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Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
Consortium and Areas
The figures
The figures
Further information
Further information
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Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Information about the Talk English 19attend at least a third of the course (8
Community Fund May 2015. hours) Outcomes are based on 15 learners
2English Language Competition. ‘to per course- if this is not achievable,
discover innovative ways of delivering plan more courses Completed screeners,
community-based English language enrolment forms and registers are required
programmes that will help to integrate as evidence Data from forms and registers
participants into their local communities’ to be reported to DCLG via Manchester.
DCLG, 2013. 20Talk English Activities. Supported by
3Project beneficiaries. have little or volunteers Can be accessed by learners
no English language unable to access from Pre-entry – Entry 2/3 Activities must
mainstream ESOL support, as delivered via be at least 1 hour, preferably longer
the Skills Funding Agency. live in areas Learners count after attending once, but
with high demand for ESOL are aged 19+. should be encouraged to attend more
4Consortium and Areas. Completed short enrolment forms and
5The figures. England & Wales. activity attendance lists are required as
England & Wales. Original Areas. evidence Data from forms and attendance
Original Areas. Population. Cannot speak lists to be reported to DCLG via
English well. Cannot speak English. 54 Manchester.
million. 54 million. 2.2 million. 2.2 21Types of Activities.
million. 725,639. 1.3%. 13,804. 2.6%. 22Planning. Each partner is expected to
137,511. 0.3%. 62,236. 0.6%. complete and submit a standardised plan
6The figures. Office of National detailing: Spending profile Target profile
Statistics, 2011 Census: Proficiency in Action plan Details of key staff and
English, local authorities in England and partners Course and activity log (to be
Wales, accessed February 2014 at updated monthly) Training plan for
www.ons.gov.uk. volunteers Risk log N.B. The first
7Courses. Engaging 3000 learners. instalment of funding will depend on a
Taught by 500 volunteers. 210 courses. For completed plan.
beginners Take place in community settings 23Staffing considerations. Project
Taught by volunteers who are recruited and planning and delivery, including:
trained through the project. recruitment, training and support of
8Friends. Supporting 1300 learners. 400 volunteers building partnerships course
volunteers. 1:1 or small group support for and activity planning, publicity and
people learning English Attend activities monitoring recruiting and retaining
together Volunteers are trained and learners data collection, recording and
recruited through the project. reporting quality assurance and evaluation
9Activities. Engaging an additional tasks financial planning and budget
1400 learners. 4600 attendances. 500 monitoring legislation- health and safety,
activities. Informal activities where safeguarding etc.
people can practise speaking English And 24Data. Each partner is expected
learn or do something fun or different at collect, record and return data to
the same time. Manchester using project forms about:
10Here. Training 950 staff. 100 Learners Courses and activities Volunteers
organisations. Raise ESOL awareness Negotiating amount of learner data
Improve communication with people with low required and frequency of data returns
levels of English Encourage learners to (currently monthly) with the DCLG.
try out their English in real-life 25Quality & evaluation. Ensure data
situations. is collected fully and reported according
11Website. 800 learners. 375 volunteers. to requirements Internally validate
70 staff. Online learning activities enrolment forms, registers and attendance
Resources for volunteers and partner lists Provide enrolment forms, registers
organisations More information about Talk and attendance lists for verification upon
English Here. request Provide support and feedback to
12The Community Fund. Applied and volunteers Provide information about next
secured additional funding to continue and steps to learners and volunteers Collect
extend the project from July 2015 – March and share evidence of courses and
2016 Included a bid for ?175,000 to roll activities (e.g. photos, videos, news
out the project in new areas and reach stories, learner work, case studies of
2000 additional learners Organisations volunteers and learners) Participate and
expected to ‘top-up’ funding, for example: contribute to evaluative activities as
- allocate staffing / project support ‘in required.
kind’ - draw down community learning 26Publicity. Make use of Twitter and
funding for training of volunteers. Facebook to share things about the project
13New areas identified. Leeds. Contribute to the News page on the website
Wakefield. Knowsley. Ensure publicity features required logos
14Overall outputs & outcomes. Train (preferably using publicity templates
160 volunteer ESOL teachers. Provide 80 provided).
Talk English Courses. Engage 1,200 PE/ E1 27Key dates. Wednesday 17th June 2015.
ESOL learners. ?175,000. At least 80 18th – 30th June 2015. July 2015 (dates
Activities supported by Friends. Engage TBC). Monday 3rd August 2015. Monday 9th
800 ESOL learners. Reach 2000 learners in November 2015. Monday 11th January 2015.
total. Friday 25th March 2016. Deadline for
15Package outputs & outcomes. Train submission of Online Application Form.
10 volunteer ESOL teachers. Provide 5 Talk Appraisal and selection of applications;
English Courses. Engage 75 PE/ E1 ESOL negotiations, delivery plan and funding
learners. ?10,900. At least 5 Activities contract with successful organisations.
supported by Friends. Engage 50 ESOL Training and planning workshops for
learners. Reach 125 learners in total. delivery organisations. Projects start-
16In summary. ?175,000 in total to all commissioned activity must take place
engage 2000 learners Broken down into 16 between 3rd August 2015 and 25th March
packages of ?10,900 to engage 125 learners 2016 inclusive Initial payment of funding
Organisations or consortiums can apply to awarded subject to plans (34%). 2nd
deliver more than one package payment of funding awarded subject to
Organisations must be established and performance (33%). Final payment of
located in one of the areas identified or funding awarded subject to performance
provide evidence of needs Demonstrate you (33%). Projects end.
have capacity to deliver the project. 28Applying. Online application form
17Recruiting volunteers. Recruit Details and description of organisation or
suitable volunteers who are able to consortium Need for ESOL Experience of
demonstrate appropriate skills, attitude delivering similar project How many
and behaviour Teachers need L2 in spoken ‘packages’ you want to bid for
English and L1 in written English Friends Progression, quality and proposed
need L1 in spoken English and E3 in staffing.
writing Check suitability (application, https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/talkenglis
meeting, reference). communityfund2015-2016.
18Training for volunteers. Expected to 29Questions.
provide training for all volunteers. 30Further information. Send an e-mail or
Materials will be available via the call with any questions Visit our website,
website. Volunteer Teachers Essential- 15 follow us on Twitter and like us on
GLH of training Desirable- Level 3 Award Facebook Join us at Celebrate! with Talk
in Education & Training (48GLH) for English on Thursday 4 June, 10 – 1 at
those without qualifications Volunteer Manchester Cathedral.
Friends Essential- 5 GLH of training. 31Thank you! Register
19Talk English Courses. Taught by 2 www.talk-english.co.uk Follow us on
volunteers Aimed at Pre-entry – Entry 1 Twitter @TalkEnglishReg Like us on
Courses must be at least 24 GLH, Facebook Talk English.
preferably longer To count, learners must
Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015.ppt
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Information about the Talk English Community Fund May 2015

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