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Nano Shapes: Tiny Geometry
Nano Shapes: Tiny Geometry
Nano Scale Cotton vs cotton
Nano Scale Cotton vs cotton
Nano Ferrous Fluid Students Discover:
Nano Ferrous Fluid Students Discover:
Nano Ferrous Fluid Students Discover:
Nano Ferrous Fluid Students Discover:
NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle School
NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle School
NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle School
NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle School
NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle School
NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle School
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Nano scale science\math for the Middle School

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1NANO SCALE SCIENCE/MATH for the Middle 16Notice different 3 dimensional
School. Presenters: Bob Neudel, Science images." (Explanation from Flinn
Teacher, neudelb@albanyacademies.org Scientific).
Bridgett Frary, Math Teacher, 17Nano Ferrous Fluid Students Discover:
fraryb@albanyacademies.org The Albany .
Academies 135 Academy Road Albany, NY 18Sand vs Nano Size Coating. Purpose:
12208 Download Power Point at: Students make predictions and observe
www.neudelscience.net and click “nano properties of sand and nano size particles
unit” or of sand. Procedure: Pass out fine sand
http://www.neudelscience.net/i-power/NANO_ particles and ask students to make
NIT.html. predictions. Do the same for the
2How many years has Nano Technology nano-coated sample. 1. Next pour water
been used? . . over sand and then sample. 2. Pour sand
3How many years has Nano Technology and Magic Sand into water. Explanation and
been used? 2000 years! We now know that a Where to purchase:
cup made by the Romans 1700 years ago used http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/produc
nanotechnology! Slide from Copyright April /1331 Follow up reading:
2009 The Pennsylvania State University. We http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2
now know that the beautiful stained-glass 927 and
windows made 1600 years ago by the ancient http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_effect.
Irish also used nanotechnology. (We just 19UV Light Detector beads. Purpose:
found out because we just learned how to Observe how technology can test for UV
see the nano-particles they used). light on the nano sclae (100--200 nm).
4Agenda. Intro 10 min-- Short video Procedure: This makes a great lesson to
Sample Labs/activities 20 min Bringing it discuss properties of light and UV light
together 20 min Activities Resources as well as test sun tan lotions and/or UV
Questions: What ever time is left Play coated glasses. Hand students a small zip
some more if time permits.... Short lock bag. Ask them to make predictions of
Video-- what is a nanometer: what would happen if the beads are held in
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= front of UV light. On a sunny day for our
4_AFzKlAXsg side and test of check what indoor lights
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJdLJWcKNVw put out. Expanded lesson: Have research
amp;feature=related. and give reports on UV light or the
5MATH ACTIVITIES. What is a Billion? dangerds of UV light . Then have them
Building an understanding and a mental design an experiment to test for UV light.
visualization of one billion. Explanation and Purchase:
6How many golf balls would it take to http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/conten
fill this room? Materials: golf balls, a /experiment/00000118.
meter sticks, calculators Procedure: Find 20UV Beads Cont. Have students design
the diameter of a golf ball in cm. Find experiment snf test UV protection for: 1.
the dimensions of the room in meters. . Suntan lotions (brands or pf 15:30:50 2.
Convert the dimensions of the room from Hand creams 3. Glasses… Are your glasses
meters to golf balls. Find the Volume of protecting you… or cheap sunglasses vs
the room in golf balls. Challenge: How expensive ones. #’s 1—3 Best done outdoors
could you determine the size of a in sunlight. 4. Will the beads change
container that would hold one billion golf color on a cloudy day.
balls? What size would the container be? 21Graphite... Testing properties of
7How tall would a stack of a billion adding layers. This can be done at same
sheets of card stock be? Materials: 25 time of the Buckyball Math Lab…examining
sheets of card stock, metric ruler carbon properties. Materials: Number 2
Procedure: Students measure the stack of pencil, voltmeter (Comparing how bright a
25 sheets then calculate the height of 100 light bulb glows is an alternative to a
sheets, then 1 billion sheets of card voltmeter). Purpose: Students will observe
stock. Challenge: One story building is how adding layers to small particles can
approximately 3m high. How many stories increase conduction. Procedure: Test paper
would a billion sheets of card stock be? for conduction with a voltmeter. Have
8How long would it take to count from students design an experiment that would
one to one billion? Materials: stopwatch test how adding graphite may increase
Procedure: One student counts from one to voltage. Example: Draw one line on paper.
10 while being timed. Based on that time Draw over the line. How does adding to
the student will calculate the number of this effect the conduction of electricity.
seconds to count to 100, to 1,000, and to I found 1 single line, writing over line
one billion. Then they will calculate how ten times, 30 times, 50 times gave
many years it will take to count to one measurable readings with a number 2
billion. pencil.
9Nano Shapes: Tiny Geometry. Materials: 22Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Purpose: Produce
Buckeyball template printed on cardstock. hydrogen gas (with a solar panel) to
Scissors, tape Procedure: Students will collect hydrogen gas for Hydrogen Powered
cut out the template, then fold each dark Car. Materials: Hydrogen Model Car (can be
line. Connect the matching letters and purchased at variety of science
tape where they meet. Finished Product: A suppliers.). Notes: Limitless
BUCKEYBALL!! activities--this is a unit in itself.
