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ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
ITUC Bodies
In the beginning of establishment …
In the beginning of establishment …
Conference participants …
Conference participants …
1st PERC Youth Committee
1st PERC Youth Committee
Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011)
Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011)
Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011)
Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011)
Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011)
Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011)
World Day for Decent Work - 7 October
World Day for Decent Work - 7 October
Active youth participation in different national and regional
Active youth participation in different national and regional
Active youth participation in different national and regional
Active youth participation in different national and regional
Be active
Be active
ITUC Youth Campaign on Organising Young Peopl
ITUC Youth Campaign on Organising Young Peopl
3. Special action guide to best practices on organising young people
3. Special action guide to best practices on organising young people
5. Posters
5. Posters
5. Posters
5. Posters
5. Posters
5. Posters
6. Facebook
6. Facebook
6. Facebook
6. Facebook
7. ITUC`s Youth Blog
7. ITUC`s Youth Blog
make a difference
make a difference
Decisions for Life Campaign
Decisions for Life Campaign
Young women’s decisions
Young women’s decisions
Target groups
Target groups
Target groups
Target groups
Trade Union Campaign
Trade Union Campaign
Trade Union Campaign
Trade Union Campaign
Trade Union Campaign
Trade Union Campaign
Key Dates
Key Dates
Key Dates
Key Dates
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Campaign Material
Why women’s websites
Why women’s websites
Results reached so far
Results reached so far
Results reached so far
Results reached so far
Results reached so far
Results reached so far
International Young Women`s Conference
International Young Women`s Conference
Stay connected
Stay connected
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ITUC Policy, Campaigns and Activities for Young Workers

содержание презентации «ITUC Policy, Campaigns and Activities for Young Workers.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1ITUC Policy, Campaigns and Activities 39Nuclear weapons -
for Young Workers. Daniela Aleksieva http://www.ituc-csi.org/peace.
President of ITUC-PERC Youth Committee. 40ITUC Campaigns: Organising Young
2Contents: What is ITUC and PERC? ITUC people “You can make a difference!”
and PERC Youth Committees – aims, Decisions for life World Day for Decent
priorities, activities and forthcoming Work Play Fair 7 Horrors of the World
events. ITUC Campaigns and activities for Decent Work Decent Life for Women World
young workers. Trade Union Body to Press Deutsche
3What is ITUC ? International Trade Telekom/ T-mobile on Employee Rights.
Union Confederation Founded on 1 November 41World Day for Decent Work - 7 October.
2006, from the merger of former ICFTU and Day of mobilization all over the world:
WLC Represents 170 million workers in 157 one day when all the trade unions in the
countries and territories and has 312 world are united and stand up for decent
national affiliates. Main principles: TU work.
Democracy & Independence. 42Active youth participation in
4ITUC. The ITUC’s primary mission is different national and regional
promotion and defense of workers’ rights activities. Information about all
and interests, through: - international activities – www.wddw.org Video` 2010 -
cooperation between TUs, - global http://www.wddw.org/New-article,2937#video
campaigning and - advocacy within the In 2011 WDDW will concentrate on
major global institutions. Main areas of precarious work, which refer to
activity: - trade union and human rights - non-permanent, temporary, casual, insecure
economy, society and the workplace - and contingent forms of work.
equality and non-discrimination - 43Be active! WDDW` 2011 – 7 October.
international solidarity. Please go to the WDDW web site
5Cooperation. (www.wddw.org ) for more information,
6ITUC Bodies. YOUTH Committee. WOMEN campaign materials such as the logo and
Committee. posters and to sign up your events! No
7ITUC` bodies & Youth action is too big or too small for WDDW!
representation. 1. The Congress (every 4 44ITUC Youth Campaign on Organising
year) Youth quota: our aim is min.10 % Young Peopl. ”You can make a difference!”.
participation of young delegates 2. 45Why ITUC launching this new innovative
General Council (once a year) Youth quota: campaign? Research, made by ITUC in many
2 members nominated by the YC and countries has shown that: ? young people
representing the gender parity 3. over the years have not changed their
Executive Bureau (not less than twice a attitudes to the questions unions are
year) Youth quota: The Chairperson of the dealing with, but rather have changed how
ITUC YC is member of the EB 4. they want to be reached and the conditions
Vice-presidents of ITUC Youth quota: The of membership they prefer ? young people
Chairperson of the ITUC YC is one of are still most interested in the direct
Vice-Presidents of ITUC. benefits they can get by joining a union,
8ITUC Youth policy. ITUC Youth policy – but also they are interested in questions
developed and coordinated by : - youth linked to “global consciousness” (global
structure (ITUC Youth Committee) - youth warming, peace, human rights, solidarity,
officer (Philippe Gousenbourger) Main justice and fairness) 23 March 2010 – ITUC
document : ITUC Youth Resolution “A Decent started launching the new campaign.
