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Godly Life Goals
Godly Life Goals
Net Worth Statement (Notebook Pg C2)
Net Worth Statement (Notebook Pg C2)
Gods Financial Principles
Gods Financial Principles
Gods Financial Principles
Gods Financial Principles
Gods Financial Principles
Gods Financial Principles
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
Credit Is A Big Trap
The True Cost of Credit
The True Cost of Credit
Credit Cards Are Like Drugs
Credit Cards Are Like Drugs
Credit Cards Are Like Drugs
Credit Cards Are Like Drugs
Credit Cards Are Like Drugs
Credit Cards Are Like Drugs
Gods View of Debt
Gods View of Debt
Controlling Gifts (Notebook Pg G2)
Controlling Gifts (Notebook Pg G2)
Controlling Gifts (Notebook Pg G2)
Controlling Gifts (Notebook Pg G2)
Savings Create Freedom
Savings Create Freedom
Analyzing How You Have Been Spending Your Income
Analyzing How You Have Been Spending Your Income
Analyzing How You Have Been Spending Your Income
Analyzing How You Have Been Spending Your Income
Analyzing How You Have Been Spending Your Income
Analyzing How You Have Been Spending Your Income
Ballpark Budget Guidelines Single Adult (Notebook Pg E7)
Ballpark Budget Guidelines Single Adult (Notebook Pg E7)
Case Study Maximum Housing, No Debt, Newlyweds
Case Study Maximum Housing, No Debt, Newlyweds
Case Study
Case Study
Biggest Mistakes To Avoid
Biggest Mistakes To Avoid
Biggest Mistakes To Avoid
Biggest Mistakes To Avoid
Family Truck - Detailed Ownership Cost Example
Family Truck - Detailed Ownership Cost Example
True Cost To Own A Car Source: www
True Cost To Own A Car Source: www
5-Year Loan (60 mo)
5-Year Loan (60 mo)
$10 Pizza Once A Month Age 20-65 Spend $120x40= $4,800 Gain Some
$10 Pizza Once A Month Age 20-65 Spend $120x40= $4,800 Gain Some
$10 Pizza Once A Month Age 20-65 Spend $120x40= $4,800 Gain Some
$10 Pizza Once A Month Age 20-65 Spend $120x40= $4,800 Gain Some
Example - Buy A Car That Is $10,000 More Expensive Every 5 Years, Age
Example - Buy A Car That Is $10,000 More Expensive Every 5 Years, Age
Example - Buy A Car That Is $10,000 More Expensive Every 5 Years, Age
Example - Buy A Car That Is $10,000 More Expensive Every 5 Years, Age
Credit Cards
Credit Cards
Is this the Financial Direction Youre Getting from the World
Is this the Financial Direction Youre Getting from the World

: Bob Henry. Art design by Brian Murphy. , . , .ppt zip- 2945 .

1The Generous Heart Of God Budget 85Example. 2008 Honda Accord - $23,745
Workshop. A Practical Workshop In Purchase Price, LX 4 Door Sedan, 2.4L 4
Achieving True Financial Peace & Cyl 5A True Cost to Own 5 Years - $39,404
Freedom. 1988, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, Average Cost Per Mile (15,000 miles/Year)
2007 R. D. Henry. - $0.53. . Depreciation. Financing.
2Financial Freedom Notebook - Workbook Insurance. Taxes & Fees. Fuel.
Contents. Yearly Summary. Monthly Summary. Maintenance. Repairs. Yearly Totals.
Account Sheets. Budget Plan. Spending $39,404. Year 1. Year 2. Year 3. Year 4.
Guidelines. Budget Analysis. Impulse List. Year 5. 5-yr Total. $4,359. $2,237.
As Is Budget. Purchase List. Net Worth. $1,970. $1,746. $1,566. $11,878. $1,637.
Goals. Gift List. $1,327. $991. $625. $228. $4,808. $1,420.
33 Steps To Financial Peace & $1,470. $1,521. $1,574. $1,598. $7,583.
Freedom. Where Do I Want To Go And Why? $1,950. $307. $257. $216. $181. $2,911.
How Do I Get There? Where Am I? Develop 1 $1,554. $1,601. $1,649. $1,698. $1,749.
Year Budget Plan Follow The Plan Change $8,251. $288. $540. $405. $1,168. $840.
Habits Adapt Plan Manage Money Gods Way $3,241. $0. $0. $105. $254. $373. $732.
$$ Peace, Freedom. Establish Your Current $11,208. $7,482. $6,898. $7,281. $6,535.
Situation Spiritually, Financially 86Family Truck - Detailed Ownership Cost
Earning, Giving Spending, Saving & Example. 2008 Nissan Titan SE 4 Door King
Investing For Last 12 Months. Understand Cab- $25,351 Purchase Price, LX 4 Door
The Generous Heart Of God Set Godly Goals Sedan, 2.4L 4 Cyl 5A True Cost to Own 5
And Priorities Be A Good $$$ Manager. Years - $57,564 Average Cost Per Mile
Learn & Apply Biblical Relationships (15,000 miles/Year) - $0.77 (45% / $18,160
& Principles. > Mid Size 4 Door). . Depreciation.
4What Are Some Symptoms Of Financial Financing. Insurance. Taxes & Fees.
Bondage? Feel Distant From God, Fear, Fuel. Maintenance. Repairs. Yearly Totals.
Worry, Growing Credit Card Balances $57,564. Year 1. Year 2. Year 3. Year 4.
Bounced Check Charges Late Charges A Year 5. 5-yr Total. $8,662. $2,454.
Feeling Of Helplessness.. Depression $2,160. $1,915. $1,718. $16,909. $2,093.
Personal, Marital Problems Excessive $1,697. $1,266. $799. $291. $6,146.
Borrowing. 2 Pet 2:19b ... for a man is a $1,870. $1,935. $2,003. $2,033. $2,146.
slave to whatever has mastered him. (NIV). $9,987. $2,488. $393. $329. $276. $231.
5Typical Symptom Treatment. $3,717. $2,874. $2,960. $3,049. $3,140.
6What Are The Real Problems? Lack Of $3,234. $15,257. $469. $829. $541. $2,173.
Biblical Training, Weak / No Relationship $804. $4,816. $0. $0. $105. $254. $373.
With God Spiritual, Financial Ignorance $732. $18,456. $10,268. $9,453. $10,590.
Poor Planning Or No Plan At All Lack Of $8,797.
Discipline Knowing Is Not Doing 87True Cost To Own A Car Source:
Deception (Wrong Beliefs) Greed, Pride, www.Edmonds.com Oct 2007. Tips Used Is
Self Indulgence Poor Communication. Cheaper Smaller Is Cheaper
7Learn How To Distinguish Between Minimize/Eliminate Loans Make Sure You Can
Symptoms and Problems. Symptom Typical Afford What You Buy Wise Car Decisions Can
Solution Real Problem. Borrow More, Fund College, Weddings, Retirement. Used
Consolidate 2nd Job, Work Overtime Is 30% Cheaper.
