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Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone
Authors study for Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone The author of
Authors study for Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone The author of
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Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone

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1Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone. 5Harry’s parents. Harry protects the stone
Written by: J.K Rowling Publisher: Arthur but gets hurt in the act.
A. Levine books. 6Problem and Solution: In this Harry
2Authors study for Harry Potter and the Potter there are two problems. The first
Sorcerors Stone The author of the Harry problem is that Harry’s aunt and uncle
Potter books is well known. She is JK treat Harry like dust. Harry finally gets
Rowling. JK Rowling was born in July of a break when Hagrid shows up and tells
1965. She was born at Yate General Harry he’s a wizard. The biggest problem
Hospital in England. Her parents were both is the sorcerer’s stone. First, they
Londoners. Her father was in the royal suspect a mean teacher named Snape to be
navy. Her mother was a part of the woman the one about to steal the stone. When
equivalent rights. They met on a train in Harry finally gets to the stone he finds
Scotland. As a child JK was interested in it to be professor Quirrell, but he is not
writing fantasy books that she would alone, the evil Voldemort has possessed
usually read to her younger sister, his body. So Quirrell had two faces. Harry
Dianne. JK wrote her first story when she fought to keep the stone away from
was five. It was about a rabbit that got Voldemort. Before Harry knew it, he was at
the measles. Then all of his animal the recovery room and before Voldemort
friends visited him. The main animal that could kill him, headmaster Albus
visited the rabbit was a bumblebee called Dumbledore showed up. Harry was thanked
Miss Bee. JK Rowling lived in Yate until for his heroic actions and this is how
she was nine. She then moved to a village Harry solved his problems.
called Tutshill. Tutshill is located near 7Setting and Point of View: The main
Chepstow, Wales. JK went to Exeter setting is at the castle. The gigantic
University in Paris. There she earned a castle is next to a lake, and the
French and classic degree. As a forbidden forest. The castle is where
postgraduate she moved to London and Harry goes to school. The house of Harry’s
worked At Amnesty International over all aunt and uncle is in a regular
other jobs. JK started writing Harry neighborhood near London. The point of
Potter books during a train delay. Harry view of the book bounces around from
Potter was a fictional series about a kid first-person to the third-person. It is
and his journeys. JK Rowling won many mostly in the third-person point of view.
awards and honors from these books 8Characters: The first character is
including Order of the British empire, Harry Potter. Harry is a nice, caring kid,
Prince of Asturias award for Concord , but when it comes to wizard school. He may
Author of the year, lifetime achievement fall behind. The next character is Ron
award, Blue Peter Gold Badge, booksellers Weasley. Ron is Harry’s friend, he is a
association author of the year, The good kid who helps out, and is very good
Edinburgh award, and the James Joyce at chess. But he also falls behind at
award. That is eight awards and honors! In school. The last kid character is Hermione
1992 JK Rowling got married (name of Granger. Hermione is a very good student
husband not included). Then in 1993 they who hates to be bad, but can be bossy at
had a girl named Jessica. When the times. The next person is Hagrid. He is a
marriage ended, she and Jessica moved back large man who has a heart for animals. He
to England from Scotland. In 2001 JK is also very kind to Harry, but is not
married Dr. Neil Murray. They had 2 more afraid to challenge Harry. The last person
kids named David and Mackenzie. David was is Albus Dumbledore who is the headmaster
born in 2003 and Mackenzie in 2005. of the Wizarding School called Hogwarts.
Nowadays JK lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, Albus is a generous man who likes to check
and that was my authors study. She can be up.
contacted by mail at: J.K. Rowling, c/o 9Discussion Questions: Chapter 1: What
Scholastic Inc., 555 Broadway, NY, NY did Harry Potter survive from? Chapter 2:
10012. How did the snake know what Harry was
3Interest Level and Reading Level: The saying? Chapter 3: Where were the letters
book is for intermediate readers. Grades coming from? Chapter 4: Where was
4-7. Hogwarts? Chapter 5: What was in the box?
4Theme: The theme of the book is magic Chapter 6: What were they going to do
and how Harry uses it to his advantage. In first at Hogwarts? Chapter 7: Why did
the beginning of the book Harry’s life is Harry forget that dream? Chapter 8: Who
miserable with his aunt, uncle, and their broke into Grigotts (bank for wizards) and
son Dudley. After Harry learns that he is what did it have to do with the thing in
a wizard his life becomes better. At the box? Chapter 9: Why didn’t Malfoy show
Hogwarts (the wizarding school) he learns up for the duel? Chapter 10: Was it Snape
many spells and gets many friends and who let the troll in? Chapter 11: Would
enemies. Harry solves his problems at Harry win the cup for Quidditch? Chapter
Hogwarts, but he has to go home for the 12: What did the mirror really show?
summer. Harry can’t use magic out of Chapter 13: Will Quirrell stand up to
school, so he thinks of a devious plan for Snape? Chapter 14: What will be their
the summer. That was theme of the book and punishment? Chapter 15: Was it Voldemort
how it runs through it. killing the unicorns? Chapter 16: Who was
5Overview: In Harry Potter and The the person trying to get the Stone?
Sorcerer’s Stone a 13 year old boy (Harry) Chapter 17: What is going to happen over
lives with his hateful aunt, uncle, and the summer?
their bully son, Dudley. After a wizard 10If you liked this book, you’ll love…
named Hagrid tells that Harry is a wizard, If you liked this book you will like the
Harry heads off to Hogwarts. There he rest in the series: Harry Potter and the
meets two friends: Hermione Granger and Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the
Ron Weasley. They find out that their Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter and the
school is guarding the sorcerer’s stone, a Goblet of fire Harry Potter and the Order
stone of eternal life. So, they go to get of Phoenix Harry Potter and the Half-blood
it before it falls into the wrong hands of Prince Harry Potter and the Deathly
Voldemort, the evil wizard who killed Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.
Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone.ppt
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Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone

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