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Jaguar Land Rover UK facilities
Jaguar Land Rover UK facilities
Gaydon Product Design and Engineering
Gaydon Product Design and Engineering
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples of repatriation to the UK
Automotive Council
Automotive Council
Automotive council structure
Automotive council structure
Automotive council structure
Automotive council structure
Supply Chain Group
Supply Chain Group
Close Sourcing Gap Tier 1 to Tier N
Close Sourcing Gap Tier 1 to Tier N
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
Technology Group
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Lessons From The Automotive Sector

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1Lessons From The Automotive Sector. 11and future business priorities. Review the
Tony Harper Head Of Research & Technology Roadmap and develop a high
Advanced Engineering. level UK supply chain technology vision.
2Agenda. JLR Overview Current Health Of Engage with those responsible for existing
The Sector (Investments) The Automotive training and support budgets to seek to
Council & It’s Role In The Sector reflect these priorities. In addition the
Conclusions. Supply Chain Group will address any
3Jaguar Land Rover Key Facts. matters agreed by the Automotive Council
Subsidiary of Tata Motors Largest UK and the Technology Group. The Supply Chain
automotive employer 23,000 UK employees Group is chaired by Dave Allen (Acting
80,000 in supply chain, 10,000 in Chair), Purchasing Director, JLR. 11.
dealerships 170,000 UK jobs supported in 12Supply Chain Group. Five priority
total (incl. wider economy) Largest UK R&D areas have been identified. All
manufacturing investor Over ?2bn in Interdependent. Optimise competitiveness
product creation (75% of UK auto of UK Supply Chain. Close sourcing gap
investment) Including over ?1bn in R&D Tier 1 to Tier n. Access to Finance.
– largest manufacturing investor 40 new Identify/ Advance Common Opportunities.
product & variants over next five Encourage new entrants / re-entrants to
years FY 11/12: Revenue = ?13.5bn; Profit UK. 12.
(before tax) = ?1.5bn Retail Volume: FY 13Close Sourcing Gap Tier 1 to Tier N.
11/12 : Up 27%, 1st Qtr. 12/13 : Up 36% Example. Tier 1 Supplier Survey has been
Sell products in 177 countries, with 85% developed. Critique attractiveness Why
of turnover from exports. suppliers left the UK? Understand the
4Jaguar Land Rover UK facilities. conditions required to invest in the UK
Design and research. Manufacturing. Global (including R&D). Identify improvement
R&D centre Design & engineering. proposals. Raise awareness of the
Corporate HQ Powertrain engineering & Automotive Council’s Activities Work in
testing, design. Warwick Manufacturing progress – Survey has been trialled. OEM
Group Advanced research team. XJ, XK, XF aggregated demand survey issued ?3bn pa
Aluminium stamping, body & assembly opportunity identified Engagement strategy
Railhead. Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, under development for UKTI to approach
Discovery, Defender Stamping, body & prospective inwards investors. Feedback
assembly. Freelander, Evoque Stamping, from trial - key influences: OEM aggregate
body & assembly Railhead. AJ 200 demand HQ awareness of UK attributes
engine production facility New family of 4 Availability of skills and funding. Close
cylinder, advanced technology, low sourcing gap Tier 1 to Tier n. 13.
emissions engines. 14UK FACES AN URGENT “ONCE IN A
5Gaydon Product Design and Engineering. LIFETIME” OPPORTUNITY. Encourage New
Design studios, chassis and body Entrants. Example. Engagement Plan for
engineering CAD workstations, Virtual Inwards Investors urgently needed. BIS
Reality suite UK’s largest hybrid Automotive Unit and UKTI to take lead
engineering team Test facilities Climatic Approaches to be made at “The Top of the
wind tunnels, rig-test and engine test House” August/September likely window –
beds, electro-magnetic chamber, materials timetable to be developed. Most Capacity
laboratories 4,000 engineers, 60km test lost from UK has been to mainland Europe
tracks Converted from V bomber base in European Mass Market fall reduces
1977. suppliers’ willingness to expand in UK
6JLR Growth at a Glance Status at EoY Encouragement from UK Government is
2010/11 vs 2011/12. critical. Encourage new entrants /
7Bringing it Back to Britain: Examples re-entrants to UK. 14.
of repatriation to the UK. March 2011: 15Technology Group. The Technology Group
Jaguar Land Rover awarded more than aims to: Identify opportunities to provide
?2bn-worth of supply contracts to over 40 a more compelling investment proposition
UK companies for its new Evoque mode. June for automotive R&D in the UK versus
2011: BMW unveil ?500m investment plans other countries. Develop further the
for Hams Hall. June 2011: Nissan confirm technology roadmaps for low carbon
Qashqai will be designed, engineered and vehicles and fuels, and exploit
built in Britain. The ?192m investment opportunities to promote the UK as a
will safeguard 6,000 jobs, both direct and strong candidate to develop these and
indirect through the UK supply chain. July other technologies. Develop a stronger
2010: Dunton is one of four sites that supply base through joint research on
will benefit from Fords ?1.5bn investment focused areas driven by a common agenda
over 5 years in engine and vehicle and by facilitating collaboration
technologies. This will safeguard around opportunities. In addition the Technology
2,800 skilled jobs. Group will address any matters agreed by
8Bringing it Back to Britain: Recent the Automotive Council and Supply Chain
Announcements. Toyota to add 1500 new jobs Group. The Technology Group is chaired by
and invest ?100m from 2012. Nissan to Jerry Hardcastle, Vice President Vehicle
build to build LEAF in Sunderland from Development and Design, Nissan Technical
2013. JLR to create 1000 new jobs at Centre Europe. 15.
Solihull. JLR new engine plant at i54 16Technology Group. Five priority
Staffordshire ?355 Mils investment. Honda R&D areas have been identified. 16.
considering opening new Engineering Design 1717.
Centre in UK. 1818.
9Automotive Council. 19Conclusions. There are many factors
http://www.automotivecouncil.co.uk. 9. influencing the current success of the UK
10Automotive council structure. The Rt Automotive Sector. The New Automotive
Hon Dr Vince Cable MP Co-chairman. Innovation & Growth Team (NAIGT) in
Professor Richard Parry Jones CBE 2007 and subsequent establishment of the
Co-chairman. 10. Automotive Council has clearly had a
11Supply Chain Group. The Supply Chain positive effect. It is not about “Picking
Group aims to: Build consensus on the Winners” , it is about taking a joined up
challenges in the UK Supply Chain. Enhance approach to achieving a common goal –
the dialogue between manufacturers, Tier 1 Growth. Thank You.
suppliers and the supply chain on present
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Lessons From The Automotive Sector

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