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Neural Plasticity
Neural Plasticity
Platforms for COS Intervention-I
Platforms for COS Intervention-I
Veronicas Representational World
Veronicas Representational World
Behavior and Emotion Regulation Across Development
Behavior and Emotion Regulation Across Development
Lessons Learned from the Circle of Security

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Lessons Learned from the Circle of Security

Lessons Learned from the Circle of Security.ppt
1Lessons Learned from the Circle of 25respond. Old Working Model. New Working
Security. Neil W. Boris, M.D. Tulane Model.
University Health Sciences Center and 26What About Interactive Behavior?
Institute for Infant and Early Childhood Veronica will need to see how her wish to
Mental Health. www.infantinstitute.org have her son fill her void is
nboris@tulane.edu. influencing her behavior She is very
2Exploration with Colleagues! Glen intrusive He is very avoidant She
Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Bert Powell experiences his avoidance as not needing
Center for Creative Intervention, Spokane, her and, with the weight of having lost
WA Bob Marvin and Bill Whelan Mary D. her other children, pushes harder for
Ainsworth Child-Parent Attachment Clinic, connection. R2 Clip.
www.circleofsecurity.org. BUT ACTING LIKE I NEED TO EXPLORE OR BE
3Acknowledgements. My colleagues at DISTANT. I MISCUE YOU ABOUT MY NEED BY...
Tulane especially those at the Tulane 28First Things First. Establish a
Institute for Infant and Early Childhood Holding Environment for the Parent
Mental Healthvisit us at Provide Parent a User-friendly Map of
www.infantinstitute.org. Secure Parent-Child Interaction.
4Exploration with Drug-Abusing Mothers. 29Technology as a Tool for Connection.
A debt of gratitude to Veronica and the Current editing software allow for
brave mothers who have come into treatment extremely creative approaches to
Perhaps the greatest gift is agreeing to engagement Adobe Premiere Elements is
share ones life story and struggles with available at reasonable cost with
others incredible ease-of-use even for non-geeks
5The Circle of Security is a Story of like me! Beauty Tape!
Passion and friendship Technology as a 30COS Protocol Sequence. Establish a
tool for connection Leveraging science and Holding Environment for the Parent
creativity to improve clinical practice Provide Parent a User-friendly Map of
Finally, an answer to how we can Secure Parent-Child Interaction.
seamlessly link careful assessment to 31Circle of Security Parent Attending to
intensive intervention! the Childs Needs. Cooper, Hoffman,
6The Circle Team set out to create an Marvin and Powell, 2000. I need you to. I
intervention: That is consistent with need you to. Watch over me Help me Enjoy
attachment theory and research That with me Delight in me. Support My
focuses on the caregiver as the partner in Exploration. I need you to. I need you to.
the dyad with the greater degrees of Welcome My Coming To You. Protect me
freedom for initiating change That focuses Comfort me Delight in me Organize my
on both the caregivers Internal Working feelings.
Models of self and child and on his/her 32COS Protocol Sequence. Establish a
caregiving behavior That can be used as Holding Environment for the Parent
either group or individual therapy models. Provide Parent a User-friendly Map of
7Components of Infant-Parent Secure Parent-Child Interaction --Then,
Relationship. IBParent. RParent. RBaby. through video review of her child and
IBBaby. What you hear. What you see. herself Develop the Parents
Developing Attachment System. Adapted from Observational Skills Increase Parental
Bruschweiler Stern and Stern, 1989. Reflective Functioning Facilitate an
8 Empathic Shift in the Parent Toward the
9What set attachment apart from other Child.
developmental theories? Linked to natural 33Specific Goals of the Videotape
selection as driving force: Protection of Reviews. To enhance the parents feeling
young = protection of genes Based theory of being understood, valued and supported
on observations; de-emphasized the role of while reducing their anxiety regarding
meeting oral needs Ethology and Harry criticism and humiliation To engage the
Harlows monkeys The concept of parents in reflective dialogue
imprinting as a cross-species (Reflective Capacity) To increase the
phenomenon. parents ability to have empathy for their
10Definition of Attachment. Inborn children even when their childrens needs
system feedback loop Operative make the parent uncomfortable To help the
