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Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding
Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding
Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding
Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding
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Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding. 8close as possible to the elements modelled
Joint Nordic Implementation project. in the UML Application Schema. an API for
Morten Borreb?k Norwegian Mapping building the Java memory structure from an
Authority, Email: XML file/stream and for writing the Java
morten.borrebaek@statkart.no. memory structure to an XML file. The XML
2Objectives. verification for ISO/TC file/stream referred to in the previous
211 that its model-based approach to item is conforming to the XML Schema/DTD
interoperability is feasible and according to ISO 19118, which again is
beneficial feedback to the derived from the UML Application Schema.
standardsproposal in the 19100-series Alt 1. XML Schema /DTD. according. Alt 2.
increased awareness of the ISO 19100 to. ISO 19118. XML doc. Data Instances.
standards family (among the participating (ISO format). Conforming to. Application.
countries and in the rest of the world) Schema(UML).
hands-on experience for further use in 9Sun’s XML Data Binding Specification –
Finland ,Norway, Denmark , Sweden and a higher level API. An implementation of
Iceland. XDB (XML Data Bindings) specification
3ISO 19118 encoding & Data takes an XML Schema/DTD as input and
interchange. System A. d. System B. ISO generates Java classes. The generated Java
19118 Encoding. i. Application schema UML. classes will be directly corresponding to
Encoding service R. Data transfer. the XML elements defined in the XML
Internal schema A. Internal schema B. i. Schema/DTD. The Java classes will have an
M. M. Encoding service. R. d. Transfer API for accessing the properties of each
services. Transfer services. Internal data class as well as marshall- and
system dependent. Internal databasel. unmarshall-methods, that is methods for
Internal databasel. Application schema write and read of XML from and to Java
structure, system dependent. Application memory structure. XML Schema/ DTD. Sun’s
schema structure, system independent XML. input. Data Binding. impl. output.
ENCODED DATASET). System boundary. System Java. follows. classes. instance of. XML.
boundary. File. File. system. system. Java objects. Document. Unmarshall.
Defines. Data flow. AC. CB. -1. Marshall.
4Requirements/referencens. Rational 10Overall summary. The results show that
Rose 98 or higher (modeler edition). it is possible to use software tools to
Breeze XML Studio version 2.2 automate the generation of XML Schema (or
(www.breezefactor.com) Java runtime DTD) based on an application schema
version. NLS Cadaster Application Schema, expressed in UML using the XML Encoding
version 1.0, 2000-12-07 ISO CD 19118.2 rules. However, on several points the UML
Encoding, ISO/TC 211 N917, 2000-05-09 and diagrams in the different standards are
ISO 19118 XML Based encoding rules, not sufficient clear to allow a
2000-09-25, which outlines the changes model-based approach. The resulting manual
planned in ISO CD 19118.3. ISO/DIS 19107 interpretation indicates that the
Spatial, ISO/TC211 N1032, 2000-12-19 standards need further work to achieve the
ISO/DIS 19115 Metadata, ISO/TC211 N1024, goal of interoperability.
2000-12-12 ISO CD 19103.1 Conceptual 11Summary. The software tools created in
Schema Language ISO/TC211 N755, 1999-07-21 this project demonstrates that the
(updated for comment in WG1 autumn 2000). generation of XML Schema (or DTD) based on
Sun’s XML Data Binding (XDB): application schemas expressed in UML using
java.sun.com/xml. Software. References. the XML Encoding rules can be automated
5Encoding process. System B. System A. with minimal human intervention. However,
Norway. Finland. NLS Application Schema. manual intervention is sometimes required.
(UML). UML to XML. XML Schema/DTD. GML to Imprecise UML models and/or the wish for a
ISOXML. ISO XML document. GML XML more efficient encoding result in the need
document. Java XDB API. The goal of the to define exceptions from the general XML
test case is to demonstrate information Encoding rules and thus manual
exchange between two different systems intervention. This may be caused by
using the ISO/TC 211 model-based approach. imprecise modelled classes that needs
The systems are selected by the Finnish further interpretation, for example that
Mapping Authority (Kartakeskus Oy) (System some classes should have been modelled as
B) and by the Norwegian Mapping Authority basic types instead of data types or as
(System A). System B is capable of data types instead of classes. Or that
exporting a XML document based on OpenGIS extensive use of inheritance has led to
GML specification. 19118 XML Encoding. classes having a number of inherited
validates. attributes that are superfluous or
6Configuration, XML-schema/DTD. Equal inconsistent. On several points the UML
for 19107p and 19115c. The UML2CFG.ebs diagrams in the different standards are
were used to produce the following three not sufficient clear to allow a
configuration files: Produces automaticly model-based approach.
the corresponding DTD and XSD files using 12Feedback to ISO 191xx standards. CSL:
the bat-files: CFG2DTD CFG2XSD. The current version of CSL cannot be used
Configuration files: XML Schema and DTD for a model-based approach. The Conceptual
production. NLS Application Schema. (UML). Schema Language standard defines the basic
Configuration file. XML Schema. DTD. UML types used in the different standards and
model Configuration file NLS Application in application schemas. These types need
Schema.mdl NLS.cfg.xml All ISO to be defined in a consistent way.
Combined.mdl 19107p.cfg.xml Currently the data types are modelled as
19115c.cfg.xml. UML2CFG.ebs. CFG2XSD. plain classes even if they are basic
CFG2DTD. types. Does that mean that they should
7Mapping from GML format to ISO 19118 have identity? It is therefore a need to
XML. Two XSLT scripts implement a mapping introduce a new stereotype
from GML format to ISO 19118 XML Encoding <<BasicType>>, i.e. a type
format. There is currently no XSLT mapping that has defined a canonical encoding. A
from ISO 19118 XML format to GML format. number of explicit modelled attributes and
There are two mappings that results in operations should either be explained or
almost equal XML files. The difference is removed from the models.
that one is validated against a DTD, the 13Feedback to ISO 191xx standards.
other against an XML Schema. Finland. Spatial: A profile of the Spatial schema
GML2ISOXML-dtd.xsl GML2ISOXML-schema.xsl. had to be developed from scratch and could
XML Schema/DTD. GML XML document. GML to not be based directly on the existing
ISOXML. ISO XML document. validates. Spatial UML model. This because the
8XML Data binding. The goal is to textual conformance clauses override the
provide the users with a set of Java UML model and the correlation between the
classes for accessing the elements text and the model is insufficient.
modelled in the Application Schema. Metadata: Only a citation subset of the
Preferably the Java classes provide (Alt metadata schema was used. The only problem
2): ISO 19109. Java memory. structure found was the definition of a class URL,
with. XML r/w. an API for accessing the which clearly is a basic data type.
Java memory structure corresponding as 14Http://www.statkart.no/standard/jnip.
Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding.ppt
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Implementation of ISO 19118 Encoding

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