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Gr?f, G. & S. Hoffmann (1968) English for You/2
Gr?f, G. & S. Hoffmann (1968) English for You/2
English for Islamic purposes
English for Islamic purposes
O’Neill, R. (1970)
O’Neill, R. (1970)
Soars, J.& L. Soars (2002) New Headway Pre-Intermediate
Soars, J.& L. Soars (2002) New Headway Pre-Intermediate
Vicky Pollard
Vicky Pollard
Corder, S. P. (1960)
Corder, S. P. (1960)
O’Neill, R. (1970)
O’Neill, R. (1970)
Viney, P. & B. Hartley (1979) Streamline Connections
Viney, P. & B. Hartley (1979) Streamline Connections
Soars, J. & L. Soars
Soars, J. & L. Soars
Soars, L. & J. Soars (2003) New Headway/Advanced
Soars, L. & J. Soars (2003) New Headway/Advanced
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Neoliberalism, celebrity and aspirational content in ELT textbooks for the global market

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1Neoliberalism, celebrity and 20staff who […] are at the same time held
‘aspirational content’ in ELT textbooks responsible for their sales, their
for the global market. University of products, their branch, their store, etc.
Warwick October 19th 2011 John Gray as though they were independent
j.gray@uel.ac.uk. contractors.
2Overview. Researching textbooks 211987 Interview for Woman’s Own
Celebrity – what is and how has it been available at the Margaret Thatcher website
theorised Neoliberal ideology The case of http://www.margaretthatcher.org/document/1
textbooks Discussion. 6689. I think we have gone through a
3Researching textbooks. Cultural period when too many children and people
artefact vs curriculum artefact Textbooks have been given to understand "I have
are core commodities in the ELT industry a problem, it is the Government's job to
ELT research is about inter-disciplinary cope with it!" or "I have a
‘boundary work’ Textbook analysis vs problem, I will go and get a grant to cope
Textbook evaluation. with it!" "I am homeless, the
4Gr?f, G. & S. Hoffmann (1968) Government must house me!" and so
English for You/2. Volkseigener Verlag: they are casting their problems on society
Berlin. and who is society? There is no such
5Gr?f, G. & S. Hoffmann (1968) thing! There are individual men and women
English for You/2. Volkseigener Verlag: ...
Berlin. Question tags and negative 22Corder, S. P. (1960).
questions: A: Before 1933 Marx House was a 23O’Neill, R. (1970).
workers’ club, wasn’t it? B: I think so. 24Miklos Nemeth; Alberto Juantorena; Bob
Hadn’t it been a school before? A: That’s Beamon; Annegret Richter; Rosemarie
right. Make up similar dialogues with: 1) Ackermann; David Wilkie; Vasily Alexeev;
Lenin printed the paper “Iskra” in Marx Paul McCartney; James Hunt; UK Queen; J.
House – a British socialist had given him F. Kennedy; Elvis Presley. Hartley, B.
a corner of his office. & P. Viney (1979) Streamline
6English for Islamic purposes. Connections. Oxford: OUP.
7A I don’t know how you can afford to 25Jackson 5; Osmonds; Bee Gees; Corrs;
buy all those fabulous clothes! B Oasis; Boom Kat; Britney Spears; Eminem;
Still/Hopefully, I’m going to get a bonus Ozzy Osborne; Kelly Osborne; Brian May;
this month. I should do. My boss promised Freddie Mercury; Rowan Atkinson; Halle
it to me. After all/Presumably, I did earn Berry; Paul McCartney; Ringo Star; Steve
the company over ?100,000 last year. Redgrave; Ghandi; Martin Luther King;
Basically/Actually, it was nearer Evana Trump; Bill Gates; John Kennedy Jnr;
?150,000. I do deserve it, don’t you Jade Jagger; Princess Diana; Liz Hurley;
think. B Of course/In fact, you do. Soars, Oprah Winfrey; Tom Cruise; Robbie
L. & J. Soars (2005). New Williams; Woody Allen; Marilyn Munroe;
Headway/Upper-Intermediate. Oxford: OUP. Arnold Schwarzenegger; Alan Alda; Fred
8O’Neill, R. (1970). English in Allen; Harrison Ford; Brad Pitt; David
Situations. Oxford: OUP. Beckham; George Cluney; Jennifer Lopez;
9Soars, J.& L. Soars (2002) New Tony Blair; Madonna; Nicole Kidman; Steven
Headway Pre-Intermediate. Oxford: OUP. Spielberg; Ricky Martin; John Lennon;
10Textbook sample (1). Hartley, B. & Jennifer Aniston; Ralph Fiennes; Hillary
P. Viney. (1979) Streamline Connections. Clinton; Elvis Presley; Kiera Knightley;
Oxford: OUP. Abbs, B. & I. Freebairn. Parminda Nagra; Gurinder Chadha; Roman
(1984) Building Strategies. Harlow: Polanski; Nirvana. Celebrities in
Longman. Swan, M. & C. Walter. (1990) Cunningham, S. & P. Moor (2005). New
The New Cambridge English Course 2. Cutting Edge/Upper Intermediate. Harlow:
Cambridge: CUP. Soars, J. & L. Soars. Pearson Longman.
