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MPEG-2 High Rate Video over 1394 and Implications for 802

содержание презентации «MPEG-2 High Rate Video over 1394 and Implications for 802.ppt»
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1MPEG-2 High Rate Video over 1394 and 12Source packet header (shown in each TS
Implications for 802.11e. John Kowalski packet). data_CRC. September, 2000. Slide
Sharp Corporation. September, 2000. Slide 12. John M. Kowalski,
1. John M. Kowalski, 131394 Header. The shaded field is
2Outline. Introduction MPEG-2 High Rate defined by IEEE1394 (4 bytes/line).
Video and Transport Stream Description data_length: data block payload length 2
(1394/ IEC 61883-4) Throughput Latency, bytes tag: high level label for format of
Jitter Requirements Issues for 1394 AV data. 012 is defined as CIP header.
over 802.11 Appendix: Formats for channel: isochronous channel 6 bits.
1394/IEC61883-4. September, 2000. Slide 2. tcode: transaction code. Ah is defined as
John M. Kowalski, isochronous data block. sy:
3Introduction. Evaluation Criteria Application-specific control field. (4
Group identified high rate MPEG as a data bits synch. code). data_length. tag.
stream type for use in 802.11e. High Rate channel. tcode. sy. header_CRC. CIP
MPEG is closely tied to 1394, and IEC header. Data. data_CRC. September, 2000.
61883-4. 1394, although not strictly part Slide 13. John M. Kowalski,
of requirements, is “nice to have” 14CIP Header. The shaded field is
capability for 11e proposals. Hence this defined by IEC61883. (4 bytes/line). 1394
summary of high rate MPEG via 1394/IEC isochronous header. 00. SID. DBS. FN. QPC.
61883-4. September, 2000. Slide 3. John M. s. r. DBC. 10. FMT. FDF. Data. data_CRC.
Kowalski, SID: Sender node ID DBS: Data Block Size
4MPEG2 Data. MPEG2 ensures the data FN: Fraction number QPC: Quadlet padding
rate of one transponder. For CS, the count SPH(s): Source Packet Header. DBC:
actual data rate of one transponder is, Data Block Counter FMT: Format ID FDF:
for HDTV-like video 29.2Mbps. For BS Format Dependent Field r: Reserved.
Digital, the actual data rate of one September, 2000. Slide 14. John M.
transponder is 26.085Mbps. Multiple Kowalski,
streams are included in one transponder. 15CIP Header (MPEG2-TS). Each field is
3Mbps – 6 Mbps is used for bit rate of one defined as the followings for MEPG2-TS
channel. For HDTV, one channel uses one transfer. SID: depends on configuration
transponder. Over 22Mbps is required as DBS: 000001102 (6quadlets = 24bytes) FN:
the data rate. About 24Mbps is upper limit 112 (8 data blocks in one source packet)
because of their overhead. Key QPC: 0002 (no padding) SPH: 1 when source
requirement: 1394/IEC61883-4 uses packet header is present DBC: 0 … 255 FMT:
isochronous, fixed length packets. 1000002 (Format type of MPEG2-TS) FDF: For
September, 2000. Slide 4. John M. MPEG2-TS transfer, most significant bit is
Kowalski, defined as TSF, others are reserved. TSF
5TS Packet Transmission Rate. Maximum indicates a time shifted data stream (1:
jitter is assumed to be about 311 ms on the stream is time shifted.). September,
transmit, and 50ms from real time 2000. Slide 15. John M. Kowalski,
interface, from IEC 61883-4. Latency 16Source Packet Header. 4bytes Source
arbitrated in 1394. September, 2000. Slide Packet Header is shown below. The time
5. John M. Kowalski, stamp in the source packet header is used
6Issues for 1394 AV over 802.11. by isochronous data receivers for
1394/6883-4 wants to see isochronous reconstructing a correct timing of the
streams. So a lean (low overhead, not TSPs at their output. Reserved. cycle
complex) PCF is a must. Small packet sizes count. cycle_offset. 7bits. 13bits.
of constant length (480 bytes +24 bytes 12bits. September, 2000. Slide 16. John M.
O/H). With Breezecom’s (nonoptimized?) Kowalski,
estimates for efficiency (document 99-256) 17DV Format (SD-DVCR). DV video, audio
an efficiency of at best 47% can be data consists of 80 bytes (Digital
expected in the PCF, for 400 bytes. Interface) DIF block. 1 DIF sequence
Buffering must be applied to compensate consists of 150 DIF blocks. 1 video frame
for 802.11 behavior which breaks the consists of 10 DIF sequences (in case of
standard (as a recommended practice?). NTSC) See:
September, 2000. Slide 6. John M. http://www.chumpchange.com/parkplace/Video
Kowalski, DVPapers/dv_formt.htm ._. … ………… ………… …
7Issues for 1394 AV over 802.11 480bytes. 80bytes. 0. H0. SC0. SC1. VA0.
