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Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance
Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance
Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance
Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance
Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance
Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance
Results: 32-bit XEON Load @ 600 Users
Results: 32-bit XEON Load @ 600 Users
Results: 64-bit Itanium2 Load @ 600 Users
Results: 64-bit Itanium2 Load @ 600 Users
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Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance

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1 26client applications.
2Oracle Database 10g on Windows: 27Migration. Simple migration steps:
Architecture for Performance. David Shutdown database on 32-bit machine Copy
Colello Consulting Member of Technical database files to 64-bit machine once
Staff Oracle Corporation. Steve Fluge 64-bit Oracle Database 10g has been
Senior Technical Consultant Intel installed Re-create control file (a single
Corporation. Session id: 40171. SQL statement) Startup database Re-compile
3Database Architecture Agenda. Oracle PL/SQL (a single SQL script) Done! Or use
Database 10g on Windows architecture the Database Upgrade Assistant.
64-bit development landscape Migration 28Compatibility. Independent software
& compatibility (32-bit to 64-bit) vendors (ISVs) porting to 64-bit Oracle No
Future directions & conclusion Oracle-specific code changes required when
Customer case study: Intel. moving from 32-bit Just make
4Architecture: Thread Model. Unlike 64-bit-specific changes and recompile
UNIX ports of Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Client programs completely unaffected by
Database 10g on Windows is implemented as new back-end. No changes, re-compiles or
a single operating system process. Typical re-links needed.
“processes” such as PMON and LGWR have 29Agenda. Oracle Database 10g on Windows
been converted to native Windows threads architecture 64-bit development landscape
running in the single large Oracle Migration & compatibility (32-bit to
process. One process exists per instance 64-bit) Future directions & conclusion
on a Windows machine. Customer case study: Intel.
5Architecture: Thread Model. Code. 30Future directions. Further Windows
Oracle process. SGA. 3GB or 8TB total. exploitation where it makes sense
Background and foreground threads. Architectural changes always being
6Architecture: Thread Model. explored for capacity/performance
Internally, relatively few code changes improvements. Some examples are fibers,
are required to implement the thread completion ports, and NUMA-awareness.
model. The SGA and PGAs are allocated 64-bit scale-up as hardware permits.
differently and threads are used instead 31Useful links. Oracle on Windows home
of processes, but very little else needs page http://www.oracle.com/windows Oracle
to change. As a result, it’s easy to Technology Network’s Windows Development
maintain and port the database while at Center http://otn.oracle.com/windows
the same time preserving it’s inherent Oracle Data Provider for .NET download
stability, features, and performance. http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=1407080
7Architecture: Thread Model. Thread amp;Act=6.
model benefits: Faster context switches 32Conclusion. Oracle is committed to
Decreased memory usage Quicker connection Windows 64-bit Windows Server 2003 on
times Perceived as a more “native” Itanium enables excellent performance and
implementation since it uses threads scalability for Oracle Database 10g.
versus processes No changes required for 33Database Architecture Agenda. Oracle
client applications. Database 10g on Windows architecture
8Architecture: File I/O. Full support 64-bit development landscape Migration
for 64-bit file I/O enables very large & compatibility (32-bit to 64-bit)
files to be used by Oracle Database 10g on Future directions & conclusion
Windows There are no 2GB or 4GB Customer case study: Intel.
limitations on database file sizes. The 34Customer case study: Intel Agenda.
maximum size for an entire database on Background Configuration Test strategy Key
Windows is 4 petabytes (64K files x 16K indicators and results Conclusion.
bytes/block x 4M blocks/file). 35Background. Business needs driving
9Architecture: File I/O. Async file I/O migration to Oracle9i and Windows Server
is built into Windows and Oracle Database 2003 on IA64 Affordable Scalability High
10g supports async I/O to all types of performance computing at right price
files, assuming that the portable code Prepares for next generation Grid
layers utilize async I/O. No limits on the Computing Can be part of a cluster of
number of files in a single database Itanium2 servers to consolidate databases.
except those already imposed by Oracle 36Background: Application. Call Center
portable code (around 64K files). Raw application 24x7 availability requirement
files are fully supported. They are better Call centers located worldwide in follow
performing than file system files, but are the sun model High availability demand (5
harder to manage. 9’s) Scalability/Performance Customer base
10Architecture: Tuning. Both CPU growing 30% annually Need to handle high
affinities and thread priorities can be volume surge traffic.
set and manipulated via registry 37Background: Application. Call Center
parameters on a thread-by-thread basis. application (cont.) Current usage Nominal
With the introduction of Windows-based load is 400 concurrent users. Peak loads
NUMA platforms, Oracle Database 10g has can reach 500+ concurrent users. Ancillary
been enhanced to recognize NUMA systems operations such as email, fax and batch
and adjust memory and scheduling data load processing take up to 20% of CPU
operations accordingly. processing.
