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Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte
Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte
Killer apps
Killer apps
Apps – the new goldrush
Apps – the new goldrush
Branded App strategy: Utility or Game
Branded App strategy: Utility or Game
Branded App strategy: Utility or Game
Branded App strategy: Utility or Game
And finally
And finally
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Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte

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1Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte. 6develop’. Volkswagen Touareg challenge ---
2Killer apps? Appearance isn’t Over a million downloads in the first week
everything. The TMT team at Deloitte’s --- Average playing time: 8m --- Average
have produced a report that takes an player age: 35 --- 3,500 test drive
in-depth look at the world of branded apps requests. Source: Deloitte.
--- They outline the size of the prize in 7Branded App strategy: Utility or Game?
terms of the rapidly expanding smartphone Kraft’s iFood Assistant was a strong,
market --- Whilst outlining the challenges early example of how an app that provides
brands face in trying to cut through in user benefits can deliver results. ‘Our
this marketplace --- Here’s a selection of research found, out of the functionality
highlights from their report – the full available on smartphones (e.g.
version can be found via clicking the touchscreens) ... Use of these functions
image below: is likely to give a branded app
3Access points for the web will significantly higher likelihood of
dramatically change in the next few years. success’. Half a million downloads, even
Smartphone shipments forecast to grow by at $0.99 --- Positive aspects of the app:
411% in 5 years (Note: Tablet shipments Networking / ugc : uploading / sharing
are already at 15m (Q2 11) so the 70m recipes Strong brand presence User
figure looks conservative). Annual global benefits via coupons and discounts Data
shipments of computing devices 2009A / collection regarding user habits
2014F --- Millions of devices shipped GPS-driven store finder. Source: Deloitte.
globally. Source: Deloitte. 8The next step for branded apps.
4Apps – the new goldrush? A successful Maximising functionality to drive user and
branded app is the new holy grail for brand value --- Potential scenario: Data
marketers Ebay is estimated to have made held in phone: Nearby King’s Head pub
1.5bn from their smartphone app in 2010 Close proximity to a paired phone (e.g.
45% of smartphone owners download at least Wife / partner) It’s warm (info provided
one app per week Consumers also expect by a weather feed) It’s 5.30 in the
their favourite brands to have a presence afternoon The phone is registered with a
Three-quarters of mobile app users expect contactless mobile payment service. The
all companies to have a mobile app result: The app pushes a BOGOF offer for a
However, according to Deloitte , success cold branded drink (can be redeemed
is hard to find : ‘Only 20% of the apps immediately at the King’s Head pub via
published by major consumer and healthcare mobile payment) --- Can be tailored due to
brands globally were downloaded enough to the relevant data held in the phone: e.g.
appear in our figures and of that 20%, a relevant Starbucks offer if it’s a cold
less than 1% were downloaded more than a morning. Source: Deloitte.
million times’. Source: Deloitte. 9Summary. The smartphone market will
5The struggle to cut through. grow apace in the next few years: Using
Smartphone users tend to have a lot of the tools available will drive user
apps on their handset ... but they have an engagement, usage and ultimately sales.
avalanche of choice. Average number of ‘Make use of handset functionality to
apps per handset. Number of apps available offer something relevant and targeted to
by platform. Source: Deloitte / Admap. the individual and their immediate
6Branded App strategy: Utility or Game? environment’. Source: Deloitte.
Games are potentially rewarding – but the 10And finally. A quote from the comment
cost of entry is escalating ever higher. section from a related article in the
‘At the time Volkswagen succeeded (1st Guardian: ‘I don't care about branding I
half 2010) ... there were relatively few just want a quality app that I find
simulators on the market --- “Real Racing useful.’.
2”, released in early 2011, cost $2m to 11Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte.
Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte.pptx
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Killer Apps - Thoughts from Deloitte

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