Spouse Goes To Work. Buy More Buy The 885-Year Loan (60 mo). Underwater 3
Best I Am What I Own. Stingy, Spend Years !!! (Owe More Than Car Is Worth).
Less Save More Than Needed. 88. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.
8Four Levels Of Maturity. We Are New 89Make A Dream List (Notebook Pg G3).
CreationsThis Includes Our Finances Dream List. Date. Priority. Price. Price.
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, Price. Comments. #1. #2. #3. New Computer.
he is a new creation; the old has gone, Leather Couch. Quad ATV. Big Screen TV.
the new has come!" (2 Cor 5:17 NIV). Vacation Home. Candidate Item. To Buy.
Gods Word Is Living And Active "For 90How To Get Totally Out Of Debt!
the word of God is living and active. Including Your Mortgage. Get A 15 Year
Sharper than any double-edged sword, it Loan Instead Of A 30 Year Loan The Total
penetrates even to dividing soul and Cost Of A Typical 30 Year Home Loan Is
spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the 2.25 Times The Loan Amount, A $100,000
thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Heb Loan Costs Roughly $225,000 A $100,000
4:12 NIV). Try To Teach @ Father Level. 1 Loan At 6.5% For 30 Years Costs $629 Per
Cor 3:1, 1 Jn 2:12-14. Month By Paying 38% More Per Month ($238)
9What is Gods #1 Concern For Your You Will Pay Off The Loan In 15 Years And
Finances? Attitude. "Love the LORD Save $70,364! At The End Of The 15th Year
your God with all your heart and with all You Will Have $867 Per Month Extra To
your soul and with all your Invest Or Spend What Can You Fund With
strength." (Deu 6:5 NIV) Why??? For $867/Month? Giving, Early Retirement? Kids
God so loved the world that he gave his College? Weddings? Vacations?
only Son (Jn 3:16 NLT). 91How To Pay A Little More And Get
10Gods Simple Plan. 1. God Owns 2. I Totally Out Of Debt! Buy Used Car Instead
Manage 3. God Provides. (Give, Save, Of New Car Payoff House Early With $$$
Live). (Gods Generous Heart). Saved Convert To A Bi-weekly Mortgage (Pay
11GOAL SETTING. Half Your Mortgage Payment Every Two
12Godly Life Goals. Intellectual, Weeks) Make Extra Principal Payment Each
Mental. Spiritual. Physical. Family, Month (Small In Beginning, Large At End Of
Friends. Planning. Personal Ministry. Mortgage) Use Windfall Income (Bonus,
Recreation, Rest. Financial. Career, Inheritance ) Refinance Mortgage When
Education. Social. Interest Rates Drop, Refinances Again If
13Goal Planning (Notebook Pg B3). Goal Rates Drop More Defer Saving For Kids
Planning Sheet. My Goal: My More Detailed College. Pay For College Using What Used
Description of the Goal: How I Will To Be Mortgage Payment (After Mortgage Is
Achieve the Goal: 1. 2. 3. Schedule of Paid Off).
When I Will Do Each Step: 1. 2. 3. My 92Summary - Steps To Becoming Totally
Budget: Category: Spiritual Debt Free. Payoff Home, Invest For Long
Intellectual Physical. Family Social Term Needs College, Retirement Debt
Personal Ministries. Career Free !!! $1,000 Emergency Savings, Stop
Financial. Recreation Planning. Borrowing, Meet Monthly Payments. Payoff
14Goals Questionaire (Notebook Pg B4, Consumer Credit Debts, Save 3 To 6 Months
B5). The Purpose for My Life Is: Expenses. Payoff Car Loans, Save To Buy
______________________________ The Highest Cars For Cash. Spend For College, Weddings
Priorities in My Life Are: Fund More Kingdom Work. Enjoy Income From
___________________________ The Life Investments Enjoy, Fund Even More Kingdom
Purpose For My Family Is: Work.
_____________________________ My Greatest 93Wealth Building Secrets Four
Life Achievements Are: Cornerstones. $$$ Cash Flow To Last Rest
____________________________ The Best of Your Life! Expense Avoidance /
Things That Happened the Last Year Were: Elimination. Debt Free, Adequate Savings
_____________ The Worst Things That Minimize Recurring Expenses. Paid Off
Happened the Last 12 Months Were: _______ Home. Expenses. Nestegg of Diversified
Things I Want to Do Differently Are: Investments (IRA, 401k, 403B ). Pension,
___________________________ Gods Goals Social Security, Medicare (Maybe, Maybe
For Me The Next Year Would Include: Not). Income. 1 - 93.
_______________ My Three Most Important 94$10 Pizza Once A Month Age 20-65 Spend
Goals For The Next Year Are: __________ I $120x40= $4,800 Gain Some Weight? Invest
Spend Too Much/too Little Time Doing the $10/Month @ 10% Per Year Annual Return
Following: ____________. (Tax Deferred) $ 7,680 At Age 40 $21,833
15SHORT RANGE PLANNING. What Does God At Age 50 $95,015 At Age 65 Thats A Lot
Want Me To Do Financially? of Pizza In Retirement. Cost Gave Up
16Short Range Planning. Income, Expense, $4,800 of Pizza Moral Be Careful About
Saving, And Investment Planning For The Squirreling Your $ Away Tip Reduce Or
Next 12 Months. Income. Utilities. Giving. Eliminate Recurring Expenses Wherever You
Medical. Taxes. Transportation. Social Can. Compounded Expenses Work Against You
Security, Medicare. Insurance. Clothing. (9th Horror ($$$ Cancer) of the World)
Savings, Investing. Credit Cards. Hobbies. Source Retire Early, Sleep Well Pg 108.
Mortgage. Entertainment, Recreation. Food. Power of Eliminating or Reducing Small
Food. New Purchases. Recurring Expenses How To Increase Your
17Details Of Short Range Planning. Begin Nest Egg By $95,000. Average Family Spends
With End In Mind. $100/Month On Credit Card Interest. Real
18We All Need Boundaries. Prov 27:12 The Cost ? 1 - 94.
prudent see danger and take refuge, but 95Example - Buy A Car That Is $10,000
the simple keep going and suffer for it. More Expensive Every 5 Years, Age 30 To
Shelt Elementary. Age 65 ($35,000 Vs $25,000 Or $25,000 Vs
19What!! Me Budget? Provide Peace & $15,000) Spend $10,000 x 8 Cars = $80,000
Freedom And Keep Us Safe. What Is The Real Cost Is Much, Much Higher
Purpose Of A Budget? To Constrain & (Opportunity Cost) $10,000 Cheaper Car
Enslave You? Tool For The Husband To Every 5 Years. Invest $10,000 Saved Every
Punish The Wife? No!!! Budgeting Is A 5 Years @ 10% Per Year Annual Return (Tax
Simple, Effective Way Of Planning X Our Deferred) $ 10,000 At Age 30 $ 52,043 At
Finances To Achieve Our Goals And Age 40 $161,090 At Age 50 $724,955 At Age
Priorities No One Likes Budgeting, But 65 Tip Driving A Nice Used Car And/Or
Everyone Likes The Results The Real Driving A New Car A Long Time Will Help
Purpose Of A Budget Is To: Fund Your Nest Egg, And You Can Drive A
20Where Am I? Assets Minus Liabilites Very Nice Car In Retirement Source
(Debts) = Net Worth Your Net Worth Is The Retire Early, Sleep Well Pg 108. Power of
Cash You Would Have If You Sold Everything Eliminating Larger Recurring Expenses
And Paid Debts, Selling Expenses & How To Increase Your Nest Egg By $725,000.