11Architecture: Tuning. Single 38Customer case study: Intel Agenda.
production instances of Oracle on Windows Configuration.
support more than 2000 concurrent 39Configuration: 32-bit Architecture.
connections. With the use of technologies Hardware Single database server with an
such as multiplexing, connection pooling, application server 4 PIII Zeon processors
and clusters, the number of users 4GB RAM 200GB SAN volume Operating System
supported by a single physical database Windows 2000 Database Oracle9i Release 2
grows much higher. (32-bit).
12Architecture: Tuning. New for Oracle 40Configuration: 32-bit Database. SGA
Database 10g: Fiber model support An size and general configuration Total size
extension of the thread support already in = 1G (approximately) db_cache_size = 600M
place since Oracle7. Users may now run the shared_pool = 400M log_buffer = 1M.
database in fiber mode, which employs 41Configuration: Application.
Oracle-scheduled fibers instead of O/S Application characteristics 5k stored
scheduled threads. For CPU intensive apps, procedures Thick client Connection pooling
this will provide a performance boost and managed by application server E-mail text
reduce CPU utilization. messages stored as BLOBs Total memory
13Architecture: Tuning. New for Oracle footprint including PGA is 1.5GB at 400
Database 10g: Large Page support Using new connections.
APIs in Windows Server 2003, Oracle can 42Configuration: 64-bit Architecture.
now allocate database buffers in fewer Server hardware 16GB memory 4x800 MHz
larger memory pages. This reduces the Itanium2 processors Operating System and
amount of CPU overhead required to access software Windows Server 2003 64-bit
large amounts of RAM. For instances with PowerPath Emulex drivers using HBA
large memory requirements, large page connectivity to SAN 64-bit file format set
support on both 32 and 64-bit Windows can in the O/S.
improve performance. 43Configuration: 64-bit Database.
14Database Architecture Agenda. Oracle Oracle9i configuration Larger SGA (2G)
Database 10g on Windows architecture shared_pool = 400M buffer_cache = 1200M
64-bit development landscape Migration log_buffer = 2M pga_aggregate_target = 1G
& compatibility (32-bit to 64-bit) Objects cached in SGA 2x4M record tables
Future directions & conclusion Pinned several large PL/SQL packages.
Customer case study: Intel. 44Customer case study: Intel Agenda.
1564-bit development details. Working Test strategy.
with Intel Company Relations Mutual 45Test Strategy. The strategy for the
alliances teams Regular Executive Meetings comparison between a 32-bit XEON® Oracle9i
Development Cooperation Intel engineering system and a 64-bit Itanium2® Oracle9i
team on-site at Oracle Optimizing support system was to generate an identical load
on IA specifics Early access to new on each system and compare both resource
Processors/Systems Early access to Intel’s usage and performance under that load.
SW tools (Compilers & Tuning Tools). Performance Monitor was used for resource
1664-bit development details. Working usage capture. Application
with Microsoft Oracle is a beta site for Characterization Tool – Application Expert
Microsoft O/S releases Frequent by Compuware was used for capturing
communication occurs at many levels from performance. Visual Test Scripts were used
executives to relationship teams to to generate the user load against a thick
developers. Conference calls, briefings, client, connecting through an application
etc. occur as needed between appropriate server, which then connected to the 32-bit
groups. or 64-bit database backend, depending on
1764-bit development details. 64-bit the test.
database architecture based on 32-bit 46Customer case study: Intel Agenda. Key
database Allows database to be built upon indicators and results.
a stable, proven base with few 47Results: 32-bit XEON Load @ 600 Users.
architecture changes On Windows, thread CPU Avg. load 45%.
architecture is retained Oracle not bound 48Results: 64-bit Itanium2 Load @ 600
by specific memory amount or number of Users. CPU Avg. load 20%.
processors Will support as much as the OS 49Results: Response Time with 600 Users.
can support. 32-bit XEON® Average response time under
1864-bit development details. Easy to load: 2.27 seconds 64-bit Itanium2®
port code base to 64-bit (change a few Average response time under load: 1.16
#defines and recompile) Simultaneous seconds Note: Large queries that would not
porting to three different 64-bit Itanium resolve under the 32-bit environment would
platforms == knowledge sharing Most time resolve while utilizing the 64-bit
is spent testing and on performance work Itanium2® system with Oracle9i.