Life for Young Working Men and Women” 46What is the aim? to connect global
/June 2010 / ITUC Youth Blog - trade union work to the recruitment and
http://www.ituc-csi.org/youth-blog.html. organising of young people. ? to show that
9ITUC Youth Committee. ITUC YC` Action trade unions, through their membership in
Programme: Campaigning for Decent Work and the ITUC and other global union
influencing the policies of important organisations, are dealing with many
international organisations. Promoting “global” questions; ? to explain to the
actions for organisation and young people why joining a trade union not
representation of young men and women in only offers them support and security at
TUs to ensure that their voice is heard at the workplace, but also helps them
all levels within unions and their rights contribute to global solidarity and human
are protected at work. Ensuring universal rights issues; Since trade unions organise
access to quality education & and recruit in different ways in different
training. Developing TU education countries and sectors, the main objective
activities and materials for young of the new ITUC` youth campaign is to give
workers. Main role: to propose and develop an additional aspect to the traditional
the ITUC`s policies and actions for young recruitment arguments by focusing on the
people and to make recommendations to the international aspect of being member of
General Council. the trade union and relating this to the
10ITUC YC` Action programme. ITUC Youth young person's own personal experience.
Resolution “A Decent Life for Young 47Trade union organisations: are able to
Working Men and Women” /June 2010 / pick and choose from the tools` menu and
http://www.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/2CO_07_You to include them in their own work,
h_03-10-2.pdf. Facilitating exchange of campaigns, actions or activities that they
ideas and experiences Involving young are already doing in their countries; can
trade unionists in ITUC` campaigns develop the tools on their own rather than
Ensuring full integration of young people a ready-made and inflexible campaign
and providing guaranties about the youth package. What is the “menu” of the
representation in ITUC`bodies Monitor campaign? Campaign` menu includes many
trends in TU membership of young workers different tools: video, social networking,
Developing communication technologies to posters, website and special campaign
enable exchange of information between TU guide.
organisations. 48MORE WEB TOOLS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. Where
11Vancouver. 4th ITUC Youth Committee you can find them? & How you can use
Meeting (19-20 July 2010) & 2nd ITUC them?
World Congress (21-25 July 2010). Article 491. Special animated video of JOE.
about 4th ITUC YC meeting – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWvuOqCEU9U
http://www.ituc-csi.org/congress-pre-meeti Who is JOE? – very unaware dog, who seems
g-the-world-s.html Youth mobilisation in quite selfish and doesn`t really take the
the Rally for global justice organised on time or effort to try to find out what is
World Public Service Day (23 June) - going on in the world. What is the aim of
http://www.ituc-csi.org/in-support-of-glob the video? – to explain, in an easy
l-social.html ; Young people in support of accessible for young people way, what the
Hertz Rental Car workers` strike - ITUC and other trade union organisations
http://www.ituc-csi.org/hertz-workers-secu doing on a global level. The original
e-a-new.html ; ITUC youth resolution “A video is in English. Subtitles in more
decent life for young working men and than 40 different languages. Feel free to
women” - use the video and post it everywhere you
http://www.ituc-csi.org/resolution-on-a-de want at no cost! (copyrights belongs to
ent-life-for,7172.html. ITUC and you cannot change it in any way
12ITUC regional organizations: before asking ITUC ).
Asia-Pacific Regional Organization 501. Special animated video of JOE (2).
(ITUC-AP) African Regional Organization What YOU can do to help JOE? Share the
(ITUC-AF) American Regional Organization video with your friends, colleagues,
(TUCA) + Pan-European Regional Council co-workers, trade union members! Share the
(PERC). video on any social networks or web
13ITUC Regional organisations. platforms you are using in your country!
14ITUC - PERC. Pan – European Regional Put the video on your website or blog!
Council Founded on 19 March 2007 (at a Become a fan of “Joe” on Facebook!