Taxes Owed. Net Worth Statement. Assets. 1 - 95.
Liabilities (Debts). MASTER CARD. 96Section F... My plans For Next 12
21Debt List (Notebook Pg C1). Months My New Habits. My Plan To Be A
22Sample Debt List. Better Manager.
23Net Worth Statement (Notebook Pg C2). 97Establish A Maximum Lifestyle. Dont
Value Owe, Taxes, Net Value Costs. You Mean Minimum? No, I Mean Maximum! Why?
24Computing Net Worth Of Each Asset. Use A Standard To Let You Know You Have
Column 1 Value (What I Can Sell It It For) Arrived And Can Be Content To Know Youve
- This is the amount you could sell the Achieved The Goal With A Minimum, Most
asset (house, car, etc.) for in a People Are Not Content Are You Content
reasonable amount of time. Column 2 Owed + With The Maximum? Godliness With
Sell Expenses + Taxes - This is the total Contentment Is Great Gain I Timothy 6:6.
of the costs to cash out of the asset. 98Fix Your Spending Level. Surplus
Simply add the amount you owe (mortgage More Than Enough. Maximum. Enough. Not
e.g.) plus the selling expenses (real Totally Content. Minimum. Not Enough. If
estate commission, escrow costs, etc e.g.) We Are Not Content With What We Have, We
plus the taxes you would owe (capital Will Not Be Happy With What We Want. We
gains tax to the state and federal Are Not Born With Contentment. It Must Be
governments). Column 3 Net Worth - This is Learned. Adam And Eve Failed To Be Content
the cash value, after paying debts, Even In A Perfect Environment. Bill
expenses, taxes on the sale of the asset. Gothard.
Compute by subtracting column 2 from 99Spending Decisions - Tips. Is This A
column 1. Need, A Want Or A Desire? Can I Afford It
25Where Are You? Your As Is Budget. Right Now? Is This The Best Price? Is This
What You Have Earned, Saved, And Spent The The Right Model And Quality? Have I
Last 12 Months. What You Earn. What You Researched This Purchase To Make A Best
Spend. Where You Are. Buy? Have I Trusted God To Provide Or Not
26How I Have Been Earning & Spending Provide? Will I Have Peace After I Buy
$ (My Old Ways) Notebook Pg D1. Budget This Item? How Will This Purchase Affect
Surplus / Deficit. As Is Budget - Relationships?
Compile From Records For Last Year 100Can You Buy A New Couch?
Homework Do A Thirty (30) Day Expense 101Can They Buy A New Couch? Bill And
Diary. Record Monthly Averages, Based On Nancy Spenders Check Book. It Is The End
Last 12 Months. $$$ Income $$$. Net Of The Month And All Bills Have Been Paid
Spendable Income Computation. $$$ Giving And There Is $1,672.18 Left In The Check
& Taxes $$$. $$$ Expenses $$$. Book The $1200 Couch Bill And Nancy Have
27Income What God Has Provided. List Been Wanting Goes On Sale For $800 Can
Equivalent Average Monthly Income. Gross Bill And Nancy Buy The Couch? Why Or Why
Income = Total Monthly Income Before Any Not? Check. Amount Of Transaction. Amount
Deductions Or Expenses Includes Average Of Dep. Number. Date. Description. T. Fee.
Monthly Equivalent Of Any Irregular, But Balance. $. 1,215.60. 884. 9/23/97.
Dependable, Income. (E.G. $900 Bonus = Smiths - Groceries. $ 159.00. $1,056.60.
900/12 = $75 Per Month). $$$ Income $$$. 886. 9/27/97. Pep Boys - Auto Repair. $
Wages, Tips $___________ Interest 239.00. $ 817.60. 887. 9/30/97. Deposit
$____________ Overtime $___________ Loans Bobs Paycheck. $ 854.58. $1,672.18.
$____________ Bonuses $___________ 102The Control System - The Key To Making
Retirement $____________ Total Gross Your Finances Work.
Income $ ___________. 103Control System - Allocation &
28I Manage: How I Have Been Spending $$ Control. Keep It Simple! Food. Auto.
- Giving & Taxes. Housing. Food $400 Per Month. Auto $600
29Net Spendable Income Save, Live. Per Month. Housing $1100 Per Month.
30How I Have Been Spending $$ - Save, 104Budget Account Sheet - One Sheet Per
Live Monthly. Budget Item (Workbook Pg I2). Budget
31How I Have Been Spending $$ - Budget Account: Entertainment October 1998 Yearly
Surplus / Deficit. Allocation: $ 1,300 Monthly Allocation:
32Now You Know Where You Are Financially $108 ($25/Week). Date. Transaction.
! Debts. Net Worth. As Is Budget. What Deposit. Withdraw. Balance. 1-May.
You Owe. Deposit. $. 25.00. $. 25.00. 3-May. Date
33Gods Financial Principles. Be A with Sally. $. 7.95. $. 17.05. 4-May. Ice
Good Manager - Matt 25 14-30 Seek cream w/Sally. $. 3. $. 14. 6-May. Dinner
Financial Freedom - Prov 10:22 Be A Good w/Sally. $. 13. $. 1. 8-May. Deposit. $.
Planner - Prov 24:3-4, Prov 16:3 25. $. 26. 9-May. Date W/Sally-Play. $.
Establish Priorities - Needs- 1 Tim 6:8 30. $. (4). 9-May. Work Overtime. $. 20.
Wants- 1 Pet 3:3-4 Desires- 1 John $. 16. Tip - Round To The Nearest Dollar
2:16. Before You Spend Money, Check The Budget
34Disclaimer: No Magic Solutions. Tips, Account Sheet To Make Sure You Can Afford
Tricks & Traps -Section G. The Expense Record Expenses Promptly, Mark
35How To Have A Financial Disaster. Up Receipts To Show What Budget Account
Start To Accumulate. Develop Discipline, Was Used For Each Item Look At Balance In
Balanced Spending. Yes. Financial Peace The Account Before You Spend.
