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Basic Rules
Basic Rules
Prepare Folder and Embed Video
Prepare Folder and Embed Video
How to embed a video into a PowerPoint
How to embed a video into a PowerPoint
How to embed a video into a PowerPoint
How to embed a video into a PowerPoint
See example of video below
See example of video below
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Guidelines for Spotlights New Rules How to embed a video

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1Guidelines for Spotlights New Rules 5file is larger than 8 MB and/ or contains
How to embed a video. 13-8-2015. 1. videos Please send it by post on a CD, DVD
2Basic Rules. Maximum 1 Spotlight per or USB-stick to FEFCO Secretariat: To Mrs
Company Duration of the Spotlight = Houriet Lefebvre FEFCO AISBL 12th floor Av
maximum 7 minutes The spotlight needs to Louise 250, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Please
be presented by someone representing the follow the procedure described in the
company Presentation should be a following slides. 13-8-2015. 5.
PowerPoint file running with Windows XP or 6Prepare Folder and Embed Video.
Vista Advertising movies are not allowed Example of Folder.
The spotlight language is English. 7How to embed a video into a
13-8-2015. 2. PowerPoint? In Normal view, click the
3Spotlight Content & procedure. slide in which you want to embed a video.
Content Must be an innovation showing a On the Insert tab, in the Media group,
direct connection to Corrugated Must give click the arrow under Video, and then
a clear description of this innovation click Video from file. In the Insert Video
(product or technique) Final Selection by dialog box, locate and click the video
the Production Committee Deadlines: that you want to embed, and then click
Registration to spotlight sessions: 30 May Insert. Source :
2013 Delivery of the Spotlight file to http://office.microsoft.com/en-ca/powerpoi
FEFCO: 15 September 2013 Spotlights t-help/embed-in-or-link-to-a-video-from-yo
review, feedback to companies: 30 r-presentation-HA010374729.aspx.
September 2013. 13-8-2015. 3. 8TIPS. You can also click the Video
4How to send it ? And to Whom? If your icon in a content layout to insert a
file is smaller than 8 MB, you can send it video.
by email to houriet.lefebvre@fefco.org 9See example of video below. Remark!
Please indicate in the subject line of the Video is only visible in the full screen /
Email: “Spotlight presentation” Also projection mode.
mention the Name of the speaker and the 10Questions? If you have difficulties to
Presentation title for the printed embed the video or any questions, please
programme. 13-8-2015. 4. feel free to contact us at:
5How to send it ? And to Whom? If your houriet.lefebvre@fefco.org. 13-8-2015. 10.
Guidelines for Spotlights New Rules How to embed a video.ppt
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Guidelines for Spotlights New Rules How to embed a video

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