Founding Assembly in Rome, Italy) Brings (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joe/1015013
together all the ITUC affiliates from 698745254?ref=nf ).
European countries, from Lisbon to 512. Ringtones for mobile phone. Get
Vladivostok: - 87 national trade union musically involved in the campaign and
centres with - total membership of over 85 upload the Joe` ringtones! Available in
million - from 55 European countries. mp3 and iphone format. Download here:
Works in very close cooperation with ETUC http://youth.ituc-csi.org/Ringtone.
(GS of ETUC = GS PERC). 523. Special action guide to best
15PERC priorities. Organising and practices on organising young people “On
recruiting; Renovating and consolidating the job for a better future”. Ideas and
the TU structures; Strengthen the trade some good practices how to mobilise and
union education; Promoting trade union and organise young people; The guide is
fundamental workers` rights; Strengthening available in 3 languages: - English –
social dialogue at all level; Fighting http://youth.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/Youth_EN
discrimination, achieving equality; Ending Final.pdf - French –
child labour; A decent future for young http://youth.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/Youth_FR
workers; Promoting migrant workers and Final.pdf - Spanish -
organising them; Investments flux – http://youth.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/Youth_ES
relocation and enterprises Energy policy; Final.pdf Feel free to spread this action
European neighborhood policy. guide to your own member organisations and
16PERC` Bodies. Youth Committee. Women let them also be inspired by the good
Committee. actions of others!
17PERC` bodies and Youth Representation. 534. “Change the world” website. “Change
General Assembly - meets at least once the world” – a company, which uses child
every 4 years - Youth quota: 3 seats for labour and exploits women. It is proud of
youth delegates with voting rights its actions and has only one aim – to
Executive Committee - meets at least once maximize the profit of the company.
a year - Youth quota: 1 seat for youth http://www.changetheworld-now.com/ The
delegates with voting rights. website is available in 3 languages:
18PERC Youth dimension. PERC Youth English, French and Spanish Have a look at
policy – developed and coordinated by the this intriguing interactive website and
youth structure, which operate through two see what you can do about this company
bodies: Youth Conference Youth Committee which is not doing so well on the ethical
with a Bureau. front … Watch it to the end and follow the
19PERC Youth structure. Youth Conference instruction!
Organized at least once in two years; 545. Posters. Posters of the company
Participation of all PERC affiliates` “Change the World” -
representatives who must be under 35 years http://youth.ituc-csi.org/Posters
old; Discussion and adoption at least a Available in 3 languages: English -
work program for the next year; Youth http://youth.ituc-csi.org/Posters French -
Committee with a Bureau Composed of 9 http://youth.ituc-csi.org/Affiches Spanish
elected members (under 33 years old at the - http://youth.ituc-csi.org/Carteles.
beginning of their 2-years mandate); 556. Facebook. The ITUC exists in many
Bureau: President and 3 deputies elected places in the virtual world as well as in
by the Conference President of PERC YC = the physical world.
member of PERC Executive Committee; (http://www.facebook.com/pages/ITUC/205563
Members of the Bureau = delegates to the 8116) Become a fan of “Joe” on Facebook
ITUC YC; Meet at least one time a year; and help him recruit more young people to
Working language – English and Russian. his campaign!
20In the beginning of establishment … In http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joe/10150138
accordance with article 10 of the PERC 98745254?ref=nf.
Constitution (“Executive Committee shall 567. ITUC`s Youth Blog. The ITUC`s Youth
set up a Women’s and Youth Committee and Blog is a space where young workers from
determine their mandate, composition, and all over the world are sharing their
procedural rules, as well as their experiences and ideas. Launched just a
relation to the ETUC’s Women’s and Youth year ago the blog has so far already
Committees and the existing Women’s and received contributions from 26 different
Youth networks operating in the CEE and countries and had more than 50 000 views.
NIS region.”) the 1st meeting of the PERC If you want to learn what others from all
Executive Committee (3 March 2008) decided corners of the world are doing for young
to approve creation of Transitional Youth people, to find all the information about
Committee in a view to finalise committee the youth campaign and to download all
building process in 2009. action materials, click here:
21Transitional Youth Committee. March http://youth.ituc-csi.org/.