& Freedom. Feel $ Pressure. No. 105Budget Account Sheet - One Per Budget
Eviction Repossession Bankruptcy Divorce. Item (Workbook Pg I2). Small Amounts Over
Borrow Too Much. Problems- 1. Competing, At End Of Month Will Usually Average Out
Need For Things 2. Trying To Accumulate Use The Budget Account Balance To Control
Too Quickly 3. Inadequate Planning & Your Spending. Know The Balance Before You
Discipline. Go Shopping One Account Per Item - Gives
36Credit Is A Big Trap. Credit Is Very Good Control In The Beginning, Error On
Dangerous If Abused Credit Can Destroy The Side Of Too Many Accounts. Budget
Your Future Credit Encourages Account: Food October 1998 Yearly
Overspending Credit Encourages Allocation: $ 4,800 Monthly Allocation:
Indulgence Credit Is Expensive And Puts $400. Date. Transaction. Deposit.
The Squeeze On The Rest Of Your Budget- Withdraw. Balance. 1-May. Deposit. $. 400.
Paying Interest Isn't Fun Abuse Of $. 400. 3-May. Smiths. $. 68. $. 332.
Credit Can Enslave You Don't Be A Credit 4-May. Abco. $. 82. $. 250. 10-May. Osco.
Frog. $. 13. $. 247. 19-May. Safeway. $. 49. $.
37How We Get Trapped By Over Borrowing. 198. 29-May. Frys. $. 87. $. 31-May.
What Happens If You Overspend A Mere 5%? Costco. $. (16). $. 111. 127.
$40,000/year Income - Overspend $174 Per 106Budget Accounts - Tips. Mad Money -
Month Using Credit Cards Costing 18% Per Everyone Should Have A Small Amount Of
Year Interest By The End Of The 5th Year Mad Money Allocated That They Can Spend
You Owe $10,000 (25% Of A Year's Income) In Cash Without Having To Keep Track Of It
And Have Paid $4,574 In Interest To Stay Love Tokens - Allocate A Small Amount To
Even You Must Pay Interest Of $1,800/year Buy An Occasional Love Token For Your
And Stop Overspending By $2,088/year, A Loved Ones Allocate Money For A Beauty
Total Change Of $3,888 (Almost 10% Of Your Budget For Your Lady Have Separate Hobby
Income) By Comparison, If You Invested Budgets For Each Person Develop A Plan For
The Same Amount You Would Have $12,278 (@ Our Money, Not His $ & Her $
8% Return After Taxes) Would You Rather Work Some Small Indulgences Or Luxuries
Have $12,278 In Savings Or Be $10,000 In Into Your Budget Segregate Business
Debt?? That's A Difference Of $22,278 In Finances From Home Finances.
Only 5 Years A Mere 5% Makes A Critical 107Budget Accounts - Tips. You Will Need
Difference. Two To Three Dozen Different Accounts Be
38How Long To Pay Off? How Long Does It Flexible And Willing To Change Your Plan
Take To Pay Off Your Credit Card If You Your Plan Wont Be Perfect, Fix It As You
Make Just The Minimum Payment? Go - Use The Monthly Summary To Detect And
39The True Cost of Credit. $1999 Sofa, Correct Problems To Start, Do Book Keeping
Financed On A 19.8% APR Credit Card, Every Week After Things Are Running
Making Only Minimum Payments Of $46 Per Smoothly, You Can Do Book Keeping Every
Month ------ Will Be Paid Off In Just 31 Two Weeks Or Monthly If You Wish Make Sure
Years! Total Cost ---- Over $10,200!! To Have A Few Fun Accounts, Even If You
Thats Over $8200 In Interest!! That Are Deeply In Debt.
Interest, Invested At 10% Will Yield Over 108Monthly Summary Sheet (Notebook Pg
$45,500 In The Same 31 Years A Difference H1). Category Allocation Jan Feb Mar Apr
Of Over $53,700!!! You Cant Afford To Buy Giving 800 161 421 366 666 House Mortgage
Using Credit. 39. 1600 0 0 0 0 House Maintenance 25 18 -1 5
40Debt List (Notebook Pg C1). 3 House Insurance 40 3 33 63 93 House
41AMERICANS ARE DROWNING IN A SEA OF Taxes 139 139 278 407 546. End Of Month
CREDIT CARD DEBT! 41. Balances. At The End Of The Month,
42Credit Cards Are Like Drugs! They Give Complete All Your Book Keeping, Then
Short-term Pleasure Followed By Long-term Record The Amount Left In Each Budget
Pain. It Takes More And More To Keep Us Account On The Monthly Summary Sheet When
Satisfied. 1995 - Average Family Credit You Are Well Rested & Mellow, Analyze
Card Balance Was $1825. By June Of 1996, The Summary To See What Worked, Problem
Average Balance Jumped To $3900. End 2005 Areas, Month To Month Trends Discuss
- Average Balances Reached Over $9000! Observations With Your Spouse Or A Trusted
Average Family Spends $100/Month In Friend Change Plan If Not Working. Do One
Interest Alone. 42. Time Transfers Or Loans.
43Gods View of Debt. Debt is slavery! 109Develop Discipline, Which Will Lead To
Prov. 22:7 Just as the rich rule over the Freedom, No Debt. Spend Money Based On The
poor, so the borrower is servant (slave) Bottom Line Of The Budget Account Sheet
to the lender. 1 Cor. 7:23 God purchased And NOT The Bottom Line Of The Checkbook,
you at a high price. Dont be enslaved by Or Your Wallet Or Your Credit Limit !
the world. There are over 2350 verses in 110Keeping Good Books. Record All
the Bible about finances. 43. Transactions As Soon As Practical Write
44What About Credit? Debt Presumes Upon Down Cash Expenditures On 3 By 5 Card, Or
Tomorrow! Proverbs 22:26,27 Do not co-sign Save The Receipt & Mark It Up So You
another persons note or put up a Will Know What Account To Record The
guarantee for someone elses loan. If you Expense In (For Example, Husbands
cant pay it, even your bed will be Clothing $25, Wifes Clothing $21) If
snatched from under you. Proverbs 22:16 A Married, Play To Your Strengths - Have The
person who gets ahead by oppressing the Person With Good Math Skills Keep The
poor or by showering gifts on the rich Books Write Down All Checks, Debit Or
will end in poverty. 44. Credit Card Uses In Detail. Tip -
45Guidelines For Credit Use. Don't Carbonless Check Register Balance Your
Borrow For Depreciating Items What Items Check Book Every Month - The Sooner, The
Depreciate??? Don't Borrow More Than You Better.