10Math Hanouts in Resource Materials.. Procedure ideas: Have students research
End of Power Point. properties of hydrogen and oxygen, H2
11SCIENCE ACTIVITIES. . powered cars, solar energy. Collect
12Properties. Purpose: to build skills Hydrogen in test tube and test with a
of describing characteristics for future match. Do same with oxygen. (Operational
activities. Directions: Introduce term definition of H2 and O2. Collect H2 gas
'Properties'. Ask students what they think and run Hydrogen powered car. Student
the word means. Hand out a variety of research how Fuel Cell converts Hydrogen
objects (rubber ball, marble, wheel, for to electricity.
example). Ask class to list properties 23Nano Science Visit and Career
they all share. Then ask them to list Opportunities! For Career oportunities for
properties that are unique to each. students to research:
Compare answers You can extend this http://www.nnin.org/nnin_careers.html. 1.
activity with other objects. . Arrange visit to SUNY Albany School of
13Electrical Friction on a Nano Scale. Nano Science. e-mail: Steven Stewart at
Purpose: See how electricity can be sstewart@uamail.albany.edufor information.
produced thru Friction. Materials: Cow (or Questions for this workshop: Science :Bob
cylinder shape) magnet, 1 copper and 1 pc Neudel or Math Bridgett Frary.
piping same height and inside dimensions. 24Materials. Ferrofluid: Flinn Science:
Procedure: Have students hold hand under http://www.flinnsci.com/store/scripts/prod
plastic tube and run magnet. through iew.asp?idproduct=22304 or
(Vertical). Write observations. Repeat http://www.carolina.com/product/physical+s
with copper tube. Questions: Why did the ience/physics/magnetism/ferrofluid+display
magnet 'slow down' and make noise in the cell.do. .
copper tube? 25You Tube Help. What is a nanometer and
14Electricity is produced when a magnet Excellent introduction:
runs around copper wire or copper wire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sITy14zCvI8
wraps around a magnet. When you run the What is nanotechnology... good for middle
magnet down the copper tube you are moving school students:
electrons on the nano scale – while not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_AFzKlAXsg
producing usable electricity– you are Buckeyball Annimation:
producing electricity or electrical http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw6ihY8BqCY
friction that slows the magnet down. Buckeyball: annimation and
Another explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR3lwWhFUD4
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_a_magnet_is Chem Matters-- medicine:
dropped_inside_a_copper_tube_its_exit_is_d http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbcn7FR3pdg
layed_by_a_few_minutes_why. Explanations 26Thanks to: It would be nice to say
for Electrical Friction. Have you ever that all these thoughts and labs are ours
looked inside an electric motor… two main but they are not! Albany College of Nano
parts are coiled wire and magnets. Hook Science especially: Diana Dumesnil Bob
that electric motor to a voltmeter or bulb Gear, Stephen Stewart. Pennsylvania School
and turn motor: Presto… you have a of Nano Science www.nano4me.org Nanoscale
Generator. Science: Activities for Grades 6-12By: M.
15Nano Scale Cotton vs cotton. Gail Jones, Michael R. Falvo, Amy R.
Explanation: The nano sized cotton is Taylor, and Bethany P. BroadwellNSTA Press
shaped something like velcro--- the ends Book: Link to book:
of the cotton are so small that water will http://www.nsta.org/store/search.aspx?acti
cling to the top of the fibers (lesson on n=quicksearch&text=nano%20science.
water!) and roll off. Purpose: to see how Math Resources from this book pages 13,
small size can change properties of 14, 15 and 30 for classroom use only.
cotton. Materials: 100% cotton cloth and 27You Tube. Cotton Fiber:
pair of 'nano-tex' pants (can be purchased http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAkfMODXdgw
at Target). This material top coating is Iron 1
nano sized cotton fibers that water will http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDqsdpAF89Q
cling to and roll off. Procedure: Have Iron 2
students pour 10 cc's of water on cotton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NRt5aIuCPM
material. Do the same with nano tex. take .
notes. For visual effect... wear a pair of 28Resources. www.nano4me.org you will
pants and pour 10 cc' of water on pants! be asked to register but all teaching
16Nano Scale Ferrous Fluid. Purpose: materials are free. Buckyballs
Observe how iron filings in nano scale explanation:
have different properties. Materials: http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/chemweek/buckb
Magnet, Iron filings, Commercial ll/buckball.html and
ferrofluid. Procedure*: Have class make http://www.azonano.com/article.aspx?Articl
predictions, next test a magnet with iron ID=1781. What is Nano Science
filings. Next make predictions . on what explanation:
nano sized filings might do. Test with http://www.nanoscience.com/education/overv
magnet next to tubes with nano fluid. ew.html.
*Goggles, please! Explanation: 29
"Ferrodluid, first developed by NASA 30
in the 1960's consists of nano sized 31
magnetic particles suspended in a liquid. 32
Nano scale science\math for the Middle School.ppt
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Nano scale science\math for the Middle School

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