2008 – July 2009 Two T.YC` meetings, which 578. Your story. Have you done a
discussed: - internal structuring and successful campaign targeting young
nomination of PERC members to the ITUC YC people? Have you organised any kind of
- outline for preparation of the PERC activities and actions targeting young
Youth Conference and rules and procedure people? If “YES”, and if you want your
for building permanent Youth structure colleagues to know about your youth
Coordinators of the process: Anton Leppic activities, you can send brief information
(PERC) and Juliane Bir (ETUC). to youth@ituc-csi.org and your story will
221st PERC Youth Founding Conference. be uploaded at ITUC Youth Blog and spread
9-10 July 2009, Brussels 59 delegates from to ITUC Youth mailing list. ITUC Youth is
49 affiliated organisations (70 registered waiting your story! BE MORE VISIBLE!
participants, including speakers) Program 58make a difference! Together we can.
- divided into 3 main thematic sessions: - Our common goal: Have a look at the ITUC`
youth employment before and in time of campaign tools and consider how they could
global economic and financial crisis; - be used in your country and union! Give
trade union campaigning; - youth full and active support to the new and
organization and representation in trade innovative campaign of ITUC !
union movement. 59Decisions for Life Campaign. Part of
23Conference participants … the ITUC Decent Work Decent Life for Women
241st PERC Youth Founding Conference. On Campaign and designed within the framework
the basis of the discussions the delegates of Millennium Development Goal 3 (MDG3) to
to the Conference adopted 2 main ”Promote Gender Equality and Empower
documents: Concluding statement to guide Women”.
the PERC YC in its work and to deliver its 60In brief. The Campaign is part of
voice to the trade union decision making Decisions for Life Project Project
bodies; Terms of references and Rules of funding: Dutch Ministry of Foreign
Procedures of the PERC YC (developed by Affairs, MDG3 Fund Duration: Launched in
the T.YC) => ELECTIONS AND … October 2008 – Ends in June 2011 Key
25Building up the 1st PERC Youth partners: ITUC UNI (in cooperation with
Committee. 9 YC members with Bureau (1 IUF, PSI and IFJ), WageIndicator
President and 3 Deputies): Daniela Foundation (specialized in setting up wage
Aleksieva, KNSB, Bulgaria (P) Benoit related websites) University of
Constant, CSC, Belgium (VP) Tugba Balci, Amsterdam/AIAS (specialized in worldwide
HAK-IS, Turkey (VP) Hans Richard inventories concerning the decent work
Schmidt-Nielsen, AC, Denmark (VP) L?szl? agenda, wages, and companies’ industrial
Kov?cs, MSZOSZ, Hungary (CM) Andrea Mone, relations systems).
CISL, Italy (CM) Ilze Mikhailova, LBAS, 61Young women’s decisions. Career Family
Latvia (CM) Ivana Prnjat, CTUM, Montenegro planning Work/life balance. How do I
(CM) Aleksey Slyazin, FNPR, Russia (CM) choose a career? How do I keep my job when
(P) – President , (VP) – Vice-President; I fall pregant? How can I combine work
(CM) – Committee member. with family?
261st PERC Youth Committee. 62But there are obstacles @ work. Job
27Main tasks of PERC YC. Develope a security Discrimination Tough working
youth section of the PERC working program; conditions Flexible and long hours Sexual
Provide advice and recommendation to the harassment HIV/AIDS.
PERC ExC; Examine labour market and 63Aims of the campaign. Raising
workplace issues related to youth; awareness about the obstacles/problems
Implement campaigns on recruitment and faced by young women at the workplace and
integration of young workers (decent work empowering young women by giving them the
campaigns); Promote networking of young information they need, and showing them
unionists; Support work of youth that they have choices concerning their
structures of the affiliates; Promote career, family planning and work/life
training of young TU leaders and balance. The campaign seeks to: - organize
activists. young women; - develop their leadership
28PERC YC Priorities. To promote: - a and negotiating skills; - get more women
rights-based approach to the problems of into decision-making posts; - help women
young workers; - specific programmes to negotiate more gender-specific causes in
facilitate the transition from school to collective agreements; - help women press
working life; To ensure: - the full for changes in their country`s
integration and active participation of legislation, such as the ratification and
young people in TUs; - the integration of application of ILO Conventions, including
concerns and needs of young workers into №183, the Maternity Protection Convention]
TU policies, campaigns and actions; - - give women the confidence to seek better
youth mobilization and active opportunities at work.
participation in different common 64Target groups. Why young women in the
activities at national and regional level service sector? – it`s one of the faster
- WDDW (7 October); Further development of growing sector internationally where
the European networking, strengthening the millions of young women are employed,
cooperation with ETUC YC and other youth working on a-typical contracts with all
structures in the region, and build common the accompanying problems of job security,
actions. bad working conditions, long hours, often
29Cooperation. PERC. ETUC. Brussels, 11 vulnerable to abuses such as sexual
December 2009 ETUC Youth Committee Meeting harassment. Young women (aged 15-29),
(Elections of a new Bureau). working or looking for work in 8 large
30Meetings/ Events of interests (July occupational groups in the service sector.