Can Afford To Repay Psalm 37:21- The 111Needs Wants Desires. Learn To
wicked borrow and never repay, but the Distinguish Between.
godly are generous givers. Use Cash Or A 112Financial Decision Making Tips. Put
Check Whenever Practical, So You Will God At The Center Of Your Decisions
"Count The Cost" Don't Use Develop A Balanced Giving, Saving,
Credit To Buy On Impulse. Spending, Investing, Debt Payoff Plan Plan
46Credit Card Guidelines. DESTROY THEM! For Major Purchases, Avoid Impulse Buying
OR.. 1. Be Accountable To Someone 2. Develop A Long Range Investment Plan Get
Commit To Eliminating Impulse Buying - Educated In Biblical Approaches To
Dont Go Out As Often - Make A List Of Investing Do Retirement Planning To Help
Things You Need 3. Use Credit Cards You To Decide How Much To Save &
Properly Pay The Bills Off Each Month 4. Invest For The Future.
Use Cash Whenever Possible ( You Will 113Financial Decision Making Tips. Make
Decrease Purchases By Up To 33% !!). Decisions To Maximize The Amount Of Peace
47More Guidelines For Credit Use. Don't You Will Have, Not Necessarily The Most
Use Credit To Buy Gifts Don't Use Credit Profit If You Dont Have Peace, Dont Do
To Meet Monthly Bills Don't Use Credit It! Decide In Advance To Be Totally
Cards To Avoid Developing Discipline Do Honest.
Use Credit Cautiously, Or Not At All Do 114Our Part Believe, Manage Well. Do We
Use Cash Or Debit Instead Of Credit. Believe God? Beliefs Decisions Actions. I
48Steps To Get Out Of Debt. 1. Stop Manage. Sowing/ Reaping. God Owns. God
Borrowing And/Or Charging With Credit Provides. God Provides. Results,
Cards Use One Of 3 Credit Card Blessings. Giving to honor God, minister
Prescriptions Or Recipes: A. Bake B. Slice to the needs of others, and to support the
C. Freeze 2. Set Up A Budget To Save church as she evangelizes the lost and
$1,000 For Emergencies & At Least Pay matures disciples. God is Creator and
The Interest Owed Every Month. Eat Rice Owner of Everything. The essence of His
& Beans For A While 3. Start Paying nature is love. He provides for us by
Off What Is Owed As Quickly As Possible 4. giving to us in order to care for us and
Pay All You Owe - Prov 3:27,28... Do Not to minister to our needs. Giving Saving
Withhold Good From Those Who Deserve It, Living. We gratefully receive from God and
When It Is in Your Power to Act. Do Not respond to His generosity by: Saving and
Say to Your Neighbor, "Come Back Multiplying for the future. Living
Later; I'll Give It Tomorrow"-- When contentedly within the limits of Gods
You Now Have It With You. (NIV). provision. FAITH CRISIS. Casas Church
49Steps To Get Out Of Debt. 5. Pay Off Used By Permission. Minor Mods By Author.
The High Interest Debts First 6. Also, Pay 115Financial Freedom Notebook - Use It !
Off Some Of The Smaller Debts First, So Yearly Summary. Monthly Summary. Account
You Will Feel Success 7. Use Monthly Sheets. Financial Freedom Notebook. Budget
Payment From Paid Off Debts To Accelerate Plan. Spending Guidelines. Budget
Payoff Of Remaining Debts 8. Use All Or Analysis. Impulse List. As Is Budget.
Part Of Windfall Income To Pay Debts 9. Purchase List. Net Worth. Goals. Gift
Create Some Extra Debt Payoff Income - List.
Sell Things (Garage Sales, Ebay, Craigs 116Gods Secret Success Formula. Commit
List), Work Overtime, Extra Jobs, Rent A to the Lord whatever you do and your plans
Room In Your House, Eat More Beans & will succeed. Proverbs 16:3 May he give
Rice Cont.. you the desire of your heart and make all
50How To Get Help With Creditors. Use your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4.
Volunteer Budget Coach To Help Contact 117Gods Simple Plan. 1. God Owns 2. I
Casas Budget Coach Coordinator: Chris Manage 3. God Provides. (Give, Save,
Baird chris@automatit.net, Nancy Prentiss Live). (Gods Generous Heart).
(520-297-7238) (No fees. This is a free 118Develop New Habits. Changing Behavior
ministry.) Contact A Non Profit Credit Starts With Changing Beliefs.. Isa 43:18
Counselor- They Have Experience Dealing NIV "Forget the former things; do not
With Bill Collectors Consumer Credit dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new
Counselors Atlanta, Ga. Phone: thing! PLANNING. PLANNING. SAVING. SAVING.
1-888-771-Hope (Toll Free) Caution ! - GIVING & SHARING. GIVING &
Advertising Is Designed To Create 119True Riches, Honor, And Life ... do
Discontentment 2. Advertising Creates An not come by our striving after them. They
Attitude That More Is Better 3. come when we walk humbly before a holy God
Advertising Promotes Selfishness And Greed and become accountable for every thought
And Discontentment. word, attitude, and action By humility
52Advertising Can Be A Trap. Contd.. 4. and fear of the lord are riches, and
God Says: Beware, Be On Your Guard Against honour, and life. Proverbs 11:4 Bill
Every Form Of Greed: Luke 12:15 Then he Gothard and Staff.
said to them, "Watch out! Be on your 120True Riches. The resources which God
guard against all kinds of greed; a man's entrusts to us after we surrender our
life does not consist in the abundance of desire to be rich. But they that will be
his possessions. (NIV) 5. Tip - Throw rich fall into many foolish and hurtful
Junk Mail And Advertisements Away So You lusts 1 Timothy 6:9 Bill Gothard and
Won't Be Tempted 6. Buy What You Need On Staff.
Sale, But Don't Buy Anything Else, Unless 121Supplementary Charts.
You Really Planned On Buying It. Sale 122Resources. Short Range Planning Your
Items Are Designed To Get You To Spend Money- Frustration Or Freedom? Howard
Lots More Than You Planned To Spend. Dayton Total Money Makeover Dave
53Impulse Buying FROM THE WALL STREET Ramsey The Complete Financial Guide For
Statistics 53% Of All Groceries Are Complete Financial Guide For Single Parent
Impulse 47 % Of All Hardware Purchases Are - Larry Burkett Debt Free Living- How To
Impulse Only 25% Of Shoppers Have A List Get Out Of Debt (And Stay Out) - Larry
Or Research Purchases You Are Exposed To Burkett What Husbands Wished Their Wives
100 + Advertisements Per Day You Can Knew About Money - Larry Burkett Gods
Decrease Your Spending By 25 - 33% If You Guide Through The Money Jungle (For High
Gave Up Your Plastic. Schoolers) Larry Burkett Teaching Your
54Controlling Impulse Buying Notebook Pg Children How To Handle Money- Ron &
G1. Who Are The Big Impulsive Spenders Judy Blue Biblical Principles Using Your
In America? Use An Impulse List To Money Wisely (2 Pages Per Biblical
Control Impulse Buying Get At Least 3 Principle)- Larry Burkett How To Manage
Prices Before Buying Wait A Day, A Week, A Your Money (Bible Study)- Larry Burkett
Month. Impulse List. Only One Item On The What The Bible Says About Money (Topical
List At A Time Married - Three Lists: His, Concordance) - Larry Burkett Crown Small
Hers, Ours. Item. Cost # 2. Cost # 3. Group Study 12 week www.Crown.org.
