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Making Healthy Food Choices

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1Making Healthy Food Choices. A 8four servings of protein foods each day.
Community Action Project by Mrs. Allison’s Protein foods give your body amino acids
Third Grade Class. which are the building blocks of bone,
2I pledge to eat less junk food and to muscles, skin, and blood. Protein foods
eat more healthy foods. I pledge to teach have iron and B vitamins which give you
other people about making healthy food energy. Some fish and nuts have omega-3
choices. I PLEDGE. which is good for your heart.
3Why is it important to make healthy 9The Vegetable Group. Foods in the
food choices? You will stay healthy. You Vegetable Group are vegetables and 100%
will grow. You will live longer. You will vegetable juices. Some foods in the
be stronger. You will not get sick as Vegetable Group are carrots, spinach,
easily. Eating junk food can make you feel peas, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and
not good. Eating healthy food makes you bell peppers. Vegetables can be raw,
feel good. frozen, canned, or fresh. Kids need one
4MyPlate. You can use MyPlate to help and a half servings of vegetables each
you make healthy food choices. MyPlate day. Some vegetables have vitamin A which
tells you to eat grains, dairy, fruits, is good for your eyes and skin. Some
protein, and vegetables. MyPlate helps you vegetables have vitamin C, potassium, and
know how much to eat from each food group. fiber.
5The Dairy Group. Foods in the Dairy 10Healthy Food Choices At Home. Ask your
Group are milk and foods made from milk. parents to buy whole grain foods and other
Some foods in the Dairy Group are milk, healthy foods. Ask your parents to make
cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and cottage healthy food in different styles. If you
cheese. Kids should eat two and a half eat junk food, try to add a healthy food
servings of dairy foods each day. Foods to it. For example, if you eat whipped
from the dairy group have calcium and cream, add peaches to make it more
vitamin D which give you strong bones and healthy. When you eat at a restaurant, try
teeth. Dairy foods have potassium which to make healthy food choices using
keep your muscles healthy and give you MyPlate. For example, instead of fries get
energy. apple slices. Instead of soda, get water
6The Grains Group. Foods in the Grain or white low-fat milk. Ask your parents to
Group are made up of grains and foods made buy healthy food for your packed lunch.
from grains. Some foods in the Grain Group When you help pack your lunch, make sure
are rice, bread, pasta, muffins, popcorn, you add healthy foods. To make your pizza
and oatmeal. Kids need five servings of healthier, use a whole grain crust,
grains each day. Half of the grains you low-fat cheese, 100% tomato sauce, and
eat should be whole grains. Grains have vegetables on top.
fiber which help move food through your 11Healthy Food Choices At School. Look
body. Grains have iron and B vitamins at the lunch menu and make the healthiest
which give you energy. lunch choice. Choose low-fat white milk
7The Fruit Group. Foods in the Fruit instead of chocolate milk or strawberry
Group are fruits and 100% fruit juices. milk. Choose fruits and vegetables and EAT
Fruits can be dried, canned, frozen, or THEM. If you pack your lunch, make sure
fresh. Kids need one and a half servings you have healthy food packed. If you buy
of fruit each day. Some fruits have pizza, wipe off a little grease with a
vitamin C which helps your body heal. Some napkin.
fruits have fiber which helps food move 12Resources. www.choosemyplate.gov
through your body. Some fruits have MyPlate and You by Gillia Olson The Dairy
potassium which keeps your muscles healthy Group by Megan Borgert-Spaniol The Protein
and gives you energy. Group by Megan Borgert-Spaniol The Fruit
8The Protein Group. Some foods in the Group by Megan Borgert-Spaniol The
Protein Group are meat, chicken, fish, Vegetable Group by Megan Borgert-Spaniol
eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds. Kids need The Grain Group by Megan Borgert-Spaniol.
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Making Healthy Food Choices

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