(2003) The new Edition New 26Schematic knowledge/ludic function.
Headway/Intermediate. Oxford: OUP. Drive fast/James Hunt ? Do you drive as
11Textbook sample (2). Headway fast as James Hunt? Advise these people: I
Intermediate (Soars and Soars, 1986); New don’t know what to wear ... I’m going to
Headway Intermediate (Soars and have tea with the Queen, and I don’t know
Soars,1996; 2003; 2009); New Headway what to wear Brutus Cray (boxer); Elton
Upper-Intermediate (Soars and Soars 1998); Kash (pop singer) (Hartley & Viney
New Headway Elementary (Soars and Soars 1979).
2000a; 2011); New Headway Pre-Intermediate 27Viney, P. & B. Hartley (1979)
(Soars and Soars 2000b); New Headway Streamline Connections. Oxford: OUP.
Advanced (Soars and Soars 2003b); New 28Soars, J. & L. Soars. (2003). New
Headway Upper-Intermediate (Soars and Edition New Headway/Intermediate. Oxford:
Soars 2005); New Cutting Edge Intermediate OUP.
(Cunningham and Moor 2005a); New Cutting 29Soars, L. & J. Soars (2003) New
Edge Upper-Intermediate (Cunningham and Headway/Advanced. Oxford: OUP The
Moor 2005b). inspiring tale of two Asian brothers who
12What is celebrity? Celebrity = ‘the fled to Britain from East Africa and made
attribution of glamorous or notorious a fortune. Vijay and Bhikhu Patel.
status to an individual’ (Rojek 2001: 10) 30How to be a celebrity 7 Create your
Celebrity = ‘impact on public own formula for success If you want to
consciousness’ (ibid: 10) Celebrity = make it really big, don’t take any
‘people who are objects of pronounced established, familiar path to celebrity
media attention over which they may have and don’t follow in anyone else’s
only a limited amount of control’ (Biressi footprints. Create your own unique route.
& Nunn 2008: 159). Someone said that genius is the ability to
13a contemporary celebrity is understood invent one’s own occupation. People like
as someone who is well-known (in the sense Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk Shows, or
of being publicly recognisable) as a Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft have
result of pronounced media attention which reshaped and redefined an occupation and
is largely commercially motivated and even an industry in their own image. Their
whose impact on public consciousness is as fame is assured. Cunningham, S. & P.
a result of their capacity to embody and Moor (2005). New Cutting Edge/Upper
generate affect. Gray, J. (2012) Intermediate. Harlow: Pearson Longman.
‘Neoliberalism, celebrity and 31Work in small groups. You have decided
‘aspirational content’ in English language that it is your destiny in life to be
teaching textbooks for the global market’ famous. You want to get on the A list of
in Block, D., J. Gray and M. Holborow celebrities who are invited to all the
Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics, best parties, opening nights, balls and
London: Routledge. social events. Soars, L. & J. Soars
14Types of celebrity: Ascribed e.g. (2003) New Headway Advanced. Oxford: OUP.
member of an elite group such as a royal 32Speaking How to become an A-list
family or a political dynasty (e.g. celebrity It is time to start your journey
Windsors, Kennedys, or Gandhis). Achieved on the road to fame and fortune. You want
e.g. Rafael Nadal Attributed e.g. Jade to make it to the big time as quickly as
Goody celetoid and celeactor. Rojek, C. possible. You have identified two routes
(2001). Celebrity. London: Reaktion Books that could find you a way to join the rich
Ltd. and famous. Soars, L. & J. Soars
15Vicky Pollard. (2003) New Headway Advanced. Oxford: OUP.
