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Inside Flash MX 2004 March 2004 Gary Grossman, Director of Engineering
Inside Flash MX 2004 March 2004 Gary Grossman, Director of Engineering
The Essence of Flash
The Essence of Flash
simple shape tweened to move from left, to right, to left again in
simple shape tweened to move from left, to right, to left again in
Deconstructing Motion Tween SWF
Deconstructing Motion Tween SWF
Added stop() action: animation will stop after one iteration How does
Added stop() action: animation will stop after one iteration How does
ActionScript in the SWF file
ActionScript in the SWF file
ActionScript in the SWF file
ActionScript in the SWF file
Alias Text
Alias Text
Listener/broadcaster pattern More flexible, scalable, and
Listener/broadcaster pattern More flexible, scalable, and
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Inside Flash MX 2004 March 2004 Gary Grossman, Director of Engineering, Flash

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1Inside Flash MX 2004 March 2004 Gary 18feature to check for minor version r65.
Grossman, Director of Engineering, Flash. Optimizing for Flash Player 6 r65.
2The Essence of Flash. What is the 19New performance features like register
essence of Flash? That is, what are the allocation Flash Player 7 has been
key values that led to the product’s fine-tuned for performance throughout
extraordinary success? Flash is freedom of Performance work done by Flash Player team
design rich interactivity compact, “raises all boats” ... even existing
ubiquitous player Flash is the only content that hasn’t been re-exported now
product that brings design and development runs faster! For supercharged performance,
together. target your Flash movie to Flash Player 7!
3What’s in a SWF file? SWF is tag-based Performance gains in Flash Player 7.
file format What is a tag? Uniform data 20Use local variables (var) Good
block for easy parsing Perform basic programming practice Compiler can optimize
operations in Flash Player “Machine code” local variables to registers Significant
of Flash Player What are typical tags? performance benefits In following example,
stagDefineShape stagPlaceObject every variable and parameter can be
stagShowFrame SWF file format is optimized into a register. Local
documented at variables.
http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/o 21It used to improve performance to use
en/licensing/fileformat/ Best illustrated shorter variable names Still true for
by a simple example... timeline variables and object members Not
4simple shape tweened to move from true for local variables allocated to
left, to right, to left again in loop. registers Name of variable doesn’t even go
Motion Tween SWF. in SWF Also, harder to decompile your SWF
5Deconstructing Motion Tween SWF. Best practice: Use variable names that are
shapes and sprites are characters each reasonable but not overly verbose.
character has a unique ID (#1, #2) shape Variable names.
#1 is defined sprite #2 (movie clip) is 22The Dot or Slash Notation Debate. Dot
defined using the shape initial place tag notation (Flash 5 and later):
creates instance of sprite each timeline results.obj.value Slash notation (Flash
frame is delimited by show frame 4): results/obj:value Some Flashcoders
subsequent place tags move the existing discovered that slash notation is
instance main timeline automatically loops sometimes faster than dot notation Not
when end of SWF tag stream is reached. necessarily true now, because slash
6Flash execution model. Flash Player notation cannot take advantage of register
starts at beginning of SWF and executes allocation Slash notation had to be taken
tags one after the other, like reading a out of AS2 to support strong typing.
tape Entire SWF resides in memory, but 23Common sub-expression elimination. The
playback can start when only one frame is following code contains common
loaded, so SWF’s can stream Player tries sub-expressions: The code runs faster if
to display graphics on Frame 1 even when we factor out the CSE’s: Many compilers
not completely loaded; results in some can factor out CSE’s automatically.
quirks When a showFrame tag is hit, the ActionScript can’t do this yet, so
frame is displayed to the user Rewinding factoring CSE’s yourself will provide
on a long Timeline can be slow, because performance benefits. Expect to see many
entire SWF must be re-parsed from compiler optimizations in the future.
beginning to the desired point. 24ActionScript 2.0. Real OOP much better
7Added stop() action: animation will for managing complexity Cleaner, easier to
stop after one iteration How does it look read code Greater maintainability Demo:
in the SWF? Motion Tween: A touch of Puzzle, TipCalculator examples AS2
ActionScript. compiles down to AS1, so it is backwards
8ActionScript in the SWF file. some compatible to Flash Player 6 In future,
tags contain action records action records compiler will optimize for language model
contain stream of action bytecodes Flash One can go crazy and “overengineer” with
compiles ActionScript source code into too many classes. One must strike the
stream of action bytecodes action right balance.
bytecodes can represent simple actions 25Consider the following AS1 code: var
(stop), up to sophisticated scripts FLASM myXML = new XML();
is a tool that can disassemble the myXML.loadd("menu.xml"); The
bytecodes in a SWF compiler will not detect any error. In
http://flasm.sourceforge.net. AS2, you can specify variable type: var
9Frame actions, on/onClipEvent, myXML:XML = new XML();
callbacks and listeners are all queued up myXML.loadd("menu.xml"); The
and executed before frame is displayed compiler will detect that
Flash Player is not multi-threaded "loadd" is not a method of XML,
Typically runs in same thread as browser, saving you debugging time. Benefits of
via system timer callback Scripts must Typed Variables.
exit nicely, thus 15 seconds warning if 26Pitfalls of Typed Variables. This code
they don’t One reason we don’t have uses a common AS1 pattern: class Menu {
“updateStage” like Director. ActionScript public function initXML() { var myXML:XML
execution model. = new XML(); myXML.owner = this;
10Frame rate is not guaranteed Frames myXML.onLoad = function () {
are dropped only when using streaming this.owner.callback(); }
sound, to maintain sync All ActionScript myXML.load("menu.xml"); } public
is executed, even on dropped frames. Do function callback() { ... } } The compiler
frames ever get skipped? will give error on "owner“ because
11Does setInterval guarantee millisecond owner is not a member of XML. How to
accuracy? No. There is a system timer used solve?
