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B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
B2C Example: Talk to Investment Broker
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation
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H.264 as MTI for rtcweb

содержание презентации «H.264 as MTI for rtcweb.pptx»
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1H.264 as MTI for rtcweb. Jonathan 11The Factors for Consideration. Factor.
Rosenberg Bo Burman. Why and for whom. H.264. VP8. Quality.
2The Cisco Announcement Redux. Open Minimum bar necessary for usability – but
Source under BSD and binary module we this is the MTI and represents the lower
distribute, we pay MPEG-LA Binary versions bound. Widespread commercial deployment of
for Win, Mac, Linux, Android – community H.264 CBP today indicates clear viability.
can contribute builds for others. Build High probabilty of most browsers going to
tools open sourced, you can verify binary H.264 High (same license terms as CBP)
signature we distribute matches your build which outperforms VP8.
from source Minimal constraints for us to 12Looking At Distribution Holistically.
pay – we need to distribute; “About” Focus needs to be browsers and mobile apps
recognition; must be possible for user to – those are key for success of webRTC.
disable Cisco commits to support and pay Assess Distribution Options for VP8 and
barring unforseen changes in H.264 H.264. Perform Financial Risk/Impact
licensing environment. Analysis. Conclusion. Assess Patent Risks
3What can you use it for? Open source – for H.264 and VP8.
anything. Its BSD. If you distribute it 13Patent Risk. Factors for risk of new
you might be subject to MPEG-LA licensing patent-holders emerging and suing: H.264.
terms. Note first 100k are free. Binary VP8. Years in-market. 10. 2. Revenue base
Module Not restricted to webRTC Can work to target by those seeking compensation.
for an OS – e.g., Debian can pull the Enormous – billions (Blu-Ray, countless
binary module on install of Linux. Can commercial products). $0 (all existing VP8
work for server software too Binary module apps are free). Breadth of target
usable for all things under MPEG-LA type companies. Enormous – consumer
(a) license See electronics, software, SaaS, all geos and
http://www.mpegla.com/main/programs/AVC/Do market segment. Only two – Google, Mozilla
uments/AVC_TermsSummary.pdf. (no longer in Skype). Extent of patent
4Ship Date. Cisco will push first analysis work. Many lawyers and many
version of source into public repo before years. New. Existing lawsuits from patent
the end of the year and hopefully earlier holders. None. Nokia – in progress.
Binary version available only after Jan1 Conclusion. Low Risk. High Risk.
due to MPEG-LA cap. 14Distribution of H.264 – its about
5The Factors for Consideration. Factor. options. Category. Options. Comments.
Why and for whom. H.264. VP8. Interop with Operating Systems. All major mobile
installed user base. Enabler for existing device/OS combos already pay and
players to build web clients Enabler for distribute H.264 Cisco binary distribution
B2C apps (customer support) – interop with model available for all OS’s. OS
installed video base in contact center. distribution not required for success of
6B2C Example: Talk to Investment webRTC on desktop (sorry Fedora, Debian).
Broker. The bank is not going to rip out Browsers. Distribute and pay your own way
and replace their existing video devices Cisco binary distribution model available
and softclients and contact center with (Mozilla). Mobile Apps. First 100k are
something new. They want INTEROPERABILITY. free - distribute your own Android covered
Jill goes to bank website, wants to speak by Cisco binary module Distribute >100k
with her investment broker Bob. Bob’s bank and pay your own way Rely on OS
has deployed videophones to desktops, he distribution – Android, hopefully IOS.
takes call from there. Very few IOS apps every see 100k
7The Factors for Consideration. Factor. downloads.
Why and for whom. H.264. VP8. Availability 15Its about Risk/Impact Assessment.
of Experts and tools. Important for larger H.264. VP8. Analysis points to H.264 as
players to build their own – most do that the better choice. Risk. Likelihood.
today. Multiple Software Codebases. Many Impact. 100k distros on IOS, AND No
implementations in software of H.264. solution from Apple AND Cannot afford
Almost uncountable number of applications $0.20 per app. Low. Med. New patent
VP8 – 1 codebase in usage 6 apps listed – holders emerge for H.264 and demand
4 from Google Why? Flexibility, maturity. unreasonable fees. Low. High. Nokia
SDO Standard. Important for change control conclusion results in inability to
– particularly for those who implement. distribute VP8 at all. Med. High. Nokia
8Hardware Acceleration. In-Market conclusion results in ability to
Chipsets 100% of all chipsets listed in distribute VP8 but at moderate cost. Med.
Strategy Analytics Handset Components Med. New patent holders emerge for VP8 and
technology market share have acceleration demand unreasonable fees as a consequence
for H.264 encode and decode in hardware – of IETF selection of VP8 as MTI and
covering almost all in-market smartphones subsequent deployments. High. High.
Only 4 chipsets in market have VP8 16Overall Analysis Results. Factor.
acceleration: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 H.264. VP8. Blocker and for Whom? Interop
(Goog Nexus 5, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note with Install Base. VP8 for existing
3, Nokia Lumia 1520, Sony Experia Z Ultra) players. Availability of Experts. No.
Samsung Exynos 5420 (Samsung Galaxy Note Multiple Codebases. No. SDO Standard. No.
3) Rockchip RK3xxx (Android tablets in Hardware Acceleration. No. Quality. No.
Asia) Nvidia Tegra 4 (Android tablets by Financial Risk. VP8 too high for large
Asus, HP, Toshiba). Software API access players. For small players, “its not free”
for realtime encode/decode is variable is a complaint but objective risk analysis
with upwards trend in availability. still points to H.264.
9The Factors for Consideration. Factor. 17Conclusion. Selecting VP8 will turn
Why and for whom. H.264. VP8. Hardware away the existing players due to interop
Acceleration. Enabler for higher quality and financial risk and introduces a real
on mobile, of somewhat diminishing financial risk for the smaller players,
importance as CPU speeds increase. likely causing webRTC to fail to reach
10Performance Evaluation. 640 x 360. 640 critical mass Selecting H.264 will enable
x 480. PSNR (dB). PSNR (dB). kbps. kbps. the existing players and is objectively
1280 x 720. PSNR (dB). kbps. H.264 CBP vs the lower financial risk option. Higher
VP8. H.264 CHP vs VP8. No rate control. chance of success for WebRTC. Work is
H.264 1% better. H.264 25% better. With active on achieving RF status for H.264 on
rate control. H.264 1% better. H.264 24% two fronts – MPEG WebVC (CBP) and MPEG-LA
better. revisit.
H.264 as MTI for rtcweb.pptx
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H.264 as MTI for rtcweb

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