator(BF)
Bank Linkage programme in India /Business Correspondent(BC). Micro finance
facilitated by NABARD, implemented by Development and Equity Fund Micro finance
Banks, NGOs, Government agencies. 6. Ombudsman Regulatory and developmental
7Financial Inclusion - Definition. “The power to NABARD. 14.
process of ensuring access to financial 15THANK YOU. 15.
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