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William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Henry Ford
Henry Ford
Admiral Nelson
Admiral Nelson
Yuri Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin
Yuri`s father was a very skilful worker He taught his son to hard work
Yuri`s father was a very skilful worker He taught his son to hard work
Princess Diana
Princess Diana
Evangelina Booth
Evangelina Booth
Evangelina Booth
Evangelina Booth
Работу выполнили: Ученики 7 класса: Виноградова Дина Кипрушева Мария
Работу выполнили: Ученики 7 класса: Виноградова Дина Кипрушева Мария
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People whose ideas changed the World

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1People whose ideas changed the World. 7mother,father and other relatives were
МОУ Беловская ООШ. Учитель английского peasants.
языка Несмеянова Е.И. 8Yuri`s father was a very skilful
2Mark Twain. Many years ago there lived worker He taught his son to hard work
a man whose stories became some of the Gagarin`s mother was a very wise woman
funniest stories in the world. Now people During the Great Patriotik War he went to
know him as Mark Twain but his real name Lubertsy and began to study at trade.
was Samuel Clemens. He was born in 1835 After that he decided to study in Orenburg
and grew up in the little town of aircraft school His dream was to be a
Hannibal, Missouri. The people in Hannibal pilot.
didn't have much money. In the town lived 9Princess Diana. She was the people ?s
a boy named Tom Blankenship who had no princess. Her life was like a fairy tale.
home and no parents. No one said to him In her childhood she wanted to de a ballet
that he must go lo school or wash. The dancer. But at the of age 20 she married
children adored him because he was a boy Charles, the Prince of Wales, and her life
who knew many exciting stories and the changed very much. She was involved in
children followed him everywhere. Sam was many charities. She created a new image of
happy to be one of Tom's friends. When Sam a royal. The British respected her because
was twelve his father died. The shock she was helpful and adored her because she
changed him and he was a different boy. He was very attractive.
stopped his little-boy games and thought 10Evangelina Booth. Evangeline Booth had
about his mother's hard work and money a very good name because she was the world
problems! Sam went to work in his brother ?s greatest woman evangelist. She was born
Orion's printing shop . Не learned a lot in London on Christmas Day in 1865 and
there. Once Sam wrote funny stories for almost from her early childhood she wanted
the newspaper.; He was too shy to sign his to be like her father, William Booth, who
own name so he signed the name Mark Twain was an example for her. The Booth home was
to everything he wrote. Sam (hanged many an exciting place of good deeds and
jobs and visited many places in the USA, wonderful ideas for helping others. Her
People in America began to read and like father left the official church and went
what he wrote, and soon his stories became his own way. He thought he must save
popular all over the world. He wrote many people not by theories but by actions. He
books, but Huckleberry Finn and Tom not only wanted to bring Good to the
Sawyer, the stories of his own childhood, poorest people of London, but he tried to
are still the favorites of boys and girls give them food and to get jobs for them.
everywhere. His seven children were interested in his
3William Shakespeare. He was the work and when they grew older they grew
world's most famous playwright and poet. olden they followed him. He started the
But people don't know many details about Salvation Army. He wanted to follow the
his life. He was a mysterious and evangelists who tried to change bad men
legendary poi son. Some specialists doubt into good ones. Evangeline was only
that it was he who wrote nil those thirteen when she came to work in the
tragedies, historical plays, comedies and Salvation Army. People called her the
poetry. But still his n is known all over «White Angel »fop her good deeds. She
the world. Many of his plays became films raised money for poor people, supported
and carte. sick ones, brought them food and helped
4Henry Ford. Henry Ford was a man whose the people who drank. Evangeline Booth
ideas changed the world. Ford came from a lived in New York for some time. She
down-to-earth family. He was born in 1863 worked they hard to help people in
on a farm near Detroit , USA. But when he trouble. President Woodrow Wilson gave her
was a boy, he didn't want to live on the a medal for her work.
farm because he hated farming and he 11Anton Chekhov. Chekhov was born in
adored machines. When he was 16, he went 1860 Taganrog. In 1879 he went to Moscow,
to Detroit to work in a machine shop. Не where he studied medicine. Though he
changed different jobs and learned how to practiced little as a doctor in his
use different machines. He began his lifetime, he was prouder of his medical
experiments with machines at home. In 1896 knowledge than of his writing talent.
he built his first automobile . In 1903, While in college, Chekhov wrote humorous
when H. Ford was 40, he started the Ford sketches for comic papers to support his
Motor Company. At that time the automobile family. He collected the best ones into a
was a toy of rich people. Henry Ford volume, Motley Stories, in 1886. The book
decided to change the situation. The attracted the attention of the publisher
company made the Model T Ford in 1908. It of the Novoje Vremja, Russia ?s largest
was small and even people who were not paper, and Chekhov was asked to contribute
rich could buy it. Ford could do this stories regularly. Chekhov, as an
because he was the first to use an established writer, was able to develop a
assembly line. The assembly line was a style of his own. Though he never gave up
revolution in cars making. Ford also paid writing comic stories, he began working in
his workers 5 US dollars per day. It was a a more serious vein. In 1887 Ivanov, his
large sum in 1914. Ford attracted both first play, established Chekhov as a
national and international attention. dramatist. From then on, he concentrated
Henry Ford had more than one billion US on writing plays, as well as short
dollars. He spent more than 40 million stories. The Seagull was first staged in
dollars on charities. He started the Ford the Alexandrinsky Theatre in Petersburg.
Foundation that supported different It was a complete failure because of the
programmers in education and culture. dull and clumsy production. It was a cruel
5( 1795-1829). Alexandr Griboedov. blow to Chekhov. However, the play was
Alexandr Griboedov was a Russian diplomat. successfully performed as the first
He wrote few plays and few musical plays. production of the Moscow Art Theatre in
But people remember him as a great 1898. From them on, Chekhov was closely
play­wright for one play and a talented connected with this theatre and with its
composer for one waltz. founder, K. S. Stanislavsky. In 1901 he
6Admiral Nelson. All the british admire married an Art Theatre actress, Olga
that man because he was really an all-time Knipper, who acted in his play The Three
great person. He was a man who served his Sisters the same year. Chekhov ?s health
country best. He was a hero of the great went from bad to worse and he bad to spend
war with france and one of the greatest the remaining years in the Crimea and
warriors. He was a brave and skilful other health spas. The cherry Orchard, his
admiral. He won the battle of trafalgar* last play, was produced in 1904. Soon
and england became mistress after the first night Chekhov died. He was
(повелительница) of the seas. At trafalgar 44. Chekhov had an immense influence on
the french killed him. His last words were the 20th century drama. Besides, several
"thanks god I have done my generations of writers both in Russia and
duty". abroad studied and imitated Chekhov to
7Yuri Gagarin. Yuri Gagarin was the perfect their own literary style.
first person to orbit the Earth. He was 12Работу выполнили: Ученики 7 класса:
born in the villiage of Klushino, Smolensk Виноградова Дина Кипрушева Мария Герасимов
region and he lived in Gzhatsk. His Андрей Руководитель Несмеянова Е.И.
People whose ideas changed the World.ppt
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People whose ideas changed the World

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