throughout life External goal in infancy parents develop a sense of themselves as
is to balance exploration and proximity to successful in responding to their
caregiver (the secure base) Internal childrens needs.
goal to achieve sense of felt security. 34Support and Reflect with Veronica.
11Circle of Security Parent Attending to Need to help Veronica see that her need to
the Childs Needs. Cooper, Hoffman, make up for losing her other kids by
Marvin and Powell, 2000. I need you to. I pushing Dalton to bond is not going to
need you to. Watch over me Help me Enjoy work Can she understand the link between
with me Delight in me. Support My intrusiveness and avoidance? Can she tone
Exploration. I need you to. I need you to. down the pressure she feels and respond to
Welcome My Coming To You. Protect me his cues not her own fear? Can she
Comfort me Delight in me Organize my understand what it has been like for him
feelings. to live through her depression and drug
12Experience in Relationships. As our abuse?
brain has evolved in complexity our 35Going Deeper. There are moments in our
dependence at birth on caregivers has interactions with others during which the
increased. Each of us, as caregivers, have needs of the other set off a reaction
working models in our Perhaps fear, withdrawal, dread, anger etc
minds--expectations and emotions about These moments are EXPLICITLY recognized
relationships derived from experience. using the theme song from the Movie Jaws
13Attachment-- The Internal Working Parents learn half-way through the group
Model. Story of the Relationship. about shark musicthe idea that each of
14Attachment-- The Internal Working us has moments in which we hear the Jaws
Model. Relationship template (structure theme.
of the mind) Formed by experience 36Behavior and Emotion Regulation Across
(influenced by temperament genes?) Development. Trauma May Impair Both Mutual
Accessible in adults by interview Predicts and Self-Regulation. Mutual regulation:
later patterns of behavior in Regulated with the help of the caregiver.
relationships (stable though malleable). Self- regulation of behavior and emotions.
15Neural Plasticity. EXPERIENCE MOLDS 37Shark Music. This concept becomes a
THE BRAIN (and vice versa). Peck, S. D. central focus of the Tape Review for each
(2003) Measuring sensitivity parent Moments of struggle, of missed
moment-by-moment: A microanalytic look at opportunity are reviewed and the parent is
the transmission of attachment. Attachment asked to think about their response and
and Human Development, 5, 38-63. Schore, why it occurred. These are key moments in
1999. the reflective dialogue and it is here
16Why All The Fuss? Selection of that the empathic shift is sought. Tape
neuronal pathways Emotionsdevelopment and Review 2.
regulation Shaping of Internal Working 38Circle of Limited Security Child
Models/Representations. Anxious about the Parents Needs. SAFE
Pre-intervention videotaped, structured MY COMING TO YOU BUT THAT MAKES US
assessment to inform treatment goals UNCOMFORTABLE SO... ACTING LIKE I NEED TO
Group-based parent education and EXPLORE OR BE DISTANT. I MISCUE YOU ABOUT
psychotherapy lasting ~20-weeks using MY NEED BY...
videotaped intervention Goals of video 39Circle of Limited Security Child
review are to: increase sensitivity to the Anxious about the Parents Needs. SAFE
childs cues increase self-other HAVEN. SECURE BASE. STEPPING OFF THE
reflective capacity explore new CIRCLE.. I NEED YOU TO WELCOME MY COMING
representations and interaction patterns. TO YOU BUT ACTING DISTANT OR LIKE I NEED
18Assessment. Strange Situation TO EXPLORE. I MISCUE YOU ABOUT MY NEED
Procedure Augmented with a cleanup of BY...
toys, a reading session and blowing 40Celebrating Change. Goal is to
bubbles! Narrative Interview-Circle of highlight shifts in behavior and to create
Security Interview Parent perception about a living memory of progress One
their childs needs, their relationship effective method is a music video of key
with the child and childhood relationship moments F/U reunion and Song.
with their own caregivers Other narrative 41Attachment-Based Therapy. The Circle
interviews (e.g., the Working Model of the of Security model not only provides a
Child Interview, Insightfulness roadmap of attachment that parents can
Assessment) are equally useful. understand and relate to. The model ALSO
19Platforms for COS Intervention-I. supports the therapist by providing a
Susan McDonoughs Interaction Guidance One protocol to follow The use of video
of the earliest parent-infant therapies externalizes the struggles and allows