for all timeline execution. The same timer 27Pitfalls of Typed Variables: Solution.
is used for all setIntervals. Accuracy is One solution is to leverage variable
typically to 10X frame rate and no more In scoping rules class Menu { public function
future, setInterval may be more accurate initXML() { var myXML:XML = new XML(); var
onEnterFrame may give smoother results. owner = this; myXML.onLoad = function () {
Interval timers. owner.callback(); }
12Unicode. Software and Web are becoming myXML.load("menu.xml"); } public
global commodities Growing number of function callback() { ... } } Local
companies deliver products in many variable "owner" is visible to
languages Example: Flash MX 2004 available function defined within a function.
in 11 languages SWF file format has been 28V2 components. Built in AS2 for use in
Unicode (UTF-8) since Flash Player 6 Flash AS2 Macromedia HALO look and feel Advanced
MX 2004 authoring tool is now fully features for Rich Internet Application
Unicode Create multilingual content development Focus Manager Depth Manager
without switching system languages. Popup Manager CSS styles Accessibility
13Over 1.1 million Unicode characters Integrated with Data Binding For small use
Font chaining is means of avoiding cases, updated V1 components available as
gibberish characters If a needed glyph is extension on Flash support center:
not in the selected font, another font is http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/exchange
found which has it Operating system index.cfm?view=sn111&extID=1009423.
determines which font is used for chained 29Listener/broadcaster pattern More
glyphs Eliminates need for flexible, scalable, and object-oriented
language-specific device fonts Can use than V1 callback function approach
_sans, _serif, _typewriter instead. Font Centralize event handling code in AS2
Chaining. classes. V2 Components: Event Model.
14System.useCodePage. Means of working 30Pitfalls of V2 Event Model. This code
with data in non-Unicode encodings has two common errors class Menu extends
(EUC-KR) Must be set on Frame 1 and not mx.screens.Form { var
changed later. Behavior is undefined if myButton:mx.controls.Button; function
you alter it later! All client/server Menu() {
communication will be conducted in system myButton.addEventListener(“click”,
code page: XML XMLSocket LoadVars onButtonClicked); } public function
loadVariables Internally, everything is onButtonClicked() { ... } } Constructor is
still converted to Unicode. too early to add event listeners... wait
15Alias Text. A key advantage of Flash until onLoad Due to behavior of
over HTML has always been ability to use ActionScript function references,
any fonts you desire, and embed them in onButtonClicked will be executed in
the SWF Flash text looks blurry at small myButton’s context, which is not desired
point sizes due to lack of hint behavior.
information Solution has been to use 31Pitfalls of V2 Event Model: Solution.
device fonts for small text Alias Text Many different strategies exist for event
feature makes small text crisp & handling One approach is EventProxy,
readable Backwards compatible: Flash posted on Mike Chambers’s blog
Player 7 not required! Example: Lucida http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/004286
Sans Unicode, 10 point text, zoomed 400%. cfm class Menu extends mx.screens.Form {
16ActionScript optimizations: Register var myButton:mx.controls.Button; public
allocation. ActionScript interpreter is function onLoad() {
called “AVM”, ActionScript VM AVM is stack myButton.addEventListener(“click”, new
machine and also has registers 4 initial EventProxy(this, onButtonClicked)); }
registers were added in Flash 5 but not public function onButtonClicked() { ... }
used heavily by compiler until Flash MX }.
2004 Flash MX 2004 uses registers to get 32The new JSAPI in Flash MX 2004 offers
massive performance boost for ActionScript lots of possibilities for automating Flash
code Flash Player 6 r65 and Flash Player 7 Example: Command-line compilation with
support up to 256 registers to further FlashCommand by Mike Chambers
boost performance. http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/003656
17Flash Player 6 register allocation. cfm FlashCommand can be used to create an
Only 4 registers in AVM for Flash Player 6 automated build system for a team
r:0, r:1, r:2, r:3 r:0 reserved for developing with Flash. Integrating Flash
compiler use So, 3 registers available for into production environment.
local variables Compiler determines 3 most 33Many people want to know: How can I
popular variables and allocates to prevent people from decompiling my SWF? As
registers If you open a Flash MX FLA file the SWF specification is open, it is not
in FMX 2004 and export... It will run possible to prevent decompilers like ASV.
faster! Even if “Optimize for r65” is not Suggestions: Obfuscation by register
checked. allocation will help a little. All
18New checkbox in Publish Settings... client/server communication should require
What’s with it? Flash Player r65 Player proper authentication on the server side
release code named “Firefox” Added Push sensitive logic that could be
“defineFunction2” opcode, making large harmfully spoofed up to the server side;
performance boost possible w/ 256 Flash should be “presentation tier” only.
registers Need Flash MX 2004 to export Macromedia is aware of this issue and is
SWF’s that leverage Flash Player 6 r65 looking for solutions. Code Security.
Higher penetration than Flash Player 7 34Demo. Dynamic Generation of SWF.
(for now) Use new Flash Player Detection 35Questions?
Inside Flash MX 2004 March 2004 Gary Grossman, Director of Engineering, Flash.ppt
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Inside Flash MX 2004 March 2004 Gary Grossman, Director of Engineering, Flash

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