(cont.). How to transfer the QoS VA1. VA2. A0. V0. V1. V2. V3. V4. 1. DIF
information? Must map 1394 information Sequence 0. V129. V130. V131. V132. V133.
into 802.1p/q priority tags. How to V134. H0. SC0. SC1. VA0. VA1. VA2. DIF
allocate the bandwidth, jitter? Sequence 9. 249. V129. V130. V131. V132.
Efficiency- how best to format over 802.11 V133. V134. September, 2000. Slide 17.
Power save requirements for portable AV John M. Kowalski,
equipment When does the equipment transfer 181394 DV Transfer (for reference).
the state? How to poll the equipments that 480bytes. 480bytes. 480bytes. 480bytes.
is sleep mode. September, 2000. Slide 7. Example of DV Data transfer defined in
John M. Kowalski, IEC61883 is shown below. Header. Empty
8Appendix: Formats for 1394/IEC61883-4. Packet. 125us. September, 2000. Slide 18.
September, 2000. Slide 8. John M. John M. Kowalski,
Kowalski, 19DV Format Rate (SD-DVCR). DV video
91394 MPEG2-TS Transfer. MPEG2-TS rate is calculated by the followings. DV
transfer sequence is defined in IEC61883 data size of one video frame 80 (byte/DIF
standard. Source packet header (4bytes) is block) * 150 (DIF block/DIF sequence) * 10
applied to each transport stream (TS) (DIF sequence/video frame) = 120,000 bytes
packet (188bytes). (Source packet header 120,000 (bytes/video frame) * 29.97
consists of Reserved field (7bits), cycle (frame/s;NTSC) = 3.43 (MB/s) = 27.44
count (13 bits), cycle_offset (12 bits). (Mbps) (1M = 1024*1024). September, 2000.
These field is used as time stamp.) Source Slide 19. John M. Kowalski,
packet (comprising source packet header 20CIP Header (SD-DVCR). IEEE1394
and TS packet) is divided to each data isochronous header of DV transfer is the
block (24bytes). Several data blocks are same as the one of MPEG2-TS. In CIP header
put into one isochronous packet. Common of DV transfer, the SYT field is defined.
Isocrhonous Packet (CIP) header and Other fields are the same as MPEG2-TS.
IEEE1394 header are applied to each Source packet is not used since time stamp
isochronous packet. The isochronous packet is applied as SYT field. 1394 isochronous
is transferred. Empty packet (composed header. 00. SID. DBS. FN. QPC. s. r. DBC.
only CIP and 1394 Header) is transferred 10. FMT. STYPE. r. SYT(Timestamp for DV
when there is no data to be transferred. data). Data. FDF field. data_CRC.
September, 2000. Slide 9. John M. September, 2000. 50/ 60. Slide 20. John M.
Kowalski, Kowalski,
101394 MPEG2-TS Transfer (cont.). 21CIP Header (SD-DVCR). Each field is
188bytes. 188bytes. Example of MPEG2-TS defined as the followings for SD-DVCR
data transfer defined in IEC61883 is shown transfer. SID: depends on configuration
below. TS Packet. Timestamp. Header. DBS: 011110002 (120quadlets = 480bytes)
125us. Empty Packet. September, 2000. FN: 002 (Not divided) QPC: 0002 (no
Slide 10. John M. Kowalski, padding) SPH: 0 (no source packet is used)
11TS Packet Transmission Rate. Maximum DBC: 0 … 255 FMT: 0000002 (Format type of
jitter is assumed to be about 311 ms on SD-DVCR) FDF 50/60: Field system (0: 60
transmit, and 50ms from real time field, 1: 50 field) STYPE: Signal type of
interface, from IEC 61883-4. TS Packet / video signal. SYT: Time stamp of the video
cycle. Transmission rate (Mbps). 1/8. frame synchronization. September, 2000.
1,504. 1/4. 3,008. 1/2. 6,016. 1. 12,032. Slide 21. John M. Kowalski,
2. 24,064. 3. 36,096. 4. 48,128. 5. 22DV Format Rate of 1394 transfer. The
60,160. September, 2000. Slide 11. John M. DV data is transferred in every 125us. The
Kowalski, transferred DV data consists of 1394
12Header. CIP header and 1394 header is header (12 bytes), CIP header (8 bytes)
applied to each isochronous packet. CIP and DV data (480 bytes). DV data packet
header is defined in IEC61883 standard, size = 12+8+480 = 500 (bytes) 500 (bytes)
1394 header is defined in IEEE1394 / 125 (us) = 4(MB/s) = 32 (Mbps) (1M =
standard. The source packet header is 1024*1024). September, 2000. Slide 22.
applied to each TS packet. IEEE1394 John M. Kowalski,
isochronous header. CIP header. Data.
MPEG-2 High Rate Video over 1394 and Implications for 802.ppt
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MPEG-2 High Rate Video over 1394 and Implications for 802

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