All products in RDBMS bundle have been 50Sample of indicators recorded. System
moved to native 64-bit. performance Change in load distribution
1964-bit development details. Data between the database server and the
access methods supported natively on application server Application performance
64-bit (initially): OLE DB ODBC Oracle Case creation Simple search function
Call Interface (OCI) JDBC SQLJ When 64-bit Complex search function.
.NET Framework and interfaces are 51Key indicators. System Performance
released, then ODBC.NET, OLE DB.NET, and Change in load distribution between the
ODP.NET will be supported. database server and the application server
20Itanium benefits for Oracle. Larger CPU load in database server changed from
cache size Itanium L3 cache (on-die) is 3 45% to 20%, while application server CPU
MB Madison L3 cache up to 6 MB Less cache load increased from 30% to 100% Network
latency (fewer clock cycles needed) Oracle traffic monitoring indicated bottleneck at
benefits greatly with larger caches closer the application server, as requests to the
to the processor Allows for “bigger” database were handled at a higher rate
systems. than the app server could generate.
21Itanium benefits for Oracle. Better 52Key indicators. Application
Parallelism Better Instruction level performance Login/logout Account lookup
parallelism More registers (328, 128 GP, and profile access, followed by fetch of
128 FP) Improved Scalability of System Bus objects viewable in the application
allowing for bigger systems Improved Micro database 64-bit averages 20% faster Case
Architecture Predication removes delays creation Involves search for duplicate
caused by mispredicted branches. cases in several 1M record tables 64-bit
22Itanium benefits for Oracle. Large averages 25% faster.
memory addressability No 4 GB linear 53Key indicators. Search operations
memory limitation for SGA Up to 8 TB of Simple search Individual record lookup
memory supported Page size can be up to based on case number involves 2 table join
4GB Capacity, concurrent users, and 64-bit averages 40% faster Heavy search
performance of Oracle database increases Search of multiple instances of case
dramatically with more memory. information related to single customer
23Oracle 64-bit Performance profile. Multi-table join of 4M to 8M
Enhancements. Intel Electron compiler record tables.
Provides profile-guided optimization (PGO) 54Key indicators. Search operations:
Better scheduling More parallelism through Special Search case test Disabled search
larger instruction groups Lower number of Version of heavy search with single
branch mispredictions Better use of criteria on common customer name, company
instruction paging and cache memory Expect name, geographic location, resulting in
15%-25% performance improvement from PGO. outer joins Not enabled in 32-bit version
24Oracle10g Support on 64-bit. Itanium due to impact on system under normal load
is supported by 64-bit Oracle DB server conditions 64-bit version returns result
64-bit Oracle DB client Itanium is not sets in less than 2 minutes on average.
supported by 32-bit Oracle Database server 55Customer case study: Intel Agenda.
32-bit Oracle Database client Machines Comparative analysis.
with 32-bit clients are interoperable with 56Conclusion. System characteristics
64-bit Oracle on Itanium. improvements Scalability - Itanium2 server
25Database Architecture Agenda. Oracle can drive multiple application servers
Database 10g on Windows architecture Application server became the bottleneck
64-bit development landscape Migration in the 64-bit architecture, which can be
& compatibility (32-bit to 64-bit) remedied by adding more 32-bit servers.
Future directions & conclusion Application characteristic improvements
Customer case study: Intel. Faster response times on all key
26Migration. Upgrade process (32-bit to indicators Ability to more efficiently
64-bit) 32-bit data files are compatible handle heavy queries Disabled query
with 64-bit DB No need to recreate the operations possible.
database A full export and import is not 57Reminder – please complete the
required For end-user applications, OracleWorld online session survey Thank
migrating to Oracle on Itanium is you.
transparent No changes required to 32-bit 58A.
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Oracle Database 10g on Windows: Architecture for Performance

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