that used videotape to build relationship the therapist to face the caregivers
Therapy focused relentlessly on positive struggles with them.
moments of connection in order to engage 42Applications of the COS-I. Open-ended
caregivers. groups Well-suited to certain situations
20Platforms for COS Intervention-II. including substance-abuse programs
Attachment Research Both study of Requires more of the therapist in that
interactive behavior using the Strange there is constant catching up of new
Situation Procedure, and Study of the group members and need for recreating the
importance of representations in shaping holding environment serially.
parental behavior, and Study of the 43Applications of the COS-II. Model
importance of reflective capacity in being used in individual or couples
reshaping representations. therapy Allows for wider latitude to
21Platforms for COS Intervention-III. explore related themes Ability to focus on
Parent-Child Psychotherapy, for which issues like abdication of hands on the
goals include: Gaining an understanding of circle and role reversal Loses the punch
how parents experiences are impacting of group input Can add in parenting
perceptions, feelings, and behaviors partners more easily than with groups.
toward infant Changes are sought at 3 44Applications of the COS-III. Focus on
levels: representation of the child different child age groups Infants using
representation of the self as parent the Still Face procedure as key to
representation of the self as adult interactive assessment School-aged
individual. children using Story Stems as key to
22Leveraging Group Process. Insights of interactive assessment Adolescents using
peers can be incredibly helpful Distancing Relational Play procedures or shared
from the expert (who may not be trusted) narratives.
Sense of shared challenge in parenting is 45CIRCLE OF SECURITY. Monitor me
a huge benefit Welcome to the Club Seeing (texting!). . Support My. Delight in me.
the struggles (and successes) of others is . Exploration. See cues for help but ask
highly motivating and can also externalize before helping. . Enjoy with me. .
painful patterns so that they can be Welcome My. Coming To You. Always: be
23Welcome to the Club. Being a parent Whenever possible: follow my childs need.
may just be the most difficult job on the Whenever necessary: take charge. PARENT
planet. Everyday, parents the world over ATTENDING TO THE CHILDS NEEDS. I. need.
want the best for their children. And you to... I need. you to... 2000 Cooper,
everyday, parents the world over fail Hoffman, Marvin & Powell.
to meet some of the needs of their 46????? ????????????? ???? ????? ???????
children. Help me moments go unseen. ?????? ???? ????? ???? ???? ????? ????
Watch over me moments get interrupted. ????? ?????? ?????????? ???????????
Comfort me and Organize my feelings ?????:?????????????????????????
moments end up being pushed away, or lost ????????????? ??????:?????????????
in the rush and stress of everyday life. ???????????????? ??????? ???????? ?????
Welcome to the club. Of course, its hard ?????? ?????
to know that we make mistakes. The good 47Bibliography on The Circle of
news is that as parents, we all have an Security. nboris@tulane.edu.
inner wisdom that helps us work with these www.circleofsecurity.org Cooper, G.,
mistakes. Excerpt from a reading that is Hoffman, K., Powell, B. and Marvin, R.
part of the group. (2005) The Circle of Security
24Lets Meet Veronica. Woman in her late intervention: Differential diagnosis and
30s; mother of 5 children, 4 of whom are differential treatment. In Berlin, L.J.,
in custody of the State 15-month old named Ziv, Y., Amaya-Jackson, L. M., &
Dalton is with her in a residential Greenberg, M. T. (eds.) Enhancing early
treatment program Participates in a weekly attachments: Theory, research,
open-ended Circle of Security group which intervention, and policy. New York:
is held on site at the treatment program 3 Guilford Press. Marvin, R., Cooper, G.,
year history of cocaine dependence, major Hoffman, K., and Powell, B. (2002) The
depression and chronic pain. COSI. Circle of Security project: Attachment
25Veronicas Representational World. based therapy with caregiver-pre-school
Confident and Worthy. He needs me and will child dyads. Attachment & Human
signal me. I can read his signals and Development 4(1):107124.
Lessons Learned from the Circle of Security.ppt

Lessons Learned from the Circle of Security

Lessons Learned from the Circle of Security

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