2009 – July 2011). 65Where? DFL is currently implemented in
31Meetings of the PERC YC (2009 - 2011). 14 developing countries in 4 regions
20 July 2010, Moscow. 22 January 2010, (Africa, CIS countries, Asia and
Brussels. 25 February 2011, Ankara. Americas):
32Activities and events organised by or 66How? A triple approach: Grass root
in cooperation with PERC YC: 1st ITUC trade union campaigns. Special websites
World Women`s Conference (19-21 October for women & Research.
2009, Brussels) - 67Trade Union Campaign. Young trade
www.ituc-csi.org/womensconference?lang=en union campaign teams: Provide information
Meeting with the Presidents of youth Organize meetings and workshops for
sections/networks of SEE (19 February potential young female members Identify
2010, Kotor, Montenegro) - common problems related to work and
http://www.ituc-csi.org/meeting-of-the-pre discuss possible solutions Provide
idents-of-youth.html ; International guidance for collective bargaining.
conference “The women`s right in the 68Key Dates. 8 March 7 October 25
workplace” (18-19 March 2010, Sofia, November National key dates.
Bulgaria) - 69Campaign Material.
http://www.ituc-csi.org/international-conf 70Why women’s websites? Easy access to
rence-women-s.html ; CSIT Youth Seminar information for young women workers
“Move together” (9-13 June 2010, Albena, regarding: labour legislation issues
Bulgaria) - Interviews of women sharing common
http://www.csit.tv/en/menu_main/news/news- problems Information on various service
rchive/newsshow-youth-activities-----8th-i sectors Multiple country-specific web
ternational-workers-sports-festival--csit- tools Job searching tips.
oung-leaders-seminar. http://dfl.wageindicator.org/home.
33Activities and events organised by or 71How? What are the topics of interest
in cooperation with PERC YC: The 6th of young women? How to reach/organize
meeting of North East European Youth (27 young women? How do young women become
June – 1 July 2010, Palanga, Lithuania) - empowered? How do young women improve
http://perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?article4 their conditions of work?
0 ; All-Russia Youth Forum “Chkalovsk 72An innovative method. DFL campaign is
2010” (21-24 July 2010, Chkalovsk, Russia) about me! Young women organize young women
- Create places for young women Develop
http://perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?rubrique leadership & negotiation skills
1 ; ETUC Youth Conference “More jobs and Mentoring.
better jobs for young people in Europe” 73Impact: Young Women… ..gain knowledge
(26-28 August 2010, Madrid, Spain) - about their rights & acquire new
http://www.etuc.org/a/7641; ETUC Youth skills EMPOWERED to take action.
Study Session on migration (20-26 74Impact: Young Women… …identify common
September 2010, Strasbourg) - challenges & dreams, are inspired,
http://perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?article4 gain collective strength & confidence
0 2nd SEE TU Youth Encounter with DGB SPEAK OUT & become ACTIVISTS &
Youth (10-14 October 2010, Zagreb, LEADERS.
Croatia). 75Impact: Young Women… … decide when to
34Activities and events organised by or get married, when to become a parent,
in cooperation with PERC YC: ITUC –PERC/ change their career path, talk with their
FES Conference “Breaking gender barriers partner TAKE CONTROL of their own lives.
for young women and men” (14-15 October 76Impact: Young Women… …negotiate their
2010q Warsaw, Poland) – salary, set up trade unions, engage in
http://perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?article4 CBAs, influence government policies Become
0 ; The 3rd Baltic Youth Winter School ( CAMPAIGNERS & inspire other young
10 December 2010, Kaliningrad, Russia) - women to join!
http://perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?article4 77Impact: Trade Unions. Increase in TU
8; SEE Youth Network Meeting (25 March membership. DFL rejuvenates TU leadership.
