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Beginning steps Contd
Beginning steps Contd
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Автор: Alicia Wargowsky. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «How to Avoid a Power Point Disaster.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 121 КБ.

How to Avoid a Power Point Disaster

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1How to Avoid a Power Point Disaster. 10copy the music file to your computer!! 10.
For Projects, Oral Defense and Symposia 11Fonts. Do not use unusual fonts unless
Created by Alicia Wargowsky & Christen you… embed them in your power point To
Rae Revised by Julie Sanchez Fall 2010. learn how to embed fonts into your
2Introduction. A basic template is PowerPoint, visit
available from the BATS website http://support.microsoft.com/kb/826832.
http://dickmalott.squarespace.com/psy-4600 11.
survey-of-applied-beh/. 2. 12Fonts Contd. Do use: Font colors that
3General Presentation Tips. Never read contrast with the background, e.g. a light
the content of a slide or stay quiet font color with a dark background Do not
during your entire power point Use your use: blue font color on a black background
presentation as a guideline let the a yellow font color, unless it is on a
audience read it to the background music black background and using yellow in
OR provide spoken elaboration of bulleted graphs never works! 12.
points. 3. 13Video & pictures. Use original
4General Presentation Tips Contd. Don’t digital photos or videos about you and the
use esoteric or unusual abbreviations project you worked on! Use clip art to
Refrain from using automatic slide fill spaces that are empty! Use a graphic
transition Read through the text of your on each slide or else your presentation
slide 3 times before advancing to the next will be boring. Remember: complex,
slide. 4. pop-up/flashing pictures can be
5Beginning steps. Create a specific distracting. 13.
folder for each PowerPoint presentation on 14Themes. Students often use themes in
your computer where you will save the PPT slide shows. While your presentation
following: PowerPoint Presentation should be colorful, creative, and
Embedded Font Music file To Create a entertaining, themes are very distracting.
folder on Desktop: Right Click on your 14.
desktop Select “New”, and then “Folder”. 15Themes Contd. Do Not use themes,
5. especially TV shows or cartoons (like
6Beginning steps Contd. To Save your Simpsons or Friends)! Unless you are
PowerPoint file: Open PowerPoint program REALLY GOOD at them! Unless it is a good
Save the file in the folder created above theme for what you are talking about!
Save as “last name.semesteryear.” E.g. Instead use clip art, original photos, and
Malott.Fall2010 You may now begin making videos about your project or research ?
your Killer PowerPoint Presentation! 6. 15.
7Music. To insert Music into your 16Appendix A: Content for P499 &
slideshow: Be sure that the music file is BATS MA Students. Follow the outline of
saved as an MP3 file. Locate the sound your thesis Focus on your system’s
file you are looking for. Copy this file disconnects and how you have fixed them
and paste it or move it into the into the Only use the 3-Con model if it applies to
presentation/slideshow folder you have the participants of your project rather
created. Go back to your PowerPoint than applying it to yourself or your
program. Click Insert on the toolbar, supervisor. 16.
select “Movies and Sounds.” Select “Sound 17Appendix A Contd. Just present your
from File” and locate the sound file from project, not the BRSS or the BRSS
the presentation folder than you have contingencies. Show the responsibilities
created. Click OK once you have found your of each student participating in your
sound file. 7. project and how it contributes to the
8Music Contd. Select “Yes” when overall goal of your project. Show
prompted to play music automatically Drag relevant samples of material that you have
the music-speaker icon off the slide. developed, if applicable (e.g.=manual).
Right click on the icon and select, 17.
“Custom Animation.”. 8. 18Appendix B: Presentation Checklist.
9Music Contd. In the Custom Animation Title Slide. Slide with Comments. Question
task pane on the right hand side, arrange & Thank You Slide. Clip Art. Charts,
the list of effects so that the Music file Diagrams. Remove Speaker Icon off the
is at the top. Click on the music file, slide. Music Avoid loud music or music
and from the scroll down menu select with lyrics Remember to copy music in
“Effect Options,” and then “Effect.” Enter folder. Avoid using distracting
the number of slides you want the music to backgrounds Do not use blue font color on
play in by adding a number in the “stop a black background Do not use yellow font
playing after” box. 9. color in text or graphs. Do Not read from
10General Tips for Music. Do not use the slides. No more than 8 words a
music with lyrics or loud instrumental sentence & no more than 6 lines in a
music. Make sure the transition between slide. 18.
songs is smooth. The song should NOT have 19Appendix B: Presentation Checklist.
any lyrics unless they are truly relevant Bullets Bullets come down one at a time
to your presentation. Be thoughtful and Bullet style should be consistent
original with your music! ? Remember to throughout the PowerPoint. 19.
How to Avoid a Power Point Disaster.ppt
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How to Avoid a Power Point Disaster

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