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Mobile Phone Video Project
Mobile Phone Video Project
Online Shopping
Online Shopping
Mobile Phone Video Project
Mobile Phone Video Project
Mobile Phone Video Project
Mobile Phone Video Project
Mobile Phone Video Project
Mobile Phone Video Project
1. Design/Appearance
1. Design/Appearance
2. Battery Life
2. Battery Life
3. Memory
3. Memory
4. Price
4. Price
5. Camera
5. Camera
6. Screen size/Resolution
6. Screen size/Resolution
Video reviews for the IPhone 6
Video reviews for the IPhone 6
Video reviews for the IPhone 6
Video reviews for the IPhone 6
Video reviews for the HTC ONE M9
Video reviews for the HTC ONE M9
Video reviews for the HTC ONE M9
Video reviews for the HTC ONE M9
Video reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6
Video reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6
Video reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6
Video reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6
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Mobile Phone Video Project

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Mobile Phone Video Project. Student 136. Screen size/Resolution. This refers
no:11018693. to how big the screen is and how good the
2Online Shopping. Discuss In pairs: How quality of the screen is. Some possible
often do you shop online? How has online questions you can find the answer to are:
shopping affected retail shopping in your What is the size of the screen? What is
opinion? What types of products do you the resolution of the screen?
purchase online? E.G. Electronics, Clothes 147. Other. Are there any other features
etc. Do you prefer shopping online? Why or you think should be taken into
why not? consideration when choosing a phone.? If
3 you think there are other key features
4We need your help! Steve Smith the that could persuade your other group
managing director at (Steve Smith members then do not hesitate to include
studios)…. Is having trouble deciding them in your video review, Note- For
which mobile phone to buy. He has enlisted slides 8-13, they are only some questions
your services to help him decide which to help guide you. You can include other
mobile phone he should buy. He has sent a aspects that may have not been mentioned
letter which is on the next slide. in the slides.
5 15Useful Online resources.
6Instructions. This video project www.carphonewarehouse.com ( You can find
consists of two tasks which will require out the prices of all the phones and other
two lessons to complete. Lesson 1: Task 1 details) http://www.phonearena.com/phones
First you will have to get information on ( You can compare the features and
the mobile phone you have chosen. Remember specifications of different phones against
that each group member will be researching each other) http://www.theverge.com ( You
a different phone. Use the internet and can find articles about the phones) The
additional resources provided later in the official Websites of the 3 Phones we are
slides to obtain information about your researching: http://www.htc.com/uk/
chosen phone. Some of areas/features of http://www.samsung.com/uk
the phone you could focus on are: 1) Phone http://www.apple.com/uk/.
design/Appearance 2) Battery life. 3) 16Useful Phrases/Vocabulary. The
Memory 4) Price 5) Camera 6) Screen following slide will include phrases which
size/resolution 7) Other- Anything else should be used when you are arguing for
that you feel adds extra value. There will you phone. The Slide after that will
be more information later in the include some general vocabulary pertaining
slideshow. to Technology and the Internet.
7Instructions. Lesson 2 : Task 2 Now 17Useful Phrases when debating. 1)
that you have collected all your Asking for another Students Opinion: What
information, it is now time to prepare all do you think? Do you agree? What's your
your main points and put them into a opinion? 2) Asking for clarification/more
video. For this Task you will need to use information Could you explain that again
Windows Movie Maker. (You can star in your please? Could you expand a little bit on
‘video review’ of your chosen phone or use what you said about….? Could you give me
your voice as a voiceover.) You will be an example of…..? Could you explain in
required to find pictures and videos more detail? 3) Agreeing I couldn't agree
online which will be used in your video more. That’s a very good point 4)
review. Once you see everyone's video Disagreeing I can see your point, but ……..
review in your group you now have to I see What you mean, but…….. I agree to
discuss and debate which phone you think some extent, but……….
would be most suitable. (Debating phrases 18General technology/Internet
will be provided later in the slideshow) Vocabulary. 1. A series of interconnected
Make sure you only include the main points computers and databases around the world -
on why Steve Smith should buy this phone. (Internet) 2. A part of a website that can
Remember you need to convince your group be read on a computer screen – (Web page)
to choose your phone so try to be as 3. The first page that you can see when
persuasive as possible. Note- The video you look at a website –(Home page) 4. A
review should be between 2-4 Minutes long. piece of equipment that is used to send
81. Design/Appearance. Some sample information from a computer through a
questions you can ask about the telephone system –(Modem) 5. To copy
design/appearance (how the phone looks): computer programs or information
How many colours/styles does the phone electronically-(Download) 6. A connection
come in? The Phone comes in …… different between documents on areas on the internet
colours/styles 2) How heavy is the Phone? (Link) 7. www is an internet address which
The Phone weights ….. 3) How thin/thick is stands for – (World Wide Web) 8. To press
the Phone? The Phone is ???mm thick. the button on a computer mouse – (Click)
92. Battery Life. This relates to how 9. To organize and design the words on a
long the Phone can stay on without losing page or written document –(Format) 10. A
power. Some possible Questions you can computer program which allows you to look
find the answer to are How often do you at pages on the internet –(Browser).
need to charge your phone? Does it last 19Video reviews for the IPhone 6. Click
the whole day without charging? How long here if the embedded video doesn’t work.
can it stay on without charging? Click here if the embedded video doesn’t
103. Memory. How much information can work.
the phone store (Click here for a full 20Video reviews for the HTC ONE M9.
definition) Some possible Questions you Click here if the embedded video doesn’t
can find the answer to are How much memory work. Click here if the embedded video
does the phone have? How much does it cost doesn’t work.
to get more memory? 21Video reviews for the Samsung Galaxy
114. Price. Steve Smith has a budget of S6. Click here if the embedded video
?550 however he is willing to go over his doesn’t work. Click here if the embedded
budget if you can justify it. Some Video doesn’t work.
possible Questions you can find the answer 22Self Evaluation- After the task. Once
to are: How much does the Phone cost? you have created your Video review
Note- He wants to buy the phone sim-free consider the following: 1)What have you
so make sure you are looking at prices for learned by completing this task? 2)What
sim-free phones and not for phones on have you learned about working with a
contract! partner? 3)Have you learned anything about
125. Camera. Some possible Questions you Mobile Phones that you had not been aware
can find the answer to are: How many of before? 4)Do you think your English has
megapixels is the camera? How many cameras improved by doing this task? If yes, which
does the phone have? What special features aspects has this task helped you improve?
does the camera have?
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Mobile Phone Video Project

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