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Why? School Bags and Lockers
Why? School Bags and Lockers
Why? School Bags and Lockers
Why? School Bags and Lockers
Why? School Bags and Lockers
Why? School Bags and Lockers
Why Ipads
Why Ipads
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IPads 4 Students

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1iPads 4 Students. Presentation to 8and pedagogical expertise for schools.
Parents / Confey College / 9th March 2015. Research: Research is available from
2Introduction. M. O’Byrne (Principal) Canada and Australia to support the use of
Bernadine (Leixlip Credit Union) Question iPads in schools as teaching and learning
& Answers. devices.
3Why? Potential of Emerging Technology. 9When? Timetable Todate. Kildare
Emerging technologies enable students to Wicklow ETB has adopted a phased approach
engage in activities beyond the four walls to the introduction of iPads for learning.
of the classroom, to practice solving May 2012 KWETB teachers provided with an
real?life problems in context, to search iPad and familiarisation training. May –
vast databases, to communicate with September 2012 Schools prepare
students around the world and to create infrastructure for teacher iPads. Pipers
multimedia reports using the power of Hill, Naas introduce iPads and eBooks to
graphics, video and sound. incoming 1st Years September 2012
4Why? School Bags and Lockers. Frees Inservice training day (1) on the use of
your son/daughter from slavery of a iPads as a teaching and learning device
massively heavy schoolbag (A4 Folder) All January – March 2013 Decision to proceed
subjects are contained in the one tablet with Student roll-out Inservice training
and does away with the stress of delivered by Confey teachers on use of
forgetting individual books. Particularly iPads September 2013 All 1st years have
in early “settling-in” period of 1st Year. iPads September 2015 All Junior
5Why? Digital Content Creators. The Certificate students will have iPads.
following is a list of examples of types 10iPads - Dates 2015. March 9th
of evidence of student’s learning that can Presentation to Parents eBook list
be presented the portfolio written work - finalised and Infrastructure May 25th
(stories, letters, poetry) project work Wriggle open online ordering system for
and/or work in visual arts charts or parents July 10th Wriggle close online
diagrams photographs video-recordings of ordering system for parents August 10th
the student’s participation in an activity Deployment day (D-Day) in school to setup
or achievement recordings of musical work iPads. Parent must attend with student.
a learning record for example a structured Download eBooks for core subjects August
logbook, a diary, a selective record of 28th First Year Induction day –
events or experiences over a period of eSafety/eMail accounts iPads in the
time, or an electronic record (including classroom Mop-up day to be announced.
possibilities of the use of speech to text October Download eBooks for option
software). subjects Parents information session –
6Why? Educational Publishers. The Internet Safety.
Irish Educational Publishers’ Association 11Insurance. Cover will be on the
Survey (August, 2012) working towards a following basis: Accidental
full curriculum in digital format to help Damage/Malicious Damage/Theft cover of
reduce the weight of the school bag, IPad’s, Note the excess amount.
enhance the teaching and learning 12Cost - iPads (2015). Cost of IPad IPad
experience and enable significant savings Air 16GB Wifi * € 389.00 IPad case
to be passed on to parents. Teacher (Griffen)* € 40.00 Deployment € 20.00
collaboratively creating own textbooks Service/Support € 36.00 Insurance
(similar to music industry). (T&C) € 40.00 Total € 525.00 * 3G not
7Why? Learning and Teaching. Current Allowed. * School will contribute €10
research finds the benefits of a device in towards cost of case.
the hands of every student are to extend 13Cost – Bottom Line. Average cost of
and enrich learning by: Shifting 1st Year printed booklist in Confey
instruction towards more student-centered College was €450 - €470 With publishers
learning,— move from passive to active discount the average will be brought down
Learning Focusing on 21st Century to: €350 est. Total Cost to parent = €875
learning, including critical and creative Payment in May-July.
thinking, collaboration, communication, 14Notes. There is a financial outlay but
self-direction, global awareness and it is an investment in your son/daughter’s
cultural literacy. Using online and education iPads can get lost/damaged or
embedded assessments in formative and stolen. That is why the insurance package
summative capacities. Increasing student is built into cost. However, there is
engagement, motivation and enthusiasm for still a responsibility on student and
learning. parent to mind their property. It is the
8Why Ipads? Apps: There are 80,000 apps parent/student responsibility to ensure
designed specifically for education to IPad is charged every night-bit like
leverage its potential as a teaching and making the lunch!
learning device in the iTunes store (March 15Notes. eBooks Licences are for 3 years
2015). Resilience: iPads have a solid up to and including Junior Cert Dept of
state hard-drive (no moving pieces), thus, Education exam still insist on physical
failure rate is very low. Apple iOS 5 writing for Junior and Leaving Cert so
resilient to viruses and bugs. Battery: homework will continue to be in a written
Apple iPads has the longest battery life format. Parents own the iPad and need to
(10 hours) from a single charge. Support: set clear rules for use of the iPad at
Apple has Irish resellers with Education home. This include time doing homework on
Specialists providing technical supports the iPad and downloading of apps.
IPads 4 Students.ppt
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IPads 4 Students

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