16Theorising celebrity (1). Celebrity 33What do you think? Games such as these
culture and the celetoid are the direct are used in management training to
result of the revolt against tyranny. The practice the qualities of good leadership.
celeactor is a symptom of the decline of What are the qualities of a good leader?
ascribed forms of power and a greater Soars, L. & J. Soars (2003) New
equality in the balance of power between Headway Advanced. Oxford: OUP.
social classes (Rojek 2001: 29). 34Slovenian state school teacher.
17Theorising celebrity (2). (Neo)Marxist Celebrities are mainly individuals that
perspective: The culture industry – a from our students see on TV, at the cinema or
of ‘mass deception’ (Adorno & hear on the radio. So, often enough they
Horkheimer 1944/1997) The cult of tend to be people with whom our students
celebrities (film stars) has a built-in can identify, people that they want to
social mechanism to level down everyone talk about because they idolize them and
who stands out in any way. The stars are want to become them. I applaud celebrities
simply a pattern round which the in my teaching because it adds that spark
world-embracing garment is cut (ibid: needed for motivation to get the students
236). talking, commenting. I recently used a
18Theorising celebrity (3). In the text about John Lennon for Reading
public sphere, a cluster of individuals Comprehension as part of a test I had
are given greater presence and a wider prepared for my group of 13 year olds. I
scope of activity and agency than are usually collect the texts after the test,
those who make up the rest of the but they didn’t want to give this text
population. They are allowed to move on back to me. They wanted to keep it,
the public stage while the rest of us because it was someone they admired. So, I
watch. They are allowed to express let them keep it. That’s the kind of
themselves quite individually and impact I’m talking about.
idiosyncratically while the rest of the 35British teacher in German university
members of the population are constructed language centre. I have a number of
as demographic aggregates [...] Celebrity difficulties with their use. Firstly,
status operates at the very centre of the overuse of celebrities in the materials
culture as it resonates with conceptions and often an erroneous assumption that
of individuality that are the ideological they (celebrities) help in some way to
ground of Western culture. Moreover, the engage interest or to be worthwhile topics
celebrity as public individual who of discussion or that we care about them.
participates openly as a marketable Secondly, they appear to legitimise or
commodity serves as powerful type of standardise the notion that we should be
legitimation of the political economic interested in this type of content.
model of exchange and value – the basis of Thirdly, even if they are good materials,
capitalism – and extends that model to the transient nature of celebrity means
include the individual (Marshall 1997: x). the materials can date very quickly (good
19Neoliberalism. The privatization of business model for the publisher’s second,
state assets Market deregulation third, fourth, etc edition, but not good
Unrestricted free trade The creation of for the pockets of learners, schools or
internal markets The dismantling or colleges). Lastly and with regard to ELT
scaling down of institutions associated materials, without fail 95+% are
with welfare statism The marketization of anglocentric celebrities, be it music,
areas of life which were previously actors, business people, etc.. Where are
outside the market or which were seen as all the other people in the world?
the preserve of the state – such as health 36British ESOL teacher. The vast
and education. majority of immigrants in the UK choose to
20Bourdieu, P. (1998) Utopia of Endless learn English for study, employment and to
Exploitation: The Essence of make a decent living. The life of a
Neoliberalism. Le Monde Diplomatique. Thus celebrity is so far removed from reality
the absolute reign of flexibility is and how most “ordinary” people live in the
established, with employees […] on UK. It is a dishonest portrayal of life in
fixed-term contracts or on a temporary the UK. It creates false dreams and
basis and repeated corporate aspirations in the minds of language
restructurings and, within the firm learners. Instead, I would argue for use
itself, competition among autonomous of more realistic characters, like the
divisions as well as among teams forced to average Joe and what he has to go through
perform multiple functions. Finally, this in everyday life to feed his family. This
competition is extended to individuals is particularly relevant given the current
themselves, through the individualisation economic situation in the UK and the fact
of the wage relationship: establishment of that the country is run by a bunch of
individual performance objectives, toffs and wanna be celebrities completely
individual performance evaluations, oblivious to the plight of ordinary
permanent evaluation, individual salary people. The other problem with the use of
increases or granting of bonuses as a celebrities in ELT materials is that they
function of competence and of individual all seem to be monolingual and even if
merit; individualised career paths; they are bilingual then this is never
strategies of “delegating responsibility” emphasised.
tending to ensure the self-exploitation of
Neoliberalism, celebrity and aspirational content in ELT textbooks for the global market.ppt
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Neoliberalism, celebrity and aspirational content in ELT textbooks for the global market

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