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Input Video
Input Video
Step 1 - Reshape Image
Step 1 - Reshape Image
Step 1 - 8x8 Block Size
Step 1 - 8x8 Block Size
Step 2 - Block Matrix
Step 2 - Block Matrix
Step 3 - PCA Projection
Step 3 - PCA Projection
Step 4 - Compute Score
Step 4 - Compute Score
Step 5 - EV Matrix
Step 5 - EV Matrix
Detected Motion
Detected Motion
Detected Motion
Detected Motion
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Автор: Roland Miezianko. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Motion Detection using PCA.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 892 КБ.

Motion Detection using PCA

содержание презентации «Motion Detection using PCA.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Motion Detection using PCA. Roland 16normalized block matrix from Step 2 and
Miezianko rmiezian@temple.edu Video project it onto the PCA projection matrix
Analysis Project Spring 2004 Advisor: computed in Step 3 Only the first 3 PCA
Prof. Dr. Longin Jan Latecki. 1. projections are used. 16.
2Agenda. Motion Detection Input Video 17Step 4 - Code. fileName = ...;
Algorithm Steps (2-D and 3-D blocks) load(fileName, '-mat'); % matrix is BlockN
Results Sample Videos and Results Video fileName = ...; load(fileName, '-mat'); %
with 8x8 Detection Blocks Video with 32x32 matrix is pc Score = double(BlockN) *
Detection Blocks Matlab Code Source Code. pc(:,1:3); 17.
2. 18Step 5 - Compute EV. For each block
3Input Video. MPEG video converted to sequence, load the PCA score matrix
2688 JPEG image frames Full RGB color. 3. computed in Step 4 Compute a covariance
4Algorithm Steps. Reshape image to 8x8 matrix using a moving window of size 3
blocks Collect blocks from every frame, Compute eigenvalues (EVs) Sort to get the
normalize and reshape array from 3-D 8x8 larges EV value Store the data in one EV
blocks Compute PCA projection matrix per matrix, representing all blocks and all
block Compute PCA score by projecting frames. 18.
blocks from each frame onto that block’s 19Step 5 - EV Matrix. EV matrix will
3-PCA projection Compute EV values with contain a single EV value for a
W=3 for each block Generate global block-frame spatiotemporal location. 19.
threshold based on all blocks and frames 20Step 5 - Code. fileName = ...;
Generate local dynamic threshold for each load(fileName, '-mat'); % matrix is Score
block/frame with W=3 Generate motion dd = Score; evx = zeros(FrameEnd,3); W =
matrix based on local and global dynamic 3; for i=W+1:length(dd)-W; cc =
threshold for all blocks-frames. 4. dd(i-W:i+W,:); cm = cov(cc);
5Step 1 - Details. Read the color image evx(i,:)=sort(eig(cm)'); end. 20.
Resize the image by scale factor of 0.5 21Step 6- Global Threshold. Load EV
Convert the image to gray scale Reshape matrix from Step 5 Compute mean and
the image into 8x8 distinct blocks standard deviation Find all entries in the
Transpose and save the data Note: save per EV matrix that are below mean+2*std Update
frame block data. 5. the EV matrix. 21.
6Step 1 - Reshape Image. 6. 22Step 6 - Code. fileName ...;
7Step 1 - Code. fileName = ...; imN = load(fileName, '-mat'); % matrix is ev
imread(fileName); imN = imresize(imN,0.5); gmean = mean(mean(ev')); gstd =
imN = rgb2gray(imN); imCols = std(mean(ev')); LessThanThr = find(ev <
im2col(imN,[bH bW],'distinct'); imT = (gmean+2*gstd)); ev(LessThanThr) = 20; 22.
imCols'; 7. 23Step 7 - Local Threshold. Use the
8Step 1 - 8x8 Block Size. Block size updated EV matrix from Step 6 Compute a
relative to image size Block 26x25 Image local dynamic threshold using window
Size: 36x48 blocks. 8. Generate a Motion matrix of same size as
9Step 2 - Collect Blocks. Collect same the EV matrix with a simple 0/1 values
block from all the frames Create a single (1=motion). 23.
matrix for each block location Reshape 24Step 7 - Assumptions. Assume that
vector from 3-D 8x8 blocks There are 1728 first 100 frames have no detectable motion
matrices holding pixel values Each matrix Compute mean and std of first 100 frames
is 2688 x 64 (frames x pixels/block). 9. for each block Compute local threshold for
10Step 2-Normalize Blocks. Normalize each block using a moving window (W=3)
each block by its mean value Each block Adjust local threshold, when no moving
has its mean subtracted from each of the object is detected. 24.
64 pixel values Store the normalized block 25Step 7 - Code 1. for BlockIndex = 1 :
data to be used in Step 3 and Step 4. 10. NumBlocks W=3; current sample FrameStart =
11Step 2 - Code. fileName = ...; 100; % first frames = no motion
load(fileName, '-mat'); % matrix is BlockX meanl=mean(ev(BlockIndex,1:FrameStart));
% BlockN will be the normalized version of stdl=std(ev(BlockIndex,1:FrameStart));
BlockX BlockN = BlockX; BlockXMean = movingobject=0; for i = FrameStart+W :
(mean(BlockX'))'; for FrameIndex = FrameEnd-W; ... (next slide) end % i end %
FrameStart : FrameEnd BlockN(FrameIndex,:) BlockIndex. 25.
= BlockX(FrameIndex,:) - 26Step 7 - Code 2 (…).
BlockXMean(FrameIndex,1); End % store lw=ev(BlockIndex,i-W:i); %left window
normalized block matrix as BlockN. 11. rw=ev(BlockIndex,i+1:i+W); %right window
12Step 2 - Block Matrix. Each block X of if mean(rw)-meanl>50*stdl
1728 total blocks has a matrix mobin(i)=mean(rw)-meanl; %moving obj
representation of size 2688x64 Each block detected movingobject=1;
is normalized by its mean value N = 2688. Motion(BlockIndex,i) = 1; else if
12. movingobject==0
13Step 2 – 3-D 8x8 Blocks. Take 3 rows meanl=0.9*meanl+0.1*mean(lw);
of Block matrix from previous slide 3x64 stdl=0.9*stdl+0.1*std(lw); end end. 26.
Reshape into 1x192 vector 3-D blocks are 27Step 8 - Motion Matrix. Motion matrix
overlapping New 3-D Block Matrix is used is of size 1728x2688, same size as the EV
in computing PCA scores and projection matrix It contains values 0 or 1, where 1
matrices. 13. = motion detected Use the Motion matrix to
14Step 3 - Compute PCA. Load normalized create sample videos showing blocks where
block matrix from Step 2 and compute the motion was detected. 27.
PCA projection matrix for this block 28Detected Motion. No motion Detected
sequence Code: fileName = ...; Motion (red blocks). 28.
load(fileName, '-mat'); % matrix is BlockN 29Conclusion. The method of motion
[pc,latent,explained] = detection using principal component
pcacov(cov(BlockN)); 14. analysis combined with dynamic
15Step 3 - PCA Projection. The principal thresholding yields very good results in
components projection matrix contains 64 detecting motion Future projects will
rows representing each pixel location in include processing images with variation
the block and 64 columns representing 64 in size of the blocks. 29.
principal components Only the first three 30Questions & Answers. Sample Videos
components are used in projection (first 3 8x8 Blocks 32x32 Blocks Principal
columns). 15. Component Analysis Matlab Code. 30.
16Step 4 - Compute Score. Load
Motion Detection using PCA.ppt
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Motion Detection using PCA

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