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History of the Great Lakes
History of the Great Lakes
Lake Erie
Lake Erie
Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario
Lake Huron
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan
Lake Superior
Lake Superior
Zebra Mussels
Zebra Mussels
Zebra Mussels
Zebra Mussels
Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks
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History of the Great Lakes

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1History of the Great Lakes. 14Basin can hold water from all four of the
2Summary. Formation About the Great other lakes with room to spare.
Lakes The Individual Lakes The Great Lakes 15Facts. There are more than 30,000
Restoration Act Restoration Goals. islands in Lake Huron The oldest
3Formation. About a billion years ago, lighthouse in the US is located on the
a fracture in the earth generated volcanic shore of Lake Ontario at Fort Niagara Lake
activity that practically split North Huron and Lake Michigan are hydrologically
America. Over the next 20 million years, inseparable and together cover 45,300
lava flowed from this fracture. square miles. Winds have produced a water
4Formation. When the glaciers arrived, difference in Lake Erie of over 16 feet.
the lava turned into ice. Once the 16Management of the Great Lakes. The
glaciers started melting, they left high Great Lakes are located between two
ridges which lead to huge lakes. These countries, so it may create some
lakes are now what we call the Great difficulty when trying to manage them.
Lakes. Both governments may have different
5About the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes perspectives on issues, though they agree
border two countries, eight states, and that restoration is highly important.
two provinces. United States: Illinois, 17The Clean Water Act. In 1977, the
Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, New Clean Water Act was passed to help
York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Canada: regulate the discharge of pollutants into
Ontario, Quebec. the US waters. Decades later, toxic
6http://www.canadainfolink.ca/greatlksb contaminants and runoff continued to
sin.jpg. pollute the lakes, so it was decided that
7About the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes something more needed to be done.
form the largest freshwater system on 18The Great Lakes Restoration Act. In
Earth covering over 94,000 miles. Lake July of 2003, the Great Lakes
Erie Lake Huron Lake Michigan Lake Ontario Environmental Restoration Act, introduced
Lake Superior Their connecting channels. by Senator DeWine and sponsored by Senator
8Lake Erie. Lake Erie is the smallest Voinovich, was passed. The Act dedicates
of the five lakes with about 120 cubic $6 billion over 10 years to help restore
miles in volume. Because of it’s lush and protect the Great Lakes.
soils, the basin is the most densely 19Goals. Many things need to be done,
populated and therefore exposed to the but there are three main goals of the
greatest effects of urbanization and Restoration Act. Stop the spread of
agriculture. It covers parts of Indiana, invasive species Restore the fish and
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, wildlife habitat Clean up contaminated
and Ontario. areas.
http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/fisher 20Goal #1. It is important to stop the
epic.htm. spread of invasive species such as
9Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario holds over lampreys and zebra mussels because they
three times the volume of Lake Erie, about prey on our native wildlife and are also
395 cubic miles. More urbanization and dangerous to boaters and anglers. In the
agriculture takes part on the Canadian past decade, the cost to businesses and
shores than the US shores. Ontario covers citizens due to invasive species was about
parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Ontario, $10 billion!
and Quebec. 21Zebra Mussels. Lamprey.
http://t3.preservice.org/T0211488/lakeonta http://nas.er.usgs.gov/zebra.mussel/.
io.html. http://www.iowadnr.com/fish/iafish/abl-car
10Lake Huron. Lake Huron is the third .html.
largest with a volume of 850 cubic miles. 22Goal #2. An estimated 70% of the Great
It is joined to Lake Michigan by the Lakes wetlands have already been lost so
Straits of Mackinac and is intensely it extremely important to restore what
farmed. Lake Huron covers parts of remains. These wetlands are crucial for
Michigan and Ontario. fish and other water foul, to prevent
http://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/communication erosion of soil, to provide recreation,
/greatlakes/GlacialGift/lake_huron.html. and much more.
11Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the 23Wood Ducks. Lady Slipper.
second largest with a volume of about http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/image/.
1,180 cubic miles. It is the only of the 24Goal #3. Toxic pollutants make waters
five lakes that is entirely within the US. unsafe for swimming, fish unsafe for
Joined to Lake Huron, it covers parts of eating, and habitats unfit of wildlife.
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and This is why it is extremely important to
Wisconsin. clean up these contaminated sites. An
http://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/communication estimated $8 billion is needed to clean up
/greatlakes/GlacialGift/lake_michigan.html previously designated sites.
12Lake Superior. Lake Superior is the 25http://www.seagrant.umn.edu/pubs/vgl/i
largest of them all with a volume of s2.html.
almost 3,000 cubic miles! Besides being 26Although the Great Lakes seem big and
the largest of the Great Lakes, it also powerful, they are still in great danger.
has the largest surface of any other It is the only water system of it’s kind
freshwater lake in the world. It is the in size and ecological diversity.
coldest and deepest lake, so there is Containing forest, wetland, marsh, and
little agriculture. Lake Superior covers dune communities, it is essential to both
parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, humans and wildlife as it provides food,
and Ontario. homes and recreation for many.
http://t3.preservice.org/T0211488/lakesupe 27Sources.
ior.html. http://www.great-lakes.net/teach/envt/
13The Connecting Channels. St. Lawrence http://whale.wheelock.edu/watersheds/great
River Niagara River St. Clair River akes/GreatLakessomefact.html
Detroit River. http://www.theoec.org/cwater_glrest.html
14Facts. The Great Lakes hold about http://www.detnews.com/2004/editorial/0401
one-fifth of the entire world’s supply of 27/a09-46866.htm
freshwater and nine-tenths of the US http://www.nwf.org/enviroaction/index.cfm?
supply. They are the source of over 40 rticleId=290&issueId=32
million American and Canadian’s drinking http://www.yourexpedition.com/umbrella_pag
water. Feeds/houses over 3,500 species of s/pressroom/gl_facts.html.
plants and animals. The Lake Superior
History of the Great Lakes.ppt
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History of the Great Lakes

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