Date. Cost # 1. Jun 21. $250.00. VCR. $ 123Resources. Long Range Planning-
75.00. $165.00. Sep 10. Laptop Computer. Investing & Retirement Retire Early,
$1,200.00. $1,150.00. $675.00. Dec 11. Big Sleep Well Steve Davis Investing For
Screen TV. $2,250.00. $1,650.00. $2300.00. The Future- Larry Burkett Preparing For
55Controlling Gifts (Notebook Pg G2). Retirement- Larry Burkett Master Your
Make A Gift Spending Plan And Stick To It Money- Ron Blue Business By The Book -
No Credit Buying, Make Gifts To Save Larry Burkett (How To Run A Business Using
Money (Show Love). Gift List. EVENT. DATE. Biblical Principles) BOGLE On MUTUAL
PERSON. $ ALLOCATED. Bob Jones ... Cousin. FUNDS- JOHN C. Bogle 800-634-3966 Other
Birthday. Mar 22. $ 15.00. Susan Wife. $ Resources www.Crown.org Crown Financial
50.00. Anniversary. Mar 30. Dec 25. $ Ministries Southern Arizona Crown Area
50.00. Susan Wife. Christmas. Various. Director Ron Staub email:
Birthdays. Children 4 @ $25 ea. $ 100.00. Crowntuc@Comcast.net Phone: 866-280-8260
BethDaughter. Wedding. Jan 26. $ www.DaveRamsey.com Dave Ramsey Christian
1,000.00. Total For Year $ ______ Total Talk Radio Host.
Per Month $ ______. 124Financial Questionnaire. 1. Do You
56Savings Create Freedom. Why Save? Think Your Finances Are Well Planned and
Prov 6:6-8 Go to the ant, you sluggard; Managed? 2. Are You Content With Money
consider its ways and be wise! It has no Matters? 3. Do You Have Written Personal,
commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it Family, and Financial Goals? 4. Do You
stores its provisions in summer and Have Long Range Plans for Saving,
gathers its food at harvest. (NIV) Save To Investing and X Retiring? 5. Do You Know
Avoid Worry - Savings Allow Us To Smile How Much You Owe on All of Your Debts?
When Small Emergencies Come Along And 125Financial Questionnaire. 6. Do You
They Always Do How Much Emergency Never Pay Late Charges, Bounced Check
Savings Is Enough? Start With Minimum of Charges or Interest for Credit Card
$1,000 Then Build From There One Months Charges? 7. Do You Have a Written Personal
Expenses In Highly Liquid Form 3 To 6 or Family Budget and Are X X You Following
Months Savings In Liquid Form Purpose Of It? 8. Do You Have a Good Understanding of
Savings - Cover Noncatastrophic Unexpected What the Bible Says X About Your Finances?
Expenses Repairs, Medical Expenses 9. Do You Have a Current Will? 10. If You
Unemployment. Are Married, Are Finances One of the Best
57The Goal Of Budgeting. Be A Godly Areas of X X Communication in Your
Manager - Live Within Our Means With Marriage? 11. Do You Want to Learn How to
Balance And Freedom, And To Provide For Be a Better Money Manager?
Others, Kingdom Work And Our Future Long 126How To Build Your Financial House.
Term Needs Budgeting Is A Useful Planning 127The Foundation Gods Principles. 1
And Control Process That Can Help You To Cor 3:11 For no one can lay any foundation
Achieve Your Goals And Live In Freedom. other than the one already laid, which is
58What God Says About Where His Money Jesus Christ. (NIV). Jer 29:11 For I know
Goes. the plans I have for you," declares
59What God Says About Where His Money the LORD, "plans to prosper you and
Goes. Income - "And my God will meet not to harm you, plans to give you hope
all your needs according to his glorious and a future. (NIV) (Gods Generous
riches in Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:19 Heart).
NIV) Giving - "Honor the LORD with 128Four Levels Of Maturity. We Are New
your wealth, with the firstfruits of all CreationsThis Includes Our Finances
your crops;" (Prov 3:9 NIV) "He "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
who gives to the poor will lack nothing, he is a new creation; the old has gone,
but he who closes his eyes to them the new has come!" (2 Cor 5:17 NIV).
receives many curses." (Prov 28:27 Gods Word Is Living And Active "For
NIV) Taxes - "Tell us then, what is the word of God is living and active.
your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Sharper than any double-edged sword, it
Caesar or not? But Jesus, knowing their penetrates even to dividing soul and
evil intent, said, "You hypocrites, spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the
why are you trying to trap me? Show me the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Heb
coin used for paying the tax." They 4:12 NIV). 1 Cor 3:1, 1 Jn 2:12-14.
brought him a denarius, and he asked them, 129Gods Secret Success Formula. Commit
"Whose portrait is this? And whose to the Lord whatever you do and your plans
inscription? Caesar's," they will succeed. Proverbs 16:3.
replied. Then he said to them, "Give 130What is Gods #1 Concern For Your
to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God Finances? Attitude. "Love the LORD
what is God's." (Mat 22:17-21 NIV) your God with all your heart and with all
Living Expenses - "If anyone does not your soul and with all your
provide for his relatives, and especially strength." (Deu 6:5 NIV) Why??? For
for his immediate family, he has denied God so loved the world that he gave his
the faith and is worse than an only Son (Jn 3:16 NLT).
unbeliever. (1 Tim 5:8 NIV). 131Gods Simple Plan. 1. God Owns 2. I
60What God Says About Where His Money Manage 3. God Provides. (Give, Save,
Goes. Savings - "In the house of the Live). (Gods Generous Heart).
wise are stores of choice food and oil, 132Step 1 - God Owns. Psalm 24:1 NIV The
but a foolish man devours all he earth is the Lord's, and everything in it,
has." (Prov 21:20 NIV) Debt Payoff - the world, and all who live in it; God
"The rich rule over the poor, and the Created Everything - God Is The Owner
borrower is servant to the lender." Commandments Exodus 20:3 NIV You shall
(Prov 22:7 NIV) "No one can serve two have no other gods before me. You cannot
masters. Either he will hate the one and serve two masters Why?
love the other, or he will be devoted to 133Step 2 I Manage. Psalm 9:6-8 NLT
the one and despise the other. You cannot You put us in charge of everything you
serve both God and Money." (Mat 6:24 made, giving us authority over all things
NIV) Investments - "The plans of the the sheep and the cattle and all the
diligent lead to profit as surely as haste wild animals, the birds in the sky, the
leads to poverty." (Prov 21:5 NIV) fish in the sea, and everything that swims
"You may say to yourself, "My the ocean currents. God the Creator put us
power and the strength of my hands have in charge of managing His creation We are
produced this wealth for me. But remember His managers (stewards) What is expected
the LORD your God, for it is He who gives of a steward?
