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Interview Strategies that Work: How to Get the Job You Want

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1Interview Strategies that Work: How to 10certification, computer skills) Judges
Get the Job You Want. Jill M. Sullivan, comments from large-group festival Awards.
Ph.D. Arizona State University January 13, 11Electronic Portfolio. Burn a CD or
2007 Arizona Music Educators 71st give a web address Leave CD with the
In-service Conference Mesa. interviewer Demonstrates you have
2Introductions. University of Toledo technology skills.
study reported that most job interviewees 12What to Say. According to a survey
have 30 seconds to make their impression given to recruiters by an executive search
on their interviewer. firm, another common mistake in interviews
3What to Do to Make a Good First was people being unprepared. Prepare
Impression. Nonverbal communication is key answers to common interview questions.
Firm handshake Toothy smile Eye contact Write answers down. Practice answering
Breaking eye contact is fine, but don’t questions out loud. Be positive and
look down. Make eye contact with all pleasant. Ask questions.
members of the interview committee. 13Questions Asked Most Frequently in
Sitting - lean slightly forward Personal Music Teacher Interviews. Classroom
grooming. Management/Discipline Teaching and
4Quotes from Music Interviewees. “I Learning Philosophy.
would say the number one thing that hires 14Think in Fives. 5 intelligent
new teachers is personality! How you come questions to ask 5 key points about your
across during your first impression is background 5 interesting points about the
critical.” “Your transcripts, portfolio, school and/or job.
and references are very important, but if 15Things to Avoid Saying. Wait to
an interviewer does not like what they see mention money until the job has been
at first glance, you won’t have a chance! offered. Avoid negativity toward previous
Be energetic! employers or any negativity at all. Keep
5What to Wear. According to a survey by your answers short and cogent. According
American Career Executives given to to the survey given to the recruiters, too
recruiters, fatal mistakes in an interview much talk was the biggest mistake in
include someone poorly dressed or someone interviews.
with bad hygiene. Dress more formal than 16Types of Interviews. Screening
your typical work day. A suit is a winner! Interview Committees One-on-One.
Men: tie and jacket with nice pressed 17How to Handle Your Nerves. Be
slacks and polished shoes are fine Women: prepared. Give yourself plenty of time to
jacket with slacks, skirt, dress, prepare. Take your time giving a response.
pantyhose, polished shoes, closed-toe. Act confident regardless of how you feel
6Quote from Music Interviewee. “Even inside. Practice interviewing. Try to
though you may want an elementary avoid nervous ticks. Getting an interview
position, dress as though you are should be a confidence builder. Remember:
interviewing to be CEO of a large company. the school called you for an interview!
Every time I wore my power suit, I was 18Mock Interviews. Ask your mentor
called back for a second interview.”. teacher and/or a principal to give you a
7What to Take into an Interview. mock interview. Ask your college
Notepad and pen Small briefcase Portfolio supervisor to set this up in your
Extra copies of your r?sum?, reference student-teaching seminar. Give them the
letters, and transcripts. questions from my handout. Have your local
8First Impressions on Paper. CMENC chapter invite in an administrator
Applications Letters (inquiry,cover, or local supervisor of music and have a
follow-up) R?sum? Clear, clean format No panel discussion about interviewing
mistakes Laser printed Cotton or linen strategies.
paper with matching envelopes. 19Turning Down a Job Tactfully. Respond
9First Impressions with People. Peers in 48 hours. Express your appreciation.
Faculty Members Praise the school district. Position
Field-Experience/Observation Mentors didn’t match your career goals. Indicate
Student-Teaching Mentors. how difficult this decision was.
10Interview Portfolio. R?sum? Letters of 20Top 10 Things Never to Do in an
recommendation List of references Sample Interview. See interview handout.
lesson plans with video Recital CD Video 21Contact Me! Jill.Sullivan@asu.edu
clip with you conducting at a concert www.public.asu.edu/~jmsulli/courses.htm
Classroom rules Instructional strategies Ask me follow-up questions or concerns
Programs (recital, concerts, student about interviewing. Share with me
teaching) Photographs (professional and questions you were asked that weren’t on
personal) Philosophy statement Student my handout. Share with me your interview
work Example of tests Rubrics Handbook experiences. Let me know what part of this
Special skills (bi-lingual, Orff workshop was most useful to you.
Interview Strategies that Work: How to Get the Job You Want.ppt
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Interview Strategies that Work: How to Get the Job You Want

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