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National Voluntary Presentation on MDGs achievement
National Voluntary Presentation on MDGs achievement
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National Voluntary Presentation on MDGs achievement

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1National Voluntary Presentation on 13rather than investment were provided to
MDGs achievement. ECOSOC New-York 2010. farmers Despite these subsidies,
Government of Moldova. agriculture is characterized by low
2MDGs in Moldova. efficiency and competitiveness, engaging
3MDGs in Moldova. 27 MDG targets set in most of poor Besides, the agricultural
2004 and revised in 2007 Embedded first in output is constantly fluctuating and there
the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction is significant labor leakage from the
Strategy Paper 2004-2006 Represent the sector (by 20 p.p. in 8 years) Starting
long-term agenda of the National with 2010 the Government was reformed by
Development Strategy 2008-2011. providing incentives to investments in
4Progress at a glance since 2000. high value agriculture. Inefficient
5Key policy successes. subsidization of agriculture.
6Social assistance, particularly 14Agricultural output and subsidies.
nominative compensations, are costly and Source: National Bureau of Statistics,
inefficient - the richest two quintiles Ministry of Finance.
used to receive one-third of compensations 15Major challenges and opportunities.
Since 2008 social aid is provided to the 16Global crisis clouded Moldova’s short
poorest quintiles of population and term outlook since end 2008 In 2009 all
nominative compensations are being phased sectors of the economy stagnated and GDP
out By the end of 2010 the Government collapsed by 6.5% The Government,
expects to cover two thirds of eligible supported by country development partners
recipients by social aid To this end an managed to overcome crisis, but still
intensive public awareness campaign is Moldova is lagging behind in terms of
underway And the minimum guaranteed income growth and development The crisis is an
was increased and will be further raised opportunity to streamline public spending
to the level of absolute poverty line. and promote needed reforms An emerging
Better targeted social assistance. challenge is to preserve the reform path
7Impact on poverty. Source: Ministry of during an electoral year (2010) Signing
Economy. the EU-Moldova Association Agreement is an
8Gender mainstreaming. Since 2006 emerging opportunity. Challenges and
gender equality is of particular concern opportunities.
for the Government: The Gender Equality 17Development gaps still exist. Country.
Law and the Law on preventing and GDP (PPP) per capita, USD. Country. GDP
combating domestic violence was adopted (PPP) per capita, USD. Qatar. 83,841.
The Governmental Commission for Equality Kazakhstan. 11,693. Netherlands. 39,938.
between Women and Men and the Department Albania. 7,164. Slovenia. 27,654. Ukraine.
of Policies for Ensuring Gender Equality 6,339. Estonia. 17,908. Georgia. 4,757.
and Prevention of Violence have been Lithuania. 16,542. Moldova. 2,843. Russia.
established The national Program for 14,920. Uzbekistan. 2,807. Latvia. 14,255.
Ensuring Gender Equality (NPEGE) 2010-2015 Kyrgyzstan. 2,253. Romania. 11,917.
and the Plan of Actions for implementing Tajikistan. 2,104. Source: IMF, World
the NPEGE for the period 2010-2012 adopted Economic Outlook, 2009. Source: IMF, World
Gender polices are for the first time Economic Outlook, 2009.
embedded in the Government Program Gender 18Gender related challenges. Though the
statistics were developed and disseminated share of women in decision-making
(more than 250 gender disaggregated increased (30% of seats in Parliament)
indicators). there are limited possibilities of equal
9Preventing domestic violence and human participation of women in the labor market
trafficking. One in four women in the Facing the work-life balance is a
Republic of Moldova aged between 16 and 35 challenge for women (97% of childcare
years suffers from domestic violence leaves are taken by women) Women are
Moldova is still deemed one of the worst mostly employed in the low-paid sectors
affected countries by human trafficking in (education, healthcare, social assistance)
the world 70% of assisted victims were and occupy lower positions in any of the
living in poverty and 90% of women and considered domains The trend of
girl victims were subjected to domestic involvement of women in informal
violence before trafficking experience The activities (on their own) is increasing in
National Referral System (NRS) provides frequency The degree of discouraged women
assistance and protection to victims and without occupation is increasing.
potential victims of trafficking and is 19Planned actions in partnership.
implemented by the Government in 20Ensuring MDGs achievement through
partnership with IOs and NGOs To this “Rethink Moldova”, NDS and National
point, about 900 victims and vulnerable Program for Ensuring Gender Equality :
women and children at risk were assisted Extend the reform in education sector,
within the NRS A National Committee for particularly general compulsory education
Preventing Trafficking in Persons led by Ensure a full fledged transition from
the Minister of Foreign Affairs was nominative compensations to social aid
established. Develop the off-farm rural economy,
10Less successful policies. especially agro-processing and channel
11Inefficient policy on education subsidies to investment Increasing access
spending. Despite high spending on to assistance (including empowerment
education (8.2% of GDP) only 39% of the programs) for the victims of violence and
education expenses is meant for reform, human trafficking. Policies for support in
the rest is spent for salary payment critical areas.
However, average salary in education is 21Out of 27 MDG targets at least 21 will
less than 70% of the average salary in be achieved by 2015 MDGs will be fully
economy; women significantly outnumber men integrated in national policy papers The
in education – this partially explains the Government is committed to implement
overall gender pay gap of 73.3% Half of reforms leading to MDGs achievement
education expenditure goes to general (“Rethink Moldova”, NDS, etc.). Success
compulsory education but school prerequisites.
infrastructure is being used at an average 22Success prerequisites. External
capacity of 67% Since 2005 the enrolment support is valuable Through the Moldova
rate in general compulsory education is Partnership Forum donors pledged
constantly decreasing Supported by country assistance to implement Rethink Moldova
development partners the Government has amounting 2.6 billion USD Unfunded policy
recently launched the reform to improve priorities remain worth 2.1 billion USD
efficiency in general compulsory out of which 715 billion USD are for human
education. development (health, education, social
12Spending and enrolment in education. protection) and agriculture Despite
Source: National Bureau of Statistics. existing challenges the Government is
13From 2004 to 2008 agricultural committed to reduce poverty and lead
subsidies increased by 20 times Moldova’s integration into European Union.
Predominantly input and output subsidies, 23Thank you!
National Voluntary Presentation on MDGs achievement.pptx
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National Voluntary Presentation on MDGs achievement

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