you the ability to produce wealth, and so 134Step 2 - I Manage (Parable Of The
confirms his covenant, which he swore to Talents). Mat 25:14-30 NIV
your forefathers, as it is today." ""Again, it will be like a man
(Deu 8:17-18 NIV). going on a journey, who called his
61Typical Balanced Budget $40,000 servants and entrusted his property to
Income. Net Spendable Income. 72%. ~ 28 % them. To one he gave five talents of
To God And Government ~ 72 % To Spend money, to another two talents, and to
& Save. another one talent, each according to his
62Giving & Sharing Principles. ability. Then he went on his journey. The
Recognize God As The Owner - the world man who had received the five talents went
is mine, and all that is in it. (PS 50:12b at once and put his money to work and
NIV) Give And Expect God To Bless The gained five more. So also, the one with
Right Attitude - Remember this: Whoever the two talents gained two more. But the
sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, man who had received the one talent went
and whoever sows generously will also reap off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his
generously. ( 2 Cor 9:6 NIV) We Give master's money. After a long time the
Because We Are Grateful Give The First master of those servants returned and
Part Of All - Honor the LORD with your settled accounts with them. The man who
wealth, with the firstfruits of all your had received the five talents brought the
crops; (Prov 3:9 NIV) How Much Should other five. 'Master,' he said, 'you
You Give? 10%? 20% ? 90%?: Lev 37:30 A entrusted me with five talents. See, I
tithe of everything from the land, whether have gained five more. His master
grain from the soil or fruit from the replied, 'Well done, good and faithful
trees, belongs to the LORD; it is holy to servant! You have been faithful with a few
the LORD. (Lev 27:30 NIV). things; I will put you in charge of many
63Giving And Sharing Principles. How things. Come and share your master's
& When To Give - With, Planning And happiness! The man with the two talents
Premeditation - Each man should give what also came. 'Master,' he said, 'you
he has decided in his heart to give, not entrusted me with two talents; see, I have
reluctantly or under compulsion, for God gained two more. His master replied,
loves a cheerful giver. (2 Cor 9:7 NIV) 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You
Give Weekly - I Cor 16:2 On the first day have been faithful with a few things; I
of every week, each one of you should set will put you in charge of many things.
aside a sum of money in keeping with his Come and share your master's happiness!
income, saving it up, so that when I come Then the man who had received the one
no collections will have to be made. (NIV) talent came. 'Master,' he said, 'I knew
Giving Weekly Yields a Blessing Weekly. that you are a hard man, harvesting where
Give Proportionately- Luke 12:48 From you have not sown and gathering where you
everyone who has been given much, much have not scattered seed. So I was afraid
will be demanded; and from the one who has and went out and hid your talent in the
been entrusted with much, much more will ground. See, here is what belongs to you.
be asked. (NIV) Have You Been Given Much? His master replied, 'You wicked, lazy
How Much Is Expected Of You? Contd. servant! So you knew that I harvest where
64Giving And Sharing Principles Contd I have not sown and gather where I have
Sometimes God Asks Us To Give not scattered seed? Well then, you should
Sacrificially - Jesus sat down opposite have put my money on deposit with the
the place where the offerings were put and bankers, so that when I returned I would
watched the crowd putting their money into have received it back with interest. Take
the temple treasury. Many rich people the talent from him and give it to the one
threw in large amounts. But a poor widow who has the ten talents.For everyone who
came and put in two very small copper has will be given more, and he will have
coins, worth only a fraction of a penny. an abundance. Whoever does not have, even
Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, what he has will be taken from him.And
"I tell you the truth, this poor throw that worthless servant outside, into
widow has put more into the treasury than the darkness, where there will be weeping
all the others. They all gave out of their and gnashing of teeth.'"
wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put 135Some Observations. God Is The Master
in everything-- all she had to live on. And Owner We Are Gods And We Belong To
(Mk 12:41-43 NIV). God All We Have Belongs To God We Arent
65Giving And Sharing Principles Contd.. Asked If We Want The Job To Be Gods
The Bottom Line: Give Cheerfully And Manager The Question Is: Am I A Good
Generously Each man should give what he Manager, Or A Bad Manager? God Gives To Us
has decided in his heart to give, not According To Our Abilities How Will We
reluctantly or under compulsion, for God Answer When God Asks: What Have You Done x
loves a cheerful giver. You will be made With Your Talents I Entrusted To You? God
rich in every way so that you can be Uses Money To Teach Us And To Put Us To
generous on every occasion, and through us The Test. How x Are you Doing At Managing
your generosity will result in Gods Resources?
thanksgiving to God. (2 Cor 9:6,7 NIV). 136Step 3 - God Provides. Mat 6:25 NIV
66Analyzing How You Have Been Spending ""Therefore I tell you, do not
Your Income. You're Right. There Are Some worry about your life, what you will eat
Changes We Should Make. or drink; or about your body, what you
67Expense Guidelines, $40,000 Gross, Max will wear. Is not life more important than
Housing. MISC. MEDICAL. 6%. 5%. SAVINGS. food, and the body more important than
5%. CLOTHING. MAX. 5%. HOUSING. clothes?" Mat 6:27 NIV "Who of
RECREATION. 4%. 40%. 5%. DEBTS. 5%. you by worrying can add a single hour to
INSURANCE. 10%. 15%. AUTO. FOOD. his life ? Mat 6:31-34 NIV "So do
68Ballpark Budget Guidelines Family Of 4 not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or
(Notebook Pg E2). School/Childcare 8% 6% 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we
5%. wear?'" "For the pagans run
69Ballpark Budget Guidelines Single after all these things, and your heavenly
Adult (Notebook Pg E7). Father knows that you need them."
70Budget Analysis Worksheet (Notebook Pg "But seek first his kingdom and his
E9). righteousness, and all these things will
71Balance, The Key To Success. Danger! be given to you as well."
Success! Hoarding. Overspending. Church "Therefore do not worry about
& Career. God & Family. Income. tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about
Outgo. Outgo. Income. itself. Each day has enough trouble of its
72A Most Important Principle. own."
ABSOLUTELY!!! You Absolutely Cannot Spend 137Our Part Believe, Manage Well. Do We
More Than You Earn!!! Remember What John Believe God? I Manage. Sowing/ Reaping.