2011, Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina ) Young women’s issues in the gender and TU
- programmes (e.g. organising). TUs become
http://perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?article5 more appealing to young women. TU use ICT
1&debut_old_art=10#pagination_old_art more intensively. DFL builds coalitions on
ITUC – PERC and ILO-ACTRAV Workshop the national, regional and international
“Developing project-making skills” (25-27 level.
May 2011, Overijese, Belgium) WDDW` 2009 78Results reached so far.. Kazakhstan:
and WDDW` 2010 - statements and videos. thousands of young women negotiated 40,000
35Priorities for 2010 - 2011. Youth extra places for child care in 2010. South
activities focused on 3 main subjects: Africa: a nation wide coalition of trade
Organizing, recruitment and integration of unions and NGOs are reaching thousands of
young people in trade unions; Youth young women workers and focus on the
employment and its gender dimension; inclusion of paid maternity leave in
Vocational education and training collective agreements. India: 4 young
Long-term priorities: Strengthening the women campaign teams are operational in 4
cooperation with PERC Women Committee and regions. They reach young women at
ETUC Youth Committee through preparing and multiple events and places.
organising joint projects and activities; 79Results reached so far.. Indonesia:
Contribution to the ITUC campaigns and focus on social benefits and the illicit
actions. practices of employers in the bank sector.
36Forthcoming events/meetings. Trainings Angola: nation wide media coverage of the
for young activists of SEE and NIS for campaign, including the offer to develop a
running organising and community campaigns radio programme on young women’s issues.
(11-12 August 2011, Baku and Belarus: formed on a trade union with the
September/October 2011, Montenegro) 2nd help of young women indoor/ outdoor
Youth Conference on Education (October vendors and appointed a woman as the
2011, Poland) – organised jointly by PERC President of their brand new union.
Youth and ETUC Youth Committees. It will 80Results reached so far.. Brazil:
be followed by elections of the new PERC actions were taken to extend paternity
Youth Committee (for next 2 years leave into a 2-month period. Trade unions
2012-2014) Contribution to the ITUC in Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa have
campaigns and actions, in particular Youth formed youth committees and youth desks to
organising campaign, WDDW`2011, Decisions lower the barrier for young women to join
for life etc. PERC General Assembly – a union. Thousands of monthly visits to
youth contribution to the development of the women’s websites like in Brazil and
PERC Programmes. India who reach 46,000 and 23,000 visitors
37What is the ITUC using/doing? 1. a month respectively.
YouTube Channel - 81International Young Women`s
http://www.youtube.com/ituccsi ITUC video Conference. Participants: over 100 young
portal – 254 videos uploaded and more than women from 23 countries around the world
90 000 channels views Content: good videos Aim: planning the next stage of an
from affiliates, video messages from ITUC international campaign aimed at reaching
leadership, ITUC promotion clips Best out to young women workers and making sure
videos: Women at work international decision makers hear about
-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEJBDFM-8l the issue that affect young women at work.
and Hammerchild DFL` Video:
-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zZXVq7elL http://www.youtube.com/v/eDiN3MamwnE?hd=1&
2. Facebook – ITUC page 1839 “fans” mp;version=3&hl=bg&cc_load_policy=
Updates about ITUC news and interaction .
with facebook users. 82Stay connected! Follow Decisions for
38What is the ITUC using/doing? 3. Life activities on:
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/ituc Used http://dfl.wageindicator.org/home
to give the latest news available on the http://www.ituc-csi.org/decisions-for-life
website Less developed than Facebook but html. Join Decisions for Life on Facebook:
it`s becoming a growing actor in the http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1333
dissemination of the news. 4. Blog: 1066703863 Check out Decisions for Life
Different than a traditional website, photos on ITUC flicker:
enables people to write about various http://www.flickr.com/photos/ituc/collecti
subjects without being official news of ns/72157622932771134/.
our website + people can like, comment, 83www.ituc-csi.org (ITUC)
share your article with others. ITUC Youth www.perc.ituc-csi.org (PERC) www.etuc.org
Blog: http://youth.ituc-csi.org Launched (ETUC)
in October 2008 – give a space to young www.perc.ituc-csi.org/spip.php?rubrique81
people’s voices on trade union issues - (PERC Youth) www.youth.etuc.org/-en (ETUC
content from young trade unionists around Youth) www.youth.ituc-csi.org/ (ITUC Youth
the world: more than 50 000 views and Community Blog)
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ITUC Policy, Campaigns and Activities for Young Workers

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