The Baptist Said: Luke 3:14"And us, God Owns. God Provides. God Provides.
asked some soldiers, "what about us? Results, Blessings. Giving to honor God,
John replied, "Don't extort money by minister to the needs of others, and to
threats and violence; don't accuse anyone support the church as she evangelizes the
of what you know he didn't do; and be lost and matures disciples. God is Creator
content with your pay" and Owner of Everything. The essence of
73Case Studies. Purpose Is To His nature is love. He provides for us by
Illustrate Application Of Principles To giving to us in order to care for us and
Real Budgets Case Studies Differ From to minister to our needs. Giving Saving
Guideline Budget, But Are Balanced Budgets Living. We gratefully receive from God and
For These People Each Case Is Unique, respond to His generosity by: Saving and
Just As Your Situation Is Unique Case Multiplying for the future. Living
Studies Show High Allocation For Housing, contentedly within the limits of Gods
Which Is Typical Of High Housing Cost Area provision. FAITH CRISIS. Casas Church
Or Newly Weds Or Singles Buying First Used By Permission. Minor Mods By Author.
Home. 138Credit Cards. Automobiles. Housing.
74Case Study Single, Renter $20,000 138.
Income. Medical 3.0%. Clothing 3.0%. Misc 139Gimmick Mortgages. ARM Adjustable
2.3%. Investments 3.0%. Recreation 7.0%. Rate Mortgage Interest Only Mortgage
Debts 4.8%. Insurance 5.0%. Housing 36.1%. Balloon Payment Mortgage 40 to 50-yr
Auto 26.5%. How Does This Budget Compare Mortgage Teaser-Rate Mortgage Reverse
To The Guidelines On Pg E7? Food 9.3%. Mortgage Home Equity Loan. 139.
75Case Study Maximum Housing, No Debt, 140Rules of the House. NO ARMs - Fixed
Newlyweds. Retirement 8.0%. Business Rate Only Obtain a Par quote Mortgage
2.0%. Misc 9.0%. Housing 44.0%. Medical Use Manual Underwriting Get Shortest Term
1.0%. Savings 2.0%. Clothing 2.0%. Food Possible 15-yr Dont buy too much
10%. Recreation 6.0%. Insurance 1.0%. house Pre-Pay Mortgage No Debt
76Case Study Maximum Housing, No Debt, Consolidation Loans. 140.
Newlyweds. 141Is this the Financial Direction Youre
771% Giving Challenge Try Increasing Getting from the World? 141.
Your Giving 1% - See What God Does To 142Teaching Children Financial
Bless You. Responsibility. Give Children A Modest
78Case Study. Maximum housing (48%), Allowance, So They Will Have Money To
Accelerated Mortgage Payoff. Retirement Manage. An Allowance Is A Privilege Of
5.6%. Savings 4.7%. Misc 11.2%. Housing Being Part Of The Family. Expect Children
34.9%. Medical 1.4%. Clothing 3.1%. To Do Defined Chores. Helping Do Work Is
Recreation 10.4%. Debts 13.1%. Accelerated Part Of The Responsibility Of Being Part
Mortgage Payoff. Insurance 1.8%. Auto Of The Family Help Children Learn How To
6.1%. Food 7.6%. Set Up A Spending Plan Giving Saving
79Case Study. Married 15 Years, 2 Young Spending Investing Yes, Teach Your
Children, $60,000 Income, Own Home, Children How To Invest.
Investing For Early Retirement. Higher 143Include Your Kids In Setting Up Your
Giving, Lower Taxes. Total About The Same Financial Goals, And In Doing The Budget.
! Payoff Mortgage By Age 45. No Credit Every Person In The Family Should Have
Card Or Auto Debt. Christian Schools. 13% Budget Accounts To Manage - Toys,
Total Savings Investment. Goal Early Clothing, Hobby, Etc. When Your Kids Get
Retirementc 13%. Comment. Category. Married, They Will Imitate You Training
80Biggest Mistakes To Avoid. No Savings Your Child To Be A Good Money Manager
Overspend Using Debt House, Furnishings Could Save Their Marriage In The Future.
Cars Abuse Credit Cards, Car Loans, 144Teaching Children Financial
Mortgage Fail To Invest Early & Responsibility. Teach Kids Gods 3 Step $
Wisely. Plan & Biblical Principles God Owns, I
81Develop New Habits. Saving. Planning. Manage, God Provides Teach Kids To Give
Giving & Sharing. Investing. Resisting Generously To God Teach Kids To Spend
Impulse Buying. Becoming Debt Free. Wisely Teach Needs Vs Wants Or Desires
82US Government Form W-4. Employees Resist Impulses Buy On Sale, Buy Used
Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate. Items, Trade For Items Buy Quality That
File W4 Form To Adjust Your Witholding To Will Last Be A Good Steward Teach Kids To
Avoid Giving Governments A Big Free Save And Invest - Defer Gratification.
Loan. 145Teaching Children Financial
83Windfall Income. Consciously Manage Responsibility. Trust Them Let Them Make
Windfall Income, Whether Irregular or One Mistakes - They Will Learn More Provide
Time $ Allocate It To: Payoff Debts Them Paid Jobs To Earn Extra Money
Replenish Accounts Running Low Add to Discourage Them From Borrowing Train Them
Savings Entertainment Education To Work To Buy Things, Dont Spoil Them
Investments Dont Let Miscellaneous Get Share Expenses With Them - For Example,
It! Dont Set Up Your Budget Based On You Pay For Half Of An Item If They Will
Windfall Income. Pay For Half Volunteer To Match Funds For
84Fluctuating Income. TipTotally Investing (50/50) Show Kids Your Budget
Segregate Business Income From Home Summary Every Month Set A Good Example For
Finances. Surplus. 52.5% Average. Deficit. Your Kids - Be A Good Manager.
85Cars - Detailed Ownership Cost

The green movement - Management of each such branch in which head there is a chief executive, carries out national board. The main objective to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities. One of the largest victories in the given campaign can name refusal of flooding of an oil platform brent spar as it contained many toxic substances.

The animals - ELEPHANT. DOLPHIN. The animals which live in a SAVANNA. The animals which live in the desert. CAMEL. REINDEER. SEAL. PANDA. KOALA. WOMBAT. WHALE. EMU. POLAR BEAR. SNAKE. PARROT. FISH. The animals which live in Australia. BEAR. TIGER. FLAMINGO. PENGUIN. FOX. GORILLA. STARFISH. LION. GRIFFIN. The animals which live in the polar regions.

The english-speaking countries - Disneyland. Scotland. Australia. The English-speaking countries. USA. Great Britain.

the woman - . A womans tongue wags like a lambs tail. . A good wife makes a good husband. . . , , . Un homme- . A man - . ;

Cinema - Cinema - public institution to public demonstration of films. Cinema. Salkov and Cats presents. thank you for your attention. Theater, public building (or part of it), equipped for movies. The total number of K in the world - about 100 thousand. Modern K. in the USSR and other countries is a complex structure.

Meat - Meat The proteins found in meat, its composition is very close to human. Useful properties of meat and meat products are undeniable. A MAN who eats ALL. meat. Meat products - a valuable source of iron, potassium, phosphorus. WHAT GOOD MEAT? In soy no